• My top 50 albums per 08.04.10

    8 avr. 2010, 16h37m

    rawky's top albums (overall) 1. Propagandhi - Supporting Caste (186)
    2. Kreator - Enemy of God (167)
    3. Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits (162)
    4. Roky Erickson - I Have Always Been Here Before (154)
    5. Hatebreed - Supremacy (146)
    6. Funeral for a Friend - Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation (143)
    7. Legion of the Damned - Malevolent Rapture (143)
    8. The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (129)
    9. Furia - Piece Of Paradise (128) 10. The Rentals - Return of the Rentals (119)
    11. Saosin - Saosin (117)
    12. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle (116)
    13. Nerf Herder - American Cheese (112)
    14. Nada Surf - Lucky (108)
    15. Weezer - Weezer (Green Album) (108)
    16. Golden City - Golden City (106)
    17. Helmet - Meantime (105)
    18. Ignite - Our Darkest Days (103)
    19. Danko Jones - Sleep Is the Enemy (102)
    20. The Hellacopters - Head Off (97)
    21. Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing and a Curse (92)
    22. Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (91)
    23. Bob Tilton - The Leading Hotels of the World (91)
    24. Bob Tilton - Crescent (91) 25. Death Cab for Cutie - Plans (89)
    26. Flight of the Conchords - Flight Of The Conchords (Original Staging) (88)
    27. Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely (88)
    28. Cheeseburger - Cheeseburger (88)
    29. Dunderbeist - Second hand theft (85) 30. 59 Times the Pain - Calling The Public (85) 31. Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal (82)
    32. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time (82)
    33. Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers (82)
    34. Airbourne - Runnin' Wild (81)
    35. Nerf Herder - My E.P. (81)
    36. Montée - Isle Of Now (81)
    37. Kråkesølv - Trådnøsting (81)
    38. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (80)
    39. Converge - Axe to Fall (78)
    40. Fu Manchu - California Crossing (78)
    41. The Special Goodness - Land Air Sea (77)
    42. Mastodon - Blood Mountain (77)
    43. Torche - Meanderthal (76)
    44. Nada Surf - High/Low (76)
    45. Juno - A Future Lived In Past Tense (76)
    46. The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (76)
    47. Testament - The Formation Of Damnation (75)
    48. Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American (74)
    49. Moonbabies - Moonbabies At The Ballroom (73)
    50. Karate - Unsolved (73)

  • My top 20 albums (auto-updated) - since Aug 2004

    8 avr. 2010, 16h31m

  • Best albums of 2008 + singles

    22 déc. 2008, 1h57m

    A little dull this year, with not many new artists. But this is how it goes sometimes.

    Best 10 albums of 2008:

    1. Opeth - Watershed
    Strangely enough it would take me all the way until 2008 before I really discovered this swedish prog death metal band. But then, Watershed isn't the worst album to begin. Not at all, in fact. It's beautiful and terrifying all at once, and for a "prog band", it's wonderfully free from the pretentious lyrics, playing and arrangements that you may find on some prog albums. Magnificent.

    2. Torche - Meanderthal
    Well here's a surprise. I want to thank Danko Jones for making me discover this band. Like the crazy, but likeable, little brother of Mastodon, this Florida metal band has some really great SONGS. Just listen to "Across The Shields". What drive, what melody, what energy. Yes, yes, yes!

    3. The Gaslight Anthem - The ‘59 Sound
    Everyone needs an album like this. An album that puts your spirit back to positive, by churning out nostalgic, but energetic songs about life on the streets. Like a mix of Springsteen, The Cure and The Clash, these guys from New Jersey brings the rock into punk and the punk into the indie rock. It's like drinking that first cup of wonderful coffee in the morning: It's good, refreshing, wakes you up and gets you going.

