• Lançamentos

    11 déc. 2007, 15h18m

    Só no Multiply:

    Álbum 'Hidden Files'. Com faixas produzidas entre 2000 e 2001.
  • A idiot moderator erases band image and wiki source!

    21 mars 2007, 20h29m

    Some idiot 'moderator' dare to erase my 'description' on this shitty wiki page. And changes the band image. How dare miserable and silly children? Didndt he knows blue_notes_orchestra is like a religion???They will burn LAST.FM FLAG!!!

    I sent a e-mail for the 'moderator':

    Tell me, "who" is the moderator of this wiki page from blue_notes_orchestra? And the image? Did you delete it?

    HairMetalAddict Eh, apparently the "artist" thinks _ is a space. So... at any rate, this page is locked blank due to REPEATED wiki rule violations. It will remain blank until a factual, unbiased ENGLISH artist description that follows wiki rules is PMed to a moderator for their approval.

    Aparently you didn't understand that '_', aka undeline is a part of artist name. Please, tell me if some nazist-rules was violated.

    If I can't describe my OWN work I'll request to LAST.FM owner to ERASE my artist name from this site. And I'm talking to my label and advocate.

    Don't be so silly, sites to sell music or show upload I know other ten or twenty.

    seeya and good look in your 'job'.

    Rules from my ass! This is the rules we made! Put all rules where you know at!

    'Moderators' always feels like they're the kings of true. If I want to put a MONKEY on my artist image is because IT's a monkey. So, don't come to me saying I did somehing wrong, cause this is not a New Order or Guns'N'Roses artist profile, this is WHAT I WANT!

    Did you understand or I have to draw it?
  • The keyboard

    20 mars 2006, 3h24m

    are made of plastic.

    Dreams are made of air.

    Music are made of dreams.
  • Perfect

    12 mars 2006, 16h55m

    I guess this is perfect, but I 'met' It just in the last week!!!

    Sounds like The Three Degrees and Voggue, and the entire album 'The Best Disco In The City' was produced by Jo Bisso, among others.
  • blue_notes_orchestra

    13 août 2005, 20h48m

    Yeah babe, blue_notes_orchestra is a one man's band.
    Whatever you tag his music: experimental techno, downtempo, dance, disco, deep disco, house, you'll hear very shades of electronic music. Following: Aphex Twin, Plastikman, Cassius, Basement Jaxx, Laub,Can, Portishead, Tricky, Boris Midney, Cerrone, Gino Soccio, 70's Disco Music.
    The producer start making mixes in old k7 tapes, cutting and pasting samples and musics in a weird tasted work. The first album called 'Pré PC Cuts Ups' was made in a unique house-made style, only registred in k7 tapes.
    In this site you can hear some of his works.
    The artist website: blue_notes_orchestra.