• some friendly live...2010

    31 mai 2010, 23h53m

    Right. The Charlatans were awesome tonight. Last time i saw them they were bloated, disinterested, awful... but tonight, Tim Burgess looked amazing, beautiful, focused, engaged and the songs sounded as relevant as ever. Brilliant gig.
  • The Hillfields "Afterburn" on full track preview

    21 août 2009, 10h41m

    Just to say that on The Hillfields last fm page you can now find "afterburn" on full preview track instead of a 30second clip..... will be posted on myspace this weekend as well.... enjoy.....
  • loads of activity!!! demos, songs posted

    18 juin 2009, 21h11m

    Underused Records have kindly posted a load of my demos and previous recordings, as well as gearing up for The Hillfields debut album... (more on that soon).

    In the meantime you can find the Rob Boyd songs here...
  • aarrgh....

    26 oct. 2008, 10h26m

    Sat 25 Oct – The Mighty Boosh

    oh im SO disappointed .... i'm a fan of the boosh, but really didnt think the new show was much cop... the funniest bits seemed to be the "scripted ad-libs" .. i guess i was hoping for more of a story rather than them just mucking about on stage, doing their rock star bit... please please don't go all "little britain USA" on us PLEASE...... *worried look*
  • well....

    30 juin 2008, 12h30m

    Sat 28 Jun – Television Personalities

    i'm not sure how im feeling about this. great to see them actually turn up for this, but i think i'd prefer to just concentrate on the music wot i own on record, and wot made me feel great and uplifted when i first heard it. tonight wasnt about this so much, as alot of other stuff i'd rather not talk about. respect to the promoter for his efforts, and love and respect goes out to the band along with a hefty slug of "hope for the future". i'm willing it. please.
  • daaay 1 in the last fm house

    21 juin 2008, 12h35m

    ..and im deaf from My bloody valentine last night, partially blind from a)stupidity b) alcohol c) whatever and im trying to negotiate this place. how the hell does it work. i see i appear to have uploaded my itunes listening history warts and all, thank god i havent listened to any Bee Gees tracks for a while... v scary..