    4. Airbourne - Runnin’ Wild
    Really a 2007 release, but released in Europe in 2008, so it gets on my list. Obviously, because aussies (of course!) Airbourne made the album AC/DC should have released between "Stiff Upper Lip" and "Black Ice". If they were 25, still hungry and energetic and waiting to take over the world. I know a lot of bands that play straight forward rock'n'roll based on the formula by AC/DC (hey, I sing in one myself), but thw flaw that most of them have, is the lack of good songs. Airbourne hasn't got that problem. Because it's the songs that makes them stand put. I'm not sure that Airbourne can top this debut ever again, but I sure hope they try.

    5. Testament - The Formation Of Damnation
    Another thrash metal band that gets back to their roots and joins the new wave of thrash that is washing over the world right now. For me, thrash is the real METAL and by getting almost all their original members back together to make an album again, Testament proves why they were almost up there with Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax back in the eighties. Great songs.

    6. She Said Destroy - This City Speaks In Tongues
    Being norwegian, I hadn't really heard of She Said Destroy until 2008. But this Oslo based metal band should quickly get to be known now. Or rather have an impact on the metal scene. This album is total madness and beauty, all at once. Chaotic and destructice, but still somehow positive and energizing, with great vocals and instrumental handling. It's not an easy album, but very rewarding when you really plunge into it and go deep.

    7. El Cuero - A Glimmer Of Hope
    The second of three norwegian bands on my list this year, and deservingly so. Root rock? Yes, I believe you can call it that. With big guitars, terrific melodies and great arrangements. A real quality band that very clearly knows their music and what it should sound like. The released an album last year that was almost this good, so this is progression in a truly good way. More people should check out El Cuero, right now.

    8. AC/DC - Black Ice
    The masters of true rock are back. I haven't been that fond of their albums for the last...20 years, but "Black Ice" is a great collection of basic hard rock, like only AC/DC can do it. Powerful, yet with those great hooks and melodies. You cannot have an AC/DC song without a great chorus, and here they deliver. "Rock 'N Roll Train" is the ultimate comeback single and the songs just keep on coming. Welcome back! And I can't wait to see them for the first time in February. :)

    9. Lukestar - Lake Toba
    Lukestar from Oslo, Norway, was a wonderful surprise early in 2008. Hailed by almost every critic around the country, deservingly so, but now forgotten by the same critics as we all are summarizing 2008. It's a shame, because "Lake Toba" is still a great little album. Listen to those melodies and that sweet voice sung in high pitch. It's enduring and beautiful indie rock.

    10. Metallica - Death Magnetic
    The masters of thrash metal are back. The second big comeback (I do not count the G'N'R album as a comeback, as it's not G'N'R) of 2008, if you can call it a comeback. But yes, it is a comeback, because Metallica finally proves that they still can rock. This is, as I said bak in 2003 with "St. Anger", a crucial album for the band. This is the album that had to prove that Metallica still had it in them. And they have proved it. Flawed, dynamic and powerful, just like Metallica should sound like. I cannot get my head around those people that says that Metallica doesn't play as well as modern metal bands. No, and they shouldn't! It's what makes Metallica what they are! Keep 'em coming boys!

    Not rated:
    The Bronx - The Bronx III
    Funeral For A Friend - Memory And Humanity
    Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
    Beautiful Memories Last Your Whole Life Long - Beautiful Memories Last Your Whole Life Long
    The Hellacopters - Head Off
    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology
    Deadends - Pulling The Punches
    Dunderbeist - Second Hand Theft
    Flight Of The Conchords - Flight Of The Conchords
    M83 - Saturdays = Youth
    Legion Of The Damned - Feel The Blade
    Motörhead - Motörizer
    Nachtmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle Part I
    Nada Surf - Lucky
    Rumble In Rhodos - Intetions
    Weezer - Weezer (The Red Album)
    Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
    Danko Jones - Never Too Loud
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
    Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life
    Division Of Laura Lee - Violence Is Timeless
    Dungen - 4
    Lindsey Buckingham - Gift of Skrews
    Death Angel - Killing Season
    Brant Bjork - Punk Rock Guilt-Promo
    Brazilian Girls - New York City
    Parts & Labor - Receivers
    Trivium - Shogun
    Mates of State- Re-Arrange Us


