Yiruma, Kevin Kern & New Age


5 sept. 2008, 15h19m

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Yiruma, Kevin Kern & New Age

Monday, 30 Oct 2006

I've just found out about Yiruma yesterday and I thought this artist had some charisma to hook on while listening and watching the 'Kiss the rain' video on YouTube. Today, after seeing him playing "Do you?", I nodded my head and it's a big "Yes, I do" from me.

While comparing to Kevin Kern, my long time favourite new age artist, this guy has the same level of skills and talent but surprisingly, he's a lot younger than Kevin (he was born in 1978, compared to Kevin, in 1958). Yiruma's music has the depth and complication, yet it sounds quite simple and soothing.

Kevin, who is legally blind since birth, depicts the imagined picture of life through the notes he plays, which always give a strong visual effect of a far-away, dreamy land where you can wander around and relax, like being alone "In the Enchanted Garden". You can feel the light breeze passing through the pond, quivering the water surface and the blooming lilies ("Water Lilies"); or you can meander into a totally different kingdom, almost celestial, full of joy and peace ("Another Realm").

Yiruma, which means "accomplishment" in Korean, on the other hand, being young at heart, weaves stories into his music. His songs are tales about life, about things we see and hear in everyday existence but decanting only goodness and beauty. It may be simply the story describing "the sunbeams... they scatter", or telling about a "happy couple, sad couple and happy again." And his dreams, not carrying a heavenly and spiritual sense like Kevin's, but are more down-to-earth, as "if I could see you again" or "dream a little dream of me". His nostalgia is also so real, real to the exact date of "27 May", on "the day after", when "sometimes... someone" to "the moment" of "falling".

You've gotta see him with his long and gentle fingers "caressing" the piano in "Do you?". If the melody from his hands can be transformed into words (which is not necessary and may not be as complete as the tune), his girl can hardly say no.


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  • xcharizard

    I know this is a really old article... but this is so beautifully written! Had to comment (:

    18 jan. 2010, 10h58m
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