Idiots who post negative comments on artist's shoutboxes


6 oct. 2009, 0h35m

God i hate poeple who write negative comments in artist's shoutboxes there is a line between voicing your opinion and being a straight up douchebucket. Help end the ignorance learn to post your opinion without coming off as an illiterate idiot =/


  • SpillingSecrets

    Illiterate idiot, I like that. :) You are right though some people are straight up rude. It's like they just go to artists that they don't like just to write mean comments. If you don't like an artist then you should just ignore them. No one is forcing you to listen to the music.

    20 oct. 2009, 16h07m
  • ChemicalRainbow

    Exactly. I don't get it, what do the bashers have of that. Why waste your time posting lame/mean shouts into a comment box of a band you don't like or even hate :/

    23 oct. 2009, 15h39m
  • JCFantasy23

    I only use my time when I have something positive to say. No sense going to an artists page and dissing the music when most of the people who are there are fans.

    28 oct. 2009, 11h17m
  • Shru

    stop the hate neopets

    16 nov. 2009, 13h19m
  • peanuthead94

    Sooo what do you see as "voicing opinion" and "being a douchebag?" If you really love an artist, they're kinda the same thing.

    3 déc. 2009, 4h14m
  • booshpower

    people write hate comments because they get a kick out of angry responses from the fans because they have nothing better to do

    4 déc. 2009, 22h18m
  • zuzilup

    exactly, booshpower.. they just want to quarrel.. like my brother, who comes into my room and just says "what crap are you listening now".. i think its sort of helping him gain self-esteem when he puts down my music taste.. well, i like when people around me like the music i listen to, i respect it, when they dont like it or are ignorant to it, but i will never respect if they just tell after 2 seconds they listened to it that its crap.. DonnieSTFU, not all negative comments are constructive.. if the comment goes on like "this artist is stupid, i dont understand, how you can listen to him, its a piece of shit", what is constructive in it? nothing.. just an intollerant expression of negative feelings the artist leaves in the person.. but if it leaves just the opposite feelings in other people?? if the person just tells "in my opinion, the guitar is not very good, and the texts could be better as well", well, i find it pretty constructive

    4 jan. 2010, 19h14m
  • ArctorTroy

    even Mozart gets flamed, the internet's 99.9% morons. have a laugh and move on.

    21 jan. 2010, 0h36m
  • TerrierChad

    Voicing opinion: "[insert name of band/artist] isn't really my kind of thing." "I don't really like the vocals much." "This isn't my cup of tea." Being a douche bag: "These guys suck!" "Only idiots listen to [band/artist]!" "They are soooooo wank!"

    27 jan. 2010, 13h34m
  • wingkon


    13 mars 2010, 2h55m
  • drumVektor

    If you fucking idiots would quit BAWWing over it I'm sure people would chill with it, though

    27 mars 2010, 18h26m
  • booshpower

    it pisses me off when there are multiple artists under the same name and then some guy will post how the other artist "is fucking gay" or something like that when they obviously have never listened to them before. it shouldn't bother me but it does

    13 mai 2010, 21h04m
  • Zeldadaft96

    I second this ^ a billion times. One of my favorite artist's name is really generic, so another band (a glam metal one) has the same name. I'm fine with that, but the other Danger's fans are a bunch of assholes who say shit like, 'I wish they'd destroy all computers so they wouldn't make this stuff'. That fucking pisses me off since my life is basically my music which is all electronic. Luckily those guys mostly take it too far and get their asses banned.

    25 jui. 2010, 6h41m
  • SoapMagic

    YoungHate is a banned user. Karma is sweet!

    23 nov. 2010, 23h37m
  • Candyheart33

    ^Hahaha. Good. I completely agree with what you're saying :)

    22 jan. 2011, 22h56m
  • Jpnylonmag

    Idiots who criticize idiots who criticize, are idiots.

    4 mai 2011, 17h46m
  • FilupLees

    why is writing a negative comment a waste of life, but posting something here years after not....

    30 juin 2011, 7h36m
  • Archaenon

    It's called an opinion last I noticed, people are allowed to voice them, and they will. It's silly to even waste time bitching about bitching, also it's hypocritical to even call someone out on free speech. In short , I guess I'm saying deal with it, ignore it and stop being bent out of shape.

    23 jui. 2011, 3h00m
  • Teddy69_


    31 jui. 2011, 6h00m
  • exdeathbr

    SpillingSecrets said: "If you don't like an artist then you should just ignore them. No one is forcing you to listen to the music. " Yeah, right, go tell that to payola.

    28 mars 2012, 0h35m
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