    Best singles of 2008:
    1. Cut Copy - Lights and Music
    2. AC/DC - Rock ‘n Roll Train
    3. Danko Jones - Code of the Road
    4. The Gaslight Anthem - The ‘59 Sound
    5. Lukestar - The Shade You Hide
    6. Rumble In Rhodos - Flavoured Envy
    7. Mates of State - The Re-Arranger
    8. Nada Surf - I Like What You Say
    9. Weezer - Pork and Beans
    10. Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes
  • Fresh Norway

    21 mars 2008, 20h31m

    Me and Swazi have launched a music site / mp3-blog that recommends new norwegian music. You will find it here:

    As of 27th of March, these artists are featured with free downloads (lots to come!):

    Ida Maria
    Sigh & Explode
    olivia and the adventures from the dead
    Love Dance
    Dj Larsa
  • Best 10 albums of 2007

    15 déc. 2007, 16h02m

    1. Primordial - To The Nameless Dead
    It's a shame to say, but I've never heard of this veteran irish metal band until this album was released in November of 2007. But really, it doesn't matter as long as you pick it up as soon as possible. This is by far my favorite of 2007 and possible one of the best albums I've heard in years. Yes, it's metal. They used to be black, but now they're...grey. And folk. The mood, the melodies, the guitars, the vocals, the lyrics - it's all a complex and dynamic affair that screams for hope, help and light. The album sets on first listen, but grows from there on until it becomes a part of you. Absolutely fantastic.

    2. Band of Horses - Cease To Begin
    Second place last year, second place this year. A very listenable album with songs that almost everyone will have no problem loving very quickly. But where almost every album you can say that about fails in bringing the lasting quality to it - "Cease To Begin" delivers every time you put it on. Just like "Everything All the Time" from 2006. Some say it has a "country vibe" to it, but that is just BS. This is guitar indie rock at its best.

    3. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle
    My scottish fave band never stops making those great albums. This is the fourth since their debut "Blackened Sky" in 2002 and they still has the fresh mix of great melodies, original arrangements and impressive use of their instruments. Not actually your typical indie band, and that's why we like them.

    4. Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest Of Times
    You want to drink and party to Dropkick Murphys, and I'm sure the Boston band would be happy to hear that. They're all about drinking, women, punk, irish music and sports. In short: Life. Better than "The Warrior's Code" (2005) and on level with "Blackout" (2003).

    5. High on Fire - Death Is Communion
    HOF is loud, rough and a bit disturbing. And "Death Is Communion" takes its songs to a better place than its predecessor, "Blessed Black Wings" (2005). Not for your mom or your girlfriend.

    6. Susanna Wallumrød - Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos
    This one is. The norwegian singer and songwriter explores the musical landscapes of both jazz and electronica with Susanna And The Magical Orchestra, but with her solo works she goes to the core of the soul, with soft and minimal arrangements. Her voice is what it's all about and on "Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos" she sings to your heart.

    7. Dúné - We Are In There You Are Out Here
    I saw these young danes in February, playing a set of half an hour, and they were magnificent. Wild, committed to the music, barely out of school and extremely charismatic. The music? Typical for Denmark nowadays: Electro rock. This debut album promises a great future, with its energy, melodic sensibilities and youthfulness.

    8. Blood Tsunami - Thrash Metal
    Thrash metal is my favorite form of metal and it's with great pride that my native Norway can bring the world the great Blood Tsunami. If you wasn't sure from looking at the great cover, the title promptly gives a way what this is all about: Old school thrash metal of the kind you used to bang your head to back in the day. Give me more!

    9. Ash - Twilight Of The Innocents
    These irishmen never fails to deliver. With every album they release, the songwriting steps up a little bit. This may be their most ambitious album yet, but their power-pop is still hooky as hell and the possible singles are as usual just around the corner all the way. I had the pleasure of having them as artists on my live scene this November, and it was a great moment for me and everyone else. Because Ash, just, delivers.

