Where would you like to be today?


31 mai 2006, 18h21m


as a sort of spin-off on 'how are you feeling today'.

My question is 'where would you like to be today?'

And again with a real song :)

Under African Skies

For I had the best of times in the Serengeti with the rangers there :)
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  • LadyParadis

    I could have said...Take me somewhere nice...Mogwai But I will go with, Dancing in the dark...Bruce Springsteen :)

    31 mai 2006, 20h48m
  • anderslindin

    I think I would take Jewel - Barcelona. Wouldn't be bad to go there with the skateboard and some friends and relax for a while.

    31 mai 2006, 21h15m
  • Dresv

    one thing came to mind: Sailing - Christopher Cross

    1 juin 2006, 6h49m
  • doesje

    We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol (by Be your own pet)

    1 juin 2006, 12h44m
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