a dangerous love a journey through space and time a long summer dreaming of my love a love that will break you a rag tag band of merry followers accidental overdose on beauty aliens dancing in the firelight animal sex awesomely disorientating barely human beautifully soaring belated thank you from a drug trip bestest birthday song ever bouncy guitars british summertime magic man brutal femme fatale cant escape cest la faream beau childish fantasy world cinematic summer days crescendooo darkly chilling discrimation distorted thoughts and distorted beatings of your heart dont destroy the earth dreamy anticipation drunken laments empty shell of a relationship yet im still obsessed with you escape monotony escaping with the priestess fairytale feeling insecure yet empowered from awkward to beautiful girls in charge going out of your beautiful mind gospel on your electric ass goth- folk he has left this world i cant handle how wrong this is ice cold or nothing id rather be lonesome imperfection is beautiful in his harem in love train in lust jungle journey like going back in time but in the future love in the mud love no matter what lovers anticipation marching along a forgotton road meeting your older self while traveling into the future with the love of your life… misery taking over you moonlight serenade mother natures siren song my love was lost to the ocean narcotic love affair with summer needing only you obsessed with everything thats wrong ocd love oh sooo in love old spy movie sped up with a squeaky voice our love was wrong pray if you want me quirky for lovin you rainforest tribal raindancing on the rainbow renaisance funk robyn hearts royksopp run away from screaming for mercy searching for the heart sexual perfection should be a star sitting alone thinking of what my life has become slave for you slobbering on her lips smoky sexy sneaky persuasion so beautiful it hurts to come too close spinnining into insanity spoonful of ethereal suddenly complete me synth heaven tales from your granfathers youth tales of our fore fathers talking about heaven the beating of my heart the church bells chime for us the men without faces the most perfect love the sky is orange theres nothing wrong with being different thumbalina lives in this song unique voice whip me whirl spin ignite whirling through the cosmos the stars kissing your cheek winter wanderlust wonky weirdness you her bitch