Titres (20)
Titre Album Durée Écoutes
"Hip Hop Honor forever" Beat by DeadBeat, ft Kimber Lovley on vocals (So Cal) 4:17 1
Universal Language intro ft KRS ONE and Suzka (Canada) 2:46 1
"10 Elements of Hip Hop" beat by E.Q. DJ Snagneto on the cuts. (So Cal) 3:30 1
"Set yourself free" Ft Dj Snagneto cuts/beat (So cal) 3:01 1
"Rocking into the soul" Beat by DeadBeat (So Cal) 1:50 1
"Prelude to a crisis" ft Snagneto on the beat. (So Cal) 3:30 1
"The power of future" ft KRS ONE. Beat by The D.O.R.K (Disciple Of Righteous… 5:21 1
"Peter the believer" Beat by Oddio 2020 (So Cal) 2:43 1
"No dumping in space" ft Dj Luke Vicious, beat by C.O.M.B.Z (Switzerland) 4:15 1
"Make-Up on your soul" ft NoMad'92 on the beat. (Ile-de-France) 3:20 1
"Hip Hops Holy Spirit" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 2:58 1
"H1N1 IS NOT REAL!!!" beat by E.Q and LD on the cuts "Technicali" (So Cal) 5:21 1
"Got it like that" ft Kimber Lovely beat by Beat Blox (So cal) 2:30 1
Mc Lyte blesses the mic. (So cal) 0:36 1
"Flawed" ft Nazmo on the beat. (Kildare Ireland) 1:40 1
"Generate the love" (Iskoces) Beat Blox on the beat. (So Cal) 2:08 1
"Addictions" beat by E.Q (So Cal) 2:50 1
"Tribal minded" Beat by The D.O.R.K. (Disciple Of Righteous Knowledge) 1:17 1
"Night Fall" Ft Virus One (Fribourg/Foggia/Paris Switzerland) Beat by Beat Blox (So… 4:19 1
"Let It Shine" Beat by Dj Supa Dave 2:22 1