• 008

    23 juin 2008, 2h51m

    I'm number two under The Cab's top listeners for this week. Progress, progress.

    I am more concerned, however, by my seemingly incurable obsession with Brendon Urie. Actually liking his fourteen-year-old singer-songwriter abilities is not helping much, either.
  • 007

    22 fév. 2007, 2h29m

    Precursor to this entry: 8,708 tracks played.
    a). Holy shit. Last number I remember was somewhere in the 2000s.
    b). Almost 10,000. Ohmigod! I bet a lot of those are Rent related or tracks I played for the sole purpose of feigning "coolness" - not cool.

    Anyway, I can feel this Fall Out Boy kick turning into a bad case of "Oooh, Patrick is so dreamy." Be prepared.
  • 006

    7 nov. 2006, 2h43m

    I think my favorite song is "Music for 18 Musicians." It inspires me to do everything and anything and nothing all at the same time.
  • 005

    19 sept. 2006, 0h46m

    I think I should like better music for the amount of time and energy I put into saying I want to like better music.
    Or maybe I should like better music because I actually listen to better music and don't care so much about what the fuck kind of music I actually listen to.
    It's not all about the fashion scene, Rachel.
  • 004

    11 juin 2006, 2h19m

    I have listened to 2162 songs. That is considerably more than 800-ish. Boys that look like a certain C.B. / have a Boston accent make me go "OMG".
  • 003

    27 mars 2006, 23h08m won't update anything buy my "Recently Played" list of songs. :( I'm really liking HeavyHeavyLowLow, The Gorgeous and Dance Gavin Dance. Too bad I'm poor and can't buy their cds.
  • 002

    19 fév. 2006, 22h30m is allowing people to see that I can't stop listening to High School Musical and boy bands. And I want so hard to be taken as a serious scene slut!
  • 001

    23 jan. 2006, 2h12m

    2gether, the band, are highly underrated. But so are Peter Gabrial and Soundtracks. I heart musicals!!! (by show of my love for Camp, Rent and High School Musical). Does this make me a bad person? Should I listen to more acceptable forms of underground hardcore?