Midnite - 2 all-time reggae classics!


8 avr. 2006, 19h09m

Midnite, the roots reggae band hailing from Barbados, recorded two of the the best reggae albums of all time. 'Ras Mek Peace' came out in 1999 and was recorded without the benefit of any effects. Because reverb and delay are so prevalent in reggae recordings, it sounded very different than typical studio tracks. They pull off a performance that is so stripped-down and raw in its intensity. Every song is great and when you listen, you feel like your sitting 2 feet in front of them and can hear the instruments and vocals so clearly. Standout tracks include Banking in the Pig and Lion Wears the Crown.
'Unpolished' was released in 2001 and it is truly spectacular! IMO, the band really benefitted from the experience of recording 'Ras Mek Peace' because the songwriting and performances are so damn tight. Throw in the effects like reverb and delay and it truly is a reggae masterpiece. Standout tracks include The Eyes are the Light, Due Reward, and Don't Move (Lion's Dread).
If you haven't heard these two albums, check them out. Righteous!

MidniteRas Mek PeaceUnpolishedBanking in the PigLion Wears the CrownThe eyes are the LightDue RewardDon't Move (Lion's Dread)
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  • jvglion

    man, I only heard about Midnite around seven months ago. His music is awesome and I'm trying to find more.

    26 mai 2006, 2h43m
  • Varese

    Midnite? Best reggae album of all time? Midnight? hehe- good one; have to go to a hospital to get my robs repaired now ;-)

    9 sept. 2006, 9h59m
  • rochester92

    I said TWO OF THE BEST albums, not THE BEST. I think its actually quite funny how most of the so-called reggae community totally discounts their work... Yeah, good one, huh?

    9 sept. 2006, 14h42m
  • Varese

    I always got the feeling they were more popular in the US. And Midnite are from a little island called St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, which is part of the US, and built up their fan-base through living in Washington and gigging round the US college circuit. IMHO I think the difference in opinion is something to do with soundsystems and live shows- we've got soundsystems in the UK and they don't really in the US. I, and most people who've heard the two things, prefer reggae through a soundsystem. Reggae is music designed to be played through a soundsystem- the mixing, the dub- all of this is for the soundsystem. Live reggae is usually a bit crap (IMHO of course)- its impossible to recreate the sound reggae has on vinyl even if you've got someone like Mad Professor or Scientist on the desk. Midnite probably sound good if you're smoking dope on your sofa, and are probably very good live, hence their popularity in the US, but lets face it, their production doesn't cut the mustard through a rig, one of the reasons that the UK has a tendency to ridicule 'em. But when it comes down to it its always about personal taste, innit? plur, V

    9 sept. 2006, 15h40m
  • rochester92

    True enough. I think the lyrics and songwriting account for my personal preference. So, in your opinion, what are the acts that do cut the mustard? I'm curious how many we'd agree about. Peace.

    9 sept. 2006, 16h11m
  • Varese

    I usually like hearing different things at home and through a rig; one look at my charts and you'll probably see that at home I seem to be stuck in a bit of a '70s roots thing.... http://tinyurl.co.uk/b6p1 Modern stuff? I rate Love Grocer, the only reggae act I know who can fit motifs from Dvorak into a roots tune and get away with it, and Rhythm & Sound, simply for their sound which manages to pull off the difficult trick of being modern, digital and warm. Neither of them are great to dance to through a rig though! I guess Vibronics and the Scoops crew manage to pull off that... Some very good lyrics too... The best live acts I've seen recently have been The Abyssinians, who still sound great and give off limitless energy despite their age, or LUCIANO, who is one of the few singers I began to like more after seeing live. Soundsystems? Well reggae-wise its got to be Jah Shaka for his selection and conscious vocals. Truly unsurpassed, though he's getting on a bit these days. I also love the Aba-Shanti-I and Iration Steppas soundsystems, who are very different but complement each other. Iration Steppas in particular have had me steppin' like an idiot for hours :-) I spent most of last night dancing to Congo Natty- junglist heaven http://tinyurl.co.uk/h24j- and I try to get to as many dubstep things as I can. Acts that cut the mustard through a rig? Iration Steppas really are nothing like anyone else. The Disciples stuff is sublime and Manasseh's stuff always gets the people dancing. Labels: [b]Sip-A-Cup, Scoops, Jah Tubby, Universal Egg, Deep Root, Black Foundation...[/b] so many.... Something that manages to be musically and lyrically good and cuts the mustard through a rig? Try this: http://tinyurl.co.uk/txyt. plur, V

    9 sept. 2006, 17h22m
  • rochester92

    Dude- I dig the music you mention. A lot. I'm down w/ Abyssians and Luciano for sure. Its true, much of it is new to me. And it's true that loving the dub and big sound is crucial. I'm grateful for all the recommendations! Vibronics is essential. But you've got to be kidding me, right? I just like those 2 Midnite records. Maybe more sometimes, less others. The rest of their catalogue is nowhere as good in comparison. As you said, it comes down to personal taste. I think if you check out my charts, you'll see that I'm on a permanent roots kick of a very diverse realm. IMHO, I don't have to subscribe to what anyone dictates to be the shit. Neither does anybody else. I don't care where a band comes from either, or where they played along the way. I don't subscribe to nationalism, a freeman. UK / US, it's all BRIT-ISH to me, if you know what I mean ;) If you like those acts more, great. They sound fantastic. If it were possible that I could listen to music through a rig, maybe you're right and I'd think about it much differently? Thanks for the links, btw. Peace

