• Gabriella Cilmi - Ten

    20 mars 2010, 10h48m

    You are reading my opinion of the album of my queen & princess - Gabriella Cilmi... and her sophomore album called Ten. That's what I think of each song on the album:

    1) On A Mission - it's a lead single of Ten and I'd say this song was born to be a single. Great sound, amazing voice (as usual), incredible music video. Makes me dance and sing... "It's tough for me to make a move and I know what I gotta do" - my favourite line =)
    2) Hearts Don't Lie - this sound is really great, never heard something similar to it, just perfect. It's also a great song and I love the lyrics... "Tell me that you really want me, I need you b-b-baby tonight, been thinking about it baby all night".
    3) What If You Knew - I loved this song at first listen and it's one of the best songs on the album. It has to be a single, but...
    4) Love Me Cos You Want To - ... my favourite song on the album and it has to be the 2nd single of Ten because it's the best Gabriella has ever done after Sweet About Me, of course. This song such a sad song and the lyrics are great. "Love Me Cos You Want To, not because you wanna be kind". So true and vital.
    5) Defender - strongest song ever of Gabriella. Loved at first listen. "So, just remember, I am your defender, I won't let you stand there on your own"
    6) Robots - omg. This song... so dreaming, so lovely, it's actually about love.
    7) Superhot - It's probably least favourite on the album but it's nice, actually.
    8) Boys - this song seemed so funny for me but now I can't get enough of it. so catchy and great.
    9) Invisible Girl - one of the best songs on album. GREAT and so MASTERPIECY ^^
    10) Glue - omg. I love it, especially "bubble" sound at the beginning and then it goes to rnb sound. Such a great mix of sounds. GREAT JOB!
    11) Let Me Know - this song sounds so "Lessons To Be Learned" and I love it so much. Wish this album could have more songs like this but It's not a problem. Love this song so much. It is full of flavour of New Year's Eve or any holiday *_*
    12) Superman - this song is so great for traveling by plane, looking at the window of the plane. "Falling so fast for you, I need a parachute".
    13) Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version) - well, it's not better than original Sweet About me but it's not bad =) I like it.

    My estimate is 10/10.