agalloch agalloch is an oak band alternative metal alternative rock ambient ambient black metal atmospheric black metal atmospheric death metal atmospheric metal avant-garde black metal avant-garde metal avant-gardening avant-gardening pinecore bad case of acdc banjocore best vocals black metal black n roll blackened death metal blacker than the blackest black times infinity blackgaze blackgrass brutal death metal canadian cascadian black metal cheeseburgercore coffee metal country metal crust punk dark ambient dark metal darkwave dat acapella dat riff death doom metal death metal depressive black metal depressive rock doom metal drone dubstep electronic elkened forest snowcore ethereal wave experimental experimental black metal folk folk metal grandpa rock grindcountry heavy psych holy fucking shit balls i hear the gaying of the hounds idm if i had a country this would be the anthem im taking off my clothes too paul industrial metal kroegressive doom metal kroegressive metal last song to play before shooting yourself mad scientist masterpiece melodic black metal melodic death metal metal genius mikael akerfeldt neofolk noise oak snowcore pinecore post-black metal post-punk post-rock progressive baby metal progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive elvis metal progressive melodic death metal progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic psychedelic black metal psychedelic rock punch it chewie raw black metal shoegaze so not deathcore anymore you morons suicidal black metal swedish black metal symphonic black metal symphonic death metal symphonic metal technical death metal the duet of metal gods thrash metal tolkien black metal transcendental black metal true scottish pirate metal uber-kvlt blackened disco whalecore