• *Rose

    28 mars 2011, 20h24m

    We woke up this morning around five to find out that our old dog Rosie , thirteen, had passed away in her sleep. She was sleeping on her downstairs mattress and cuddled up, I'm just glad she went heavenly. We rescued her two years ago, fully heart worm positive, and the shelter was going to put her down the day we went up to look for a new member to the family. She was a rottweiler, one hundred and sixty-five pounds, and the quietest one at the shelter, just sitting there with sad eyes. She <3'ed to chew up toys and run around chasing our cats, pulling anybody who attempted to walk her by chain, and chasing the mail cars as they went by causing the cars to speed up to get away from her. ^3^ ~

    Cage the ElephantShake Me Down
  • Your Guardian Angel

    13 mars 2011, 0h31m

    He doesn't know that I'm in love will him. But that's okay.

    He keeps on living. Laughing, having fun, crying... All those emotions.

    But, when he experiences love... And maybe even when he realises I love him...

    Until then, I'll be watching from afar....

    You'll always be my Angel... Even if the one you love isn't me.

    /// I love this song </3 ///
  • 3.1.11

    1 mars 2011, 9h48m

    Fuckin' Perfect
    Last week or so on the 21st my best friend of most of my middle school years and some of high school passed away, and this song is just been amazing at getting me through the whole idea that he thought he wasn't good enough for this world, when he was twice the person I am, and then some. If you haven't heard 'Fuckin' Perfect', or are going through something today, you should listen to it, because it's just... pure gold.