• Current 93 Live in Wrocław 2008

    11 avr. 2008, 16h09m

    Wed 9 Apr – Energia Dźwięku #3

    I saw Current 93 in Wroclaw, Poland on 9 April 2008.

    Perhaps the best show I've seen in my life. I won't try to describe how good it was, because I'd fail anyway.

    Here are some photos I took:

    and here is a recording of Black Ships In The Sky (and more songs in the related videos as well).

    notice how wonderful and different from the album version this arrangement is.

    Plus, David is a really nice guy. He was apparently quite tired after the show, but nonetheless he answered my questions and was really kind.

  • Current 93 - Nature Revealed: a remix by Andrew Liles

    18 mars 2008, 14h16m

    I have just received two signed Current 93 cds - Thunder Perfect Mind and Nature Unveiled. Obviously I'm extremely happy to have these wonderful records with a dedication from Mr. Tibet, but as I have already heard the two albums, the most enthralling part is the additional cd with a remix of Nature Unveiled, done by Andrew Liles. And it is absolutely brilliant.

    The redone tracks are thoroughly reinterpreted and refreshed to a huge extent, while still haunting with the same, pitch-black atmosphere of the originals. It's really hard to focus on anything particular in two ~20 minute-long drone tracks, its the ambience they create that is important. Andrew's version of Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead) is more aggressive than the original, wheras The Mystical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small) sounds more minimalistic and ambient-like until the very end, when it finishes with a wonderful climax.

    Plus, the CD is beautifully released, with a wonderful artwork on both discs.

    Try ordering it from Durtro and do it quick, since there are only 1000 limited cds.
  • Line 6 POD X3 is THE shit

    6 fév. 2008, 9h25m

    I have recently got the opportunity to get a multi effect pedal board. That's the kind of gear I wanted to get instead of a better amp since I don't need to play loud at home and - most importantly - I want to record music, metal music in particular. There are some different offers from different manufacturers, but at first, I chose to buy ZOOM 9.2tt. It had a USB connection for recording and some great technical features, including a 3D pedal and 2 tubes used to charge up the sound.

    Unfortunately, the Zoom turned out to be a complete disappointment. I will spare you the details, so the general conclusion is that after about 10 days of trying to get a decent distorted sound, I ended up with something barely listenable and totally flawed in terms of quality. And on the last day of the refund period, I decided to exchange the 9.2tt for Line 6 POD X3 Live. And hell that was a good decision.

    Instead of describing some boring details about the equipment I will just put a sample of Slayer's Angel of Death I have recorded. The only equipment used is my electric guitar and the POD connected to my computer via USB.

    Obviously, there's much more in terms of quality and tone to get from the POD, but I guess this one is pretty decent ;).

    - Riven
  • Mu Arae B

    13 déc. 2007, 12h28m

    Sunrise Over Mu Arae B

    Mu Arae B is an extrasolar gas giant orbiting the Mu Arae star in the Ara constellation, located between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe, about 50 light years from Sol.

    If the planet has any large moons, they may support life.

    Mu Arae star (NASA)


    27 sept. 2007, 20h14m

    I can't stop listening to Wisdom Of The Dead - what a fucking awesome track !! The riff at the beginning (when only the guitar plays) is a masterpiece.

    "Darkthrone, holy Darkthrone!"
  • Is it beautiful... like music?

    21 sept. 2007, 9h28m

    what a wonderful album. sounds like a steadily flowing mass, like some dark river running toward a dark horizon. such picture is probably influenced by the record's cover but that's good because it is also wonderful.

    I think its the most inaccessible Ulver album to date. it takes many listens to get through, although it is addictive from the start.

    the best tracks? I always listen to the whole album, but All the Love, Vigil, Shadows of the Sun and Black Sabbath's awesome cover of Solitude stand out the most I guess.

    After over 20 listens I can say it does not top Blood Inside, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell or A Quick Fix of Melancholy, but its better than Perdition City (which is also great anyway). That gives it a 10 out of 10 score ;)). plus, they couldn't have set a better release time than October ;)

    I can't wait to put my hands on the original cd! Especially since I don't know much of the lyrics, which have become a crucial element of Ulver's art on the past few albums. And from what I have got up to now, they must be excellent.

    15 avr. 2007, 20h04m

    I listened to the mp3s of Ordo Ad Chao and instantly ordered a copy - which I hope I will get as soon as the CD is released in Poland.

    Mayhem totally BLEW ME OFF.

    A new milestone in black metal? Highly probable.

    05/05/07 edit: I got the album. The metal slipcase is beautiful. Definitely worth buying!

  • My best recent discoveries

    3 jan. 2007, 16h36m

    Laibach - Their WAT album totally blew me off. I played it for several hours almost non-stop. Tanz Mit Laibach. Genius not only in terms of music and lyrics, but also on-stage appearance, aesthetics, image etc.

    Current 93 - especially the Black Ships Ate the Sky album. Haunting, disturbing, out-of-this-world. Now I know what means.
  • The most ass kicking track of the moment

    25 nov. 2006, 17h42m

    I haven't listened to that CD for a very long time:


    It's so fucking powerful !! 95% od today's death metal bands can shine their shoes and only dream of creating something as strong. The track
    Pain literally blew me off. Jesus, this one must hurt a lot :D

    "Hypodermic Hell, surgery through veins!!"

    Venom kills.
  • Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble concert review

    20 nov. 2006, 18h31m

    19 Nov – Jan Garbarek, The Hilliard Ensemble (Lodz, Poland)

    Jan Garbarek's collaboration with the Hilliard Ensemble resulted in some of the most incredible and out-of-this-world pieces of music I have heard – and I guess most listeners will agree with me. Thanks to the powerful voices of the Ensemble and the vocal saxophone improvisations delivered by Garbarek, Officium and Mnemosyne both convey an evanescent atmosphere I feel incapable of describing. Although I love their studio efforts, their live performance was far beyond my expectations.

    At first, the vocal quartet sounded a bit too quiet, but I guess that was since they had to adjust their voices to the acoustic conditions of the Lodz Cathedral. After a few minutes however, I felt literally engulfed by the sound. Purity of the Ensemble’s voices combined with Garbarek’s resonant, lyrical melodies created a truly unforgettable soundscape. I am deeply astonished by the power of the Ensemble’s voices – every single note they sung could be heard perfectly even though they performed without any microphones. Moreover, they wandered around the altar from time to time. The result was jaw-dropping since the position of their voices shifted. It was also interesting visually, as it added a kind of ceremonial atmosphere without losing any authenticity at all.

    Garbarek’s play is another story and if you are reading this you probably know it very well. With his unmistakable saxophone sound, he perfectly merges vivid and spacious melodies with subtle, background touches that at times sound like the fifth voice of the Ensemble (and that’s not a metaphor!). In addition to the leads known from the studio recordings, he did much improvisation and some longer solo parts – all of which were brilliant. Apart from the alto sax, he briefly used the tenor saxophone, which also sounded great.

    The performance covered tracks from both Officium and Mnemosyne and lasted for about 2 hours. After a long applause they returned to play an encore of Estonian Lullaby – about which I was particularly happy as it is one of my favorite pieces off their second album.

    This was definitely one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Actually, it was much more than that. It was rather a spiritual experience that I won’t even try to describe. If you have a chance of seeing these magnificent artists, don’t hesitate. Unless you are completely insensitive to the beauty of music, I’m positive that you won’t be disappointed.

    Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble