Shuffle, it's a conversation starter


15 oct. 2007, 3h01m

I saw this on willers journal and I thought it was an interesting take on the surveys that float around here.

Put your music player on shuffle.
Post the first 40 songs that come up,then answer to the questions below. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeat tracks, skip to the next track.

1. “Late For The Sky” - Jackson Browne
2. “Angry Nerd Rock” - The Ataris
3. “Open Arms” - Journey
4. “Metal Militia” - Metallica
5. “Wanna Get Some Stuff” - The Donnas
6. “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” - Slade
7. “Whistlestar” - Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
8. “No Way” - Pearl Jam
9. “Like a Rolling Stone” - Bob Dylan
10. “Disorder” - Joy Division
11. “Queen of Hearts” - Juice Newton
12. “The Revealing Science Of God” - Yes
13. “Cabaret” - Liza Minnelli
14. “The Good Thing” - Talking Heads
15. “Close to the Edge” - Yes
16. “Necromancer” - Gnarls Barkley
17. “Last Dance” - Donna Summer
18. “Funky Boss” - Beastie Boys
19. “Somethin’ to Hide” - Journey
20. “And You And I” - Yes
21. “I Got Rhythm” - Liza Minnelli
22. “All Those Yesterdays” - Pearl Jam
23. “O Baterista” - Rush
24. “Love is Alright Tonight” - Rick Springfield
25. “Hard & Funky” - Leslie Hall
26. “Checkin’ It Out” - The Donnas
27. “Adjust Me” - Hawkwind
28. “Too Fast For Love” - Mötley Crüe
29. “You’re the Inspiration” - Chicago
30. Bitch Stole My Hat” - Johnny Socko
31. “Ain’t Nobody” - Rufus & Chaka Khan
32. “Everything In Its Right Place” - Radiohead
33. “America” - Yes
34. “Senioritis” - Fu Manchu
35. “Root Down” - Beastie Boys
36. “Force Ten” - Rush
37. “Happy Hour” - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
38. “All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)” - Peter Frampton
39. “Manhattan Project” - Rush
40. “Downtown in Dogtown” - Fu Manchu

1. Prefer #1 or #40?
#1, Late for the Sky, for sure. I sing it all the time

2. Listened to #12 continuously on repeat?
RSoG on repeat? Maybe in high school, for sure the intro.

3. What album is #26 from?
Either American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine or the Debut.....lemme check.....ah, the first one. Gotta go with the gut instinct.

4. Thoughts on the artist of #15
One of the best of all time - got into them in HS but I can come back to their stuff time and time again, so much depth, so many songs to discover. I was actually kind of surprised how many Yes songs came up on this deal. Although weirdly, it was all Keys to Ascension versions.

5. Is #19 one of your favs?
Not really, there are many better Journey songs. But it fits with the album well.

6. Who does #38 remind you of?
Me, being lonely. Actually, this is one I would listen to obsessively on repeat ;-)

7. does #20 have better lyrics or music?
Ooh that is a tough call. Even for a Yessong, a tough call. Gonna go with music. I would like it I think even if the words were about horses or something.

8. Do any of your friends like #3?
Heh, (Open Arms), probably only ironically, or when drunk.

9. Is #33 from a movie soundtrack?
Buffalo 66 maybe? I would imagine the Simon & Garfunkel version is tho. (Later: Ha! I was right. Almost Famous)

10. Is #18 overplayed on the radio?
Nope, never heard it. Maybe on college radio back in the day. There was some joke on The Onion about Check Your Head forceably removed from college students

11. What does #21 remind you of?
Being in chorus in high school, we sang a medley of Gershwin tunes one year.

12. Prefer 5 or 22?
Depends on mood, but probably the Donnas. Although Yield is one of those albums, for me, that I can listen to all the way through.

13. Album 17 is on?
Wow, good question. I don’t really know Donna Summer’s albums. If I had to guess maybe the album has the same name as the song. (Checks Wikipedia) Wow, it’s off the Thank God It’s Friday soundtrack. too bad this wasn’t 33, eh?

14. When did you first hear #39?
Probably Junior year when I got Chronicles, or perhaps earlier if I heard it on KGGO.

15. When did you first hear #7?
When I bought the Lost Treasures album off iTMS. Overall, Lost Treasures is a little too mellow for my taste, but I'm still glad I picked it up

16. Genre for #8?
I would say Modern Rock, other people might say alternative or grunge.

17. Do any of your friends like #14?
Only Talking Heads fan among my friends is Andy Gigstead and I would imagine he likes that one? Unsure though.

18. What color does #4 remind you of?
Black or silver, something brutal ;-)

19. Have you ever blasted #11 on your stereo?
Lol, no. Probably good driving-around music, or something I would request at a bar to irritate my friends.

20. What genre is #37?
I’ve often heard HA&TJB described as Easy Listening but I find that bogus and presumptuous, so I’m going to say jazz.

21. Can you play #13 on any instrument?
Could probably finagle it if I had some sheet music.

22. What is your fav lyric from #30?
Hehe (Bitch Stole My Hat) the section where they list the different types of hats

23. Fav lyric from #23?
DQ’d due to instrumental.

24. Would you recommend #24 to friends?
Heck yeah! To show them Rick Springfield is more than Jessie’s Girl.

25. Is #2 a good song for dancing?
No, probably just standing around like you’re too cool to dance.

26. Ever hear #16 on the radio?
No, they were pretty well set with Crazy, as far as I know.

27. Is #32 more of a nighttime or daytime song?
Daytime so you wouldn’t get scared/sad. I don't really know a lot about Radiohead, so I don't know what are their "good" songs, I just felt like I needed to know about them, and I had a generous friend who shared them with me.

28. Any special meaning for #36?
No, it is not really one of my fav Rush tunes. Actually I was fairly bummed by the songs of theirs that came up during this exercise.

29. Any friends that like #31?
Probably not (I’ve only heard it like twice now so I don’t even know if *I* like it!) It came on Pure Funk vol. 2 that I picked up last weekend.

30. Is #25 a fast or slow song?
fast and short! Leslie tears it up.

31. Is #35 happy or sad song?
According to the notes in Sounds of Science it makes you good at playing basketball. So I'd call that happy.

32. Fav lyrics from #9?
you never turned around/to see the faces on the jugglers and the clowns/as they all did tricks for you. Or the part about the diplomat who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat. Great all the way through.

33. #34 better to listen to alone or with friends?
Depends on if you friends like the Fu. Mine don’t, so I’ll say alone. Oh, wait, cliched answer time: You ever listen to Fu Manchu.....on WEED?

34. First heard #27?
Tuesday, at work, on my ‘pod. In Search of Space is my first Hawkwind album.

35. 3 other songs by the artist of #29
I’m a Man
Feeling Stronger Every Day
Color My World
(as long as you don’t get into “Is the Chicago of the late 60’s/70’s the same as the Chicago of the 80’s? hehe.)

36. Do you know all the words to #6?
I can usually sing along with it, yeah. Of course it helps that I listened to the Runaways version a lot in college. Oh, and the Quiet Riot version on the radio.

37. #28: better lyrics or music?
Music - "She puts her leg up/and calls it good luck" cannot compete with that killer riff.

38. What album is #10 from?
Unknown Pleasures. Very cool design on the cover there.


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