• NIN's Year Zero: The Epic Sonic Orgy

    2 mai 2007, 6h34m

    YES. You heard it. EPIC SONIC ORGY. Seriously, NIN's new album is...just...that...good.

    So I think I've listened to Year Zero enough, well not enough, still listening to it like a greedy Reznor zealot...but enough to write one of my awesome informal reviews. Onward to the orgy!

    It's been a good two weeks since Nine Inch Nails's latest album, Year Zero has been burning holes into my speakers, and boy has it been fun. The moment I heard one of the tracks start playing for the first time I knew we had hit gold. Something about this album...just really draws you in, almost into another place. It's insane. I love it. Trent Reznor, please let me sex the brilliance out of you. Please.

    I read a few things online, reviews and such (not to mention the website [] translated from binary on the album that a friend directed me to, crazy stuff), and according to the master himself, this is supposed to be a soundtrack to a movie in his head or something like that. And it seriously is. It really isn't rare for me to unleash my vivid imagination when listening to music (as I am a self-proclaimed artist-ninny, visually stimulated 24-7), but when listening to this, there was a narrative aspect to my mental state that I really hadn't experienced before. When listened in sequence you get a sense of a story, and even if you can't decipher all the lyrics without help, the music pretty much tells it all for you. I gotta say, I was impressed. It's a great set of themes, a lot of the songs have a message, and to top it off they make my ears dance happily. The whole thing is a trip, and I don't think I can recount every reason why this album is so amazing on so many levels.

    Ok. Yes. I'm raving, so slap me across the face with a trout. I apologize for being a crazy, but I can't help that I like awesome music. =P

    Anyway, to the music. My top five favorite tracks (there isn't actually one that I don't like, though, w00t):

    1. God Given - so fucking catchy. You can like chair dance to it. I like the mood it brings, it appeals to me greatly, and has that repeatability thing going for it.

    2. My Violent Heart - I like the sweeping motion of the song, the transition from quiet verse to chorus. Really effective, very epic!

    3. Survivalism - The single. Extremely catchy, solid song. I like the video (Trent is soo hotter than George Clooney, lmao).

    4. Capitol G - Classy. I like the sounds in this one, I'm not sure what they are...or if they are in fact anything really, lol. Trent's vocals on this one are also excellent.

    5. Me I'm Not - I get the strongest visuals in my head from this one. The feel is almost barren, post-apocalyptic. Trippy to just sit down and listen to alone.

    Yup. Well I think those were songs highlighted by the band, on their website and stuff, and rightfully so I think. There are many other gems on Year Zero that would be worth mentioning but I like every damn track so I'll leave it to you to explore.

    Overall, an excellent album, should be listened to in order...for the most epic of journeys. Also possibly NIN's best, it's growing on me in that way. I would kill to see them live, and don't tell me about how you have/will see them b/c I will slit your throat in jealousy. Just kidding!

    So I say to you, fellow fans and non-fans alike, tell me about the aftermath of your orgy with Mr. Reznor! Did you wake up satisified, or were you completely disgusted with the 41 year old man in your bed, unable to remember if you did the nasty or not?

    Don't mind my silly analogies, I'm interested in opinions! Feed me!
  • Tool, Muthafuckahs

    6 mai 2006, 20h43m

    //Disclaimer: I'm not a crazy-stuck up- zealous-blood of virgins offering-psychopathic-simple-minded-naive Nazi Tool fan. If YOU are...I hope you shove spickets up your ass as an offering to the gods. Fuckers. Lol. Love and peace?

    So my informal review of Tool's new album 10,000 Days commences.

    Okay, firstly, I think the new album is fucking amazing. Perhaps this is just a symptom of not having new Toolness for the past 5 years, where my brain and ears just latch on to whatever stipends I can get out of the band. BUT, me thinks that its much more than that, and that this album is simply solid.

    OK, so seriously, I don't know if Tool could ever top the immaculate sonic perfection that was and still is Lateralus, but this is delightful progression. All you ninny's who are whining that this album has too many Lateralus undertones can suck something hard and phallus-shaped. Sure, there are plenty of similiarities. Perhaps they are fitting into a stylistic niche, I hope this isn't the case, but they've learned what works musicallly, and they can challenge experimentation. I like the feeling that we are going somewhere with this music, its trippy as hell and I'm loving the ride.

    Alright, moving who thinksVicarious is weird and they skip it when they listen to the whole album? Lol. I find myself doing this. It fits, like I can see the logic behind making it the first track, nice transgression into Jambi but like...I think it confuses me. I like Vicarious, its a kick ass song, but I think I played it like about 50 times before the album came out, so perhaps the familiarity is taking away from my listening experience of the whole. Damnit, one day, Vicarious, you will fit back into the mold!

    Now, highlights. I have only listened to the whole album for maybe 3-4 times so far, working on another round while I'm writing this. By far the best shit on here is the title track, 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) which is brilliance in a bag. Paired with Wings for Marie (Part 1) its like a 17 minute orgasm. Mmm...yes. I find Jambi to be pretty cool, but The Pot is definitely the kick ass winner of the more rambunctious tracks on this run. I still don't know how I feel about Rosetta Stoned but I have a feeling it will get in there, its a cool romp in weirdness. And I will definitely listen to Right in Two many many times. Its fuckin' sweeeeeet.

    So yes, thus concludes my schpeeeeel on the new Toolness that's out there. I really think this is a great album, I'm not disappointed at all, and I had high expectations. I'm definitely a happy camper at this point.


    Opinions? I'm interested.
  • OMG! New Placebo Record!!

    2 mars 2006, 22h59m

    Okay, let me break it down for you...

    Placebo has a new album out, Meds, well its not really out comes out March 13th. Anyway, I decided to download what leaked out because I couldn't wait. Good shit.

    Well, I'm a pretty big Placebo fan, they aren't my absolute favorite band of all time, but the thing is...I listen to them a lot. They've got some catchy shit, and their lyrics are really clever and often dirty. And we like that, right?

    So back to their new record. First time I casually listened to the songs - eww. I was like...hmm this is a little disappointing. Wtf is this shit...where's my catchy cool ass Placebo?! But then I kept playing all the songs, and they started to stick. So now I've come to like the album a lot. I think it needs to be played a little more before I get really attached to it. But all in all - decent. Not mind blowing Placebo-goodness, but if your a fan, you'll appreciate the new material.

    So far I like the singles, Because I Want You, and Song to Say Goodbye. I really really like Meds, its ub3r catchy, I could scream "baby, did you forget to take your meds?!" over and over again. The softer songs are growing on me, taking a little time, but they are good. I'm still waiting to catch a really clever dirty lyric or two, which is like one of the big reasons I worship the genius that is Brian Molko, but this one is a little lacking. I guess you can't be brilliant all the time. So all in all, definitely worth it if you're a a fan, and if you're not, talk to me and I'll make you one by directing you elsewhere for the time being.

    w00t. So yeh, go download that shit now, be cool.
  • 30STM New Record, Bitches

    11 août 2005, 2h30m

    The new 30 Seconds To Mars Record - "A Beautiful Lie" fucking r0x my s0x. I thought it was going to be mainstream bullshit, and it very well may be such...HOWEVER. I think perhaps I'm just hungry for new stuff by them, their last record is by far l33t0r than this one, but its a good fix if you're a fan. It is more mainstream, bit of an emo-ish edge to it, but they work it. It's still them, just instead of being in like the year 3005, they are in the year 2005. I want to have sex with Jared Leto right now. MMMMM...

    That is my expert critique. w00t.