• [Lyrics of the Fields]

    20 avr. 2012, 9h07m

    [Lyrics of the Fields]

    by ras paulo

    Today I want to apprise to a next reasoning!
    I want to tell you that, sometimes I fall in love with the lyrics of the fields!
    Oh my , I love the lyrics of the fields,
    How lovely is when you find your self standing , in the mid of a brightly , very wide, smooth, and Peacefully field , with a sight sings till end of the rainbow , along with the bright blue , and the lovely atmosphere.

    Watching birds in the sky, and much more nature lyrics; When the wind is blowing , you take in a very deep breath, and you say, life is in me!
    You check the green grass, you lay on it, you jump up, you clap your hands, you roll on it, you trust it, you check up the rocks , and the mountains, You feel real, you feel free, and you say yeah: am Out of danger,

    you sing, you scream very loud, none call you crazy , and you say to your self, there is no one to come blame me, because of anything, I don't have no material object around me! And you don't feel guilty of anything, you find your self out of brutality and dirt .

    As you know how hard is life in the city, within the high heels houses 4 corners up , you feel depressive, sometimes.

    Everyone is watching you, none trust you, everyone suspect that you re doing something wrong, you live up there in the high tower building , no good neighbourhood , struggling , to pay you rent monthly, how hard it is to get a job, every time when you drop down on the street , you have to watch out how do you behave, and make sure that you pay off your taxes on the right time, or you go to jail condemned as a social trickster. How much you have to give , how many times you have to prove that you ´re flexible, you re a good , your re, very intelligent , on the other hand , we pretend, and we look

    forward for goods, according to what it takes. But now a want to stop and take a very deep breath right here on this field of
  • is it a try

    30 mars 2012, 8h45m

    is it a try
    My singing is not just to show how good or bad I can sing, nice voices
    and rhythms,

    how many songs I can write in
    the year but is it a try to keep peace
    alive in the heart of the people.
  • Ras Paulo´s Youth is true, classic version

    21 mars 2012, 10h10m

  • happiness

    21 mars 2012, 10h07m

    As I am looking for Happiness, I want to Listen "Where Happiness Lives" From RasPaulo , then I come closer to my wish.
  • Talking about my Freedom

    16 mars 2012, 9h52m

    Talking about my Freedom
    Talking about my Freedom
    Freedom length capacity, is much more wide than the size of this World, but not wide like you think.
    I am Not talking about democracy, any politician demagogy ,
    I am talking about real freedom, humankind , living as human being.
    Freedom of expression, freedom to say , to Talk, to do what you wanna do.
    Freedom to respect your own self, your neighbour, freedom to do whatever you want do , conscientiously.
    Are you ready to support worldwide freedom?