• B.B. King swan song

    6 jui. 2011, 9h22m

    Tue 5 Jul – B.B. King

    For half a year I was looking forward to seeing B.B. King in concert at the Tollwood festival in Munich. And after the supporting act Ana Popovic was announced I really was excited.

    Ana started cane on stage in very sexy silver glittering mini dress. I knew she was good looking and when she started with her energized blues rock and sang with her Janis Joplin like gorgeous voice the arena positively freaked out. And I thought: well it will be hard for the King to outplay her. She definitely conquered a lot of fans this evening.

    And then the legend:
    His band (age ~65) showed up and played a 10min instrumental and immediatly the whole arena was in the right mood, cheering, swinging, clapping, having a good time. B.B. King was welcomed very classical by his Conférencier and frenetically by the audience. His Intro sentence was: I'm 85 years old. And he threw some picks in the first rows (fresh from the plastic packaging). Of course he was sitting the whole concert. Nobody was expecting anything else. "I need you so" started nicely but after 2min the song degraded into some uncoordinated din. He never played more than 10sec at a stretch and could not press the strings hard and long. His voice is still full but at "Rock Me Baby" the audience was singing more than him. He has so many brilliant songs, I still do not comprehend why he had to play "When the Saints go marching in". I thought: oK this is only the beginning, the show will gain momentum, the songs will get better, he will play more. And suddenly the concert was over. The whole concert was divided like like 10min B.B. King actually playing his guitar, 20min talking to the audience (supposed to be entertaining), 20min his band playing, 10min the audience sings. Yes if you sum it up he stopped after 60min. His last sentence was ""I'm not tired, I could play all night long" and after a moment " .. I said I 'could'" and then he was gone, no final highlight song, no bonus.

    Everybody fully understands that a 85 old man cannot play like with 50. But this concert was really outrageous. Nobody would have complained if he would have left the stage to college some strength and then come back. His band easily could have filled the time with good music. Or if the ticked was sold at about 30€. Then one could have said: It was worth it only to see him. But 60€ for 10min badly improvised guitar picking ... the audience was loudly booing. Why is he doing that to himself?

    Thank you Ana for making the first half of the evening worth it.

    In the end, a very sad evening. I really got the blues. I would not be surprised if this was one of last concerts of the King.