    10. Orange Goblin - Healing Through Fire
    The londoners that sound like they grew up in the desert of Arizona once again terrifies your mother in law with their groovy, yet hard as hell, stony rock'n'roll. They sound like a freight train almost out of control, but they always grabs it by the balls and pulls it off. If life is a radio, turn it up to ten.
  • Song # 10 000

    13 mars 2007, 22h57m

    Song number 10 000 gets to be "Etienne" by Popface. One of the greatest songs ever written and performed by any band. Thank you!
  • Best Zoom - noensinne!

    11 mars 2007, 17h43m

    Fri 9 Mar – IDA MARIA, Cables, X-Queen of the Astronauts

    Den beste Zoom-turneen noensinne er et faktum og folk der ute i det ganske land bør kjenne sin besøkelsestid når Cables og Ida Maria kommer til ditt sted! I Bø var vi så heldige å ha X-Queen of The Astronauts med på kjøpet, og det ble en kveld som det smiles av ennå. Ida Maria med sin vanvittige selvtillit og eksentriske personlighet, krydret med GODE låter og fremføring. Cables med sin spilleglede og energi og minst like gode låter. X-Queen med humør, dansbarhet og alle muligheter for fremtiden.

    Aldeles fantastisk!
  • Best 10 albums of 2006

    21 jan. 2007, 3h47m

    1. Popface - Eleven Pieces of a Broken Heart
    Hailing from Stavanger, Norway, this trio gone quartet, made (in my opinion) the best album of the year. Warm, soft and delicious indiepop melodies soar throughout this album. Beautiful and heart wrenching - pick this one up!

    2. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
    Somewhat a hype, but for once it's deserved. Great!

    3. Drive-By Truckers - A Blessing and a Curse
    What a gem this band is. Roots and southern rock all mixed together into a terrific album. "Easy On Yourself" is already one of my favorite songs of all time.

    4. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
    Just when I thought metal couldn't go any further, Mastodon showed up. And this years album is almost as good as "Leviathan".

    5. the first cut - Silence Afterwards
    From many years as "Crash", The First Cut finally released their debut album in 2006. Then they split. The world is unfair. Someone destroyed the concept of "emo" and made it whiney and then it became some kind of fashion, but this is what emo was all about: The beautiful songs.

    6. 120 Days - 120 Days
    I hated this band when they were called The Beautiful People. I loathed them and laughed at them when they briefly were called Sex Beat. But this record....goddamn it. It's fantastic.

    7. Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death
    They're like wine and it's almost terrifying. But when you think about it, that's great! Think about it for a second: You can actually be old, uglier than ever and still reach the highest levels of perfection. One of their best.

    8. Danko Jones - Sleep Is The Enemy
    He is my personal rock god, and this record shows Danko with friends finally reaching almost perfection. Maybe a little more listener friendly, but at the same time more focused and better hooks.

    9. Sahg – I
    Many have tried to copy the sound of Black Sabbath, but Sahg hits the spot. And then some.

    10. Furia - Piece of Paradise
    Finally my girls get back to their roots and releases an album that shows their great abilities to rock and be melancholic at the same time. The dynamics, the emotions, the playing - it's all here.
  • The unfair alfabetical favorites list

    4 août 2006, 21h30m

    This is so unfair:

    Bob Tilton
    Crash (The First Cut)
    Danko Jones
    Explosions In The Sky
    The Get Up Kids
    Iron Maiden
    Jimmy Eat World
    Led Zeppelin
    Nada Surf
    Orange Goblin
    The Rentals
    Scum De La Norvége
    The Undertones
    Van Halen
    ZZ Top
  • Favourites of 2005

    3 déc. 2005, 1h23m

    We're getting to that point in the calendar where every music nerd make their list of favourite albums that year. And I guess I should get to that too. So here's the ones I remember right now:

    Nada Surf - The Weight Is A Gift
    Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
    Weezer - Make Believe
    Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
    JR Ewing - Maelstrom
    Open Hand - You and Me
    El Caco - The Search
    Arena - Pepper's Ghost
    Biffy Clyro - Infinity Land
    System of a Down - Mezmerize
    Scum - Gospels For The Sick
    Hopalong Knut - Feilkalibrert Tidsmaskin
    Mustasch - Powerhouse
    Elliott - Photorecording