    10 sept. 2006, 0h07m
  • Varese

    You need to check out some roots soundsystems man- great stuff. You'll see reggae in a completely different light then! Been on the beach working- beautiful weather :-) Whilst wondering why I had to do so much unnecessary crap, I thought a bit about this. I must admit sitting in the sun, drinking a beautiful Muscadet and doing pointless paperwork makes me think wierd things :-) I'm not trying to dictate what the shit is by any means, nor do I think it matters where a band comes from. Not by any means. I think we've both come across something interesting though... We've both said it come down to personal taste. Does this mean that there are no bands, musicians or tunes which are bad? If not, how do we judge or say what is good? You said you liked Midnite's lyrics and songwriting. Maybe we could assign ability to play instruments, sing or write songs and lyrics as things which contribute to this value judgement, for thats what it is. This doesn't account why bands like The Sex Pistols are good though ;-) If we say there are no good or bad bands or tunes and its all a matter of personal taste, then this means we do away with the validity of value judgements completely when it comes to music. Fine, possibly, but then you have to start thinking about whether any value judgement is valid or necessary. Logically we are drawn to conclude that if labelling any music as good or bad is wrong, then labelling any action as good or bad must be, at the very least, extremely problematic. You see where this leads with ethical issues? I notice you're in the Fuck Bush group- is this cos you personally don't like him, or do you think he's actually done bad things? Personally I'm more drawn to thinking he, and his government (as well as mine and Saddam's etc- not picking on just him!), have actually commited morally and ethically wrong/bad things. If I say its just that I don't like what he's done then fine, but I have no reason to criticise or otherwise admonish or punish him (and them!). If we allow valoue judgments on actions, then can we allow value judgements for music? I think it logically follows- music is an action that has an effect on others... Hmm- have to think more about that one. Like I say- boring day! Back to the paperwork... plur, V

    10 sept. 2006, 17h10m
  • rochester92

    Good stuff. I think you raise a lot of good points. I don't think we should do away with value judgements at all. I do think that value judgements on music, or creative endeavours, are valid and subjective. As with anything in this world, people view it through their own lens. What each of us thinks of us good or enjoyable is not always in agreement, nor should it be, right? My mistaken impression of your dictating was obviously over-dramatic. Just trying to make a point. Hence, we should like what we like, share it with others (thx) and expect that others will reciprocate. I am in favor of completely free and open expression, whatever form it may take -- with the exception of anything that physically harms other persons or property. Maybe that is where I believe that the line between assigning value to musical expression versus political philosophy and its subsequent implementaion in our concensus reality lies. Music, for the most part influences people, but not in the way that massive systems of control like government do. Even the word government, derives from the Latin: control of the mind. That is really the exact opposite of what we're doing here. No control, only exchange. With regard to my personal thoughts on politics, I think both reasons you mentioned for the group are valid. Of course, the second is really the only reason to actually spend any time even considering the whole debacle. How any human being could not see the difference between right and wrong at such a fundamental level is completely beyond me and I think you likely agree. I'm interested to hear any more thoughts on this, or other topics in the group if you've got any going. Enjoy the sun! ... and put aside the paperwork for awhile ;) Oh, and btw, if you can tell me a good place to go hear a rig, I'm there. Peace

    10 sept. 2006, 17h44m
  • Varese

    Can't stop the paperwork- its gotta be done by tomorrow. Spent the week in indeterminable meetings and procrastinating in the sun, so its a last minute sunday thing yet again... Soundsystems in Egypt? Hmmm..... toughie that! When I'm in that part of the world I give up on the roots and play the arabic-pop-song drinking game; everytime you hear the word habibi you have to drink a couple of fingers ;-) Next time you're going through London (if you do) it should be quite easy though- have a look at the events page here at the Blood & Fire website: [url=http://tinyurl.com/jdamr[\url nofollow=yes]. Everyone should see Shaka at least once, but University of Dub (End of every month at Brixton Recreation Centre) is also a good 'un! Have a look at: http://tinyurl.com/kvco4]http://tinyurl.com/jdamr[\url]. Everyone should see Shaka at least once, but University of Dub (End of every month at Brixton Recreation Centre) is also a good 'un! Have a look at: http://tinyurl.com/kvco4 if you wanna know what its like- the video was taken at 7 in the morning :-) Glad you liked the Lacksley Castell, Congo Natty and Manasseh- If you've got time, fancy voting for [artistHugh Mundell's photo at some point? See you've got him in you charts :-) Gotta get back to my ILPs, but, for what its worth: You say all value judgements on music, or creative endeavours, are valid and subjective- I don't think we can make subjective value judgements. I think a value (ie its good or bad) by definition is objective. I think if we make a value judgement (make a significant proposition), then we're assigning an objective value to an act, be it political or musical, of ethical or musical goodness or badness. Where that goes I have no idea. Back to the grindstone, plur, V

    10 sept. 2006, 20h00m
  • Varese

    ooops- they should be: http://tinyurl.com/kvco4 & http://tinyurl.com/jdamr

    10 sept. 2006, 20h04m
  • Casual33

    I'm right there with ya Rochester, Ras Mek Peace and Unpolished are two of my favortie albums of all time. Then again, I'm an American who has little knowledge of the UK Soundsystems. I'll be sure to check out what Varese is talking about as overall I find modern reggae disappointing. Too much dancehall crap. I'm a fan of dub, but nothing can match the power of Benjamin's voice. Seen them live a few times in NYC as well, not to be missed

    4 mars 2008, 1h17m
  • thybbuk

    now this is one erudite shoutbox O_o.. "unpolished" vocals and bullwackie's production would be a match made in heaven

    26 fév. 2010, 0h56m
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