Free music on [ambient/bitpop/electronic/experimental/techno/]


17 nov. 2008, 8h25m

More blog posts about free music on can be found HERE

Aaron Ackerson [electronic]

adamsmith [ambient/electronic]

Audiac [electronic/krautrock]

audiobytes for autobots [electronic/mashups]

Bassment [electronic]

Ben Reilly [trance/techno]

Dasubot [electronic]

Datafreq [electropop/synthpop]

Dead Times [experimental/electronic]

Deepspace [ambient/experimental]

Deporitaz [electronic]

Din Stalker [bitpop]

DJ Brody [house/chillout]

dMb Music [ambient/electronic]

Dr. Hoffman [goa/trance]

El Vatican [ambient/electronic]

Escape From Wherever [ambient/electronic]

Facial Vision [electronic/experimental]

Felixdroid [ambient/experimental]

Feos [ambient/experimental]

Forrest Fang [ambient/experimental]

GO! With Fourteen O [nintendocore/8-bit screamo]

HealeyIsland [electronica/experimental rock]

Laenn [electronica/trance]

landscape observer [goa/trance]

Liquid Ham [electronic]

Locust Toybox [electronic]

NOBLE SAVAGE [electronic/psytrance]

Panda steps in chocolate [electronica]

Phillip Wilkerson [ambient/experimental]

Pilot of the Future [electronic]

RazorBeamz [electronic]

soft damages [ambient/experimental]

Spinning Voices [bitpop/electronic]

Steptime [goa/trance]

Tim Doyle [ambient/experimental]

zalabim [electronic/psytrance]


  • bowser724

    Thanks for the shout outs.

    21 nov. 2008, 18h02m
  • mattgcn

    I don't know who you are, but your shout outs to several of my friends/managed artist accounts makes me believe you are cool Kudos!

    28 nov. 2008, 1h23m
  • CFilardo

    thanks for the mention

    14 avr. 2009, 0h40m

    thanks its good to know that what i love to do is appreciated by others coool:-) Trev

    16 avr. 2009, 0h59m
  • benol151

    Thanks for the mention!

    2 mai 2009, 2h58m
  • vesmol

    N# 8bit / nintendocore

    9 mai 2010, 6h42m
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