Sufjan, 11/10, Academy of Music


11 nov. 2010, 16h52m

Wed 10 Nov – Sufjan Stevens, DM Stith

Show: 9/10 (there were beach balls!)
Setlist: 4/10 (extra points for playing Chicago)

This was an amazing show. Very futuristic, great lights, projections, Sufjan's stories and philosophies were interesting too. The only problem I had was the songs he chose to play. I was expecting to hear some new songs, but mostly his classic, folkier stuff from Illinoise and Michigan. I was wrong.
About 90% of his setlist was from Age of Adz and All Delighted People. Despite the lights and cool effects, one would have to be very familiar with his new album to fully enjoy this show. At one point, I was thinking to myself, "This is Sufjan?".
It seemed to me that he's tired of his past work and wants to reinvent himself, based on what he was talking about in between songs. He finished the show with "Chicago", "Concerning the UFO sighting..", and "John Wayne Gacy". I just wish the show was more of that.


  • KidASquared

    lol he was touring in support of his new album...ahh doiiiiii

    11 nov. 2010, 16h59m
  • getinorgetout

    fuuuck i would have killed to see the encore. :(

    11 nov. 2010, 21h00m
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