Biased Polls and "Lost Revenue"...


5 jan. 2006, 14h34m

Late last year I got email from Apple, asking me to take a poll about the music on my computer. I was filling it out just fine until I got to one question...

"Where do you get your music from".

All the "popular" suspects where there: online music services, ripping my own CDs, ripping other people's CDs, file sharing services...

There was no selection for "purchased or downloaded direct from artist's website". There wasn't anything I could honestly fill in for that part of my collection. I sent mail to Apple and to the people running the survey, but got no response...

Thanks to mp3blogs like, a large part of my collection comes direct from artists. How much of the "missing revenue" the RIAA complains about is represented by artists and fans going around the label system altogether... without involving the "evil" file sharing services?
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