In the Airport


4 fév. 2009, 2h16m

Did a little traveling over the weekend - flew down to Nashville to see Girlfriend in Bowling Green (KY) and The Killers at the Opry. Both were successful, highly enjoyable endeavors. I have plenty of raving to do about The Killers (and my girlfriend, too), but that's for elsewhere.

Sitting at the gate at Port Columbus, I was struck with an idea for a mixtape to celebrate the inane, the boring - the airport. I threw together a handy little set of tunes to fit the mood (though not boring!) and then I had the feeling I've had so many times since last fall:

"Maaaan, I miss Muxtape."

The site just relaunched as a MySpace-ish service for bands, but it will never be as awesome as it was in its glory days. Inspiration led to some truly awesome mixes, and I discovered quite a bit of new music there (including Lykke Li, who made my top ten albums of 08 with Youth Novels).

But, the mix lives on, and in that spirit, I give you In The Airport

Beirut, La Banlieu
They Might Be Giants, Drinking
Belle & Sebastian, ACT OF THE APOSTLE
Radiohead, Meeting In The Aisle
Blur, To The End
The Go! Team, Phantom Broadcast
Andrew Bird, Measuring Cups
The Good, The Bad, and The Queen, 80s Life
Hot Chip Boy From School
LCD Soundsystem On Repeat


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