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  • folcomaltese

    ti confesso che me ne sono bellamente dimenticato, dei Rural Alberta. Però in compenso ho finito la tesi, sicché mi aspetto fare molte più traversate da una costa all'altra, ora che posso. Ti tengo aggiornato.

    15 jan. 22h12m Répondre
  • Paynomindtous

    ps non è che ti stalkero io invece, è che i ne 'amici che ascoltano' [gruppi hc fichi] sei sempre tra i primi, quindi fiumi di stima e riverenza per te. yo

    12 mars 2013 Répondre
  • Paynomindtous

    ti ho scovato su soulseek cercando i Cotidie Mori ;) (se quel quiet-tiz non sei tu allora qualcuno ti sta stalkerando)

    12 mars 2013 Répondre
  • MarkLitten

    Hello Tiziano. Thank you!

    13 fév. 2013 Répondre
  • ghjghjo

    ciao Tiz ... qui dice che i nostri gusti musicali non sono affatto compatibili, che strano!! ... :D:D:D:D:D

    24 fév. 2012 Répondre
  • _ritualord

    grazie! proprio lui! ;-)

    4 sept. 2011 Répondre
  • _ritualord

    Tiz, forse ho un abbaglio, ma mi ricordo che tra i tuoi gruppi qui su last.fm avevi una pagina che rimandava ad un sito esterno, di un critico musicale o roba del genere. c'era una lunghissima analisi sul fenomeno Beatles. ti dice qualcosa? ti ricordi per caso il sito? grazie!

    3 sept. 2011 Répondre
  • _ritualord

    heilà Tiz! tutto ok? si, revival Gdm! ;-) ho anche riesumato la chitarra e ogni tanto mi piace cercare di andare sopra al Fuoco. faccio sempre un casino, ma qualche arpeggino mi riesce :-D PS: vedo che sei ancora in UK: sei a Londra? probabilmente dovrei venire per un weekend alla fine di novembre!

    20 août 2011 Répondre
  • giulia_balducci

    eheh si.. ho fatto la sync con la libreria iTunes... c'è il barbatrucco! ci vediamo sabato prossimo tizzzzzz! <3

    18 août 2011 Répondre
  • ramoblue

    weekend prossimo al Field Day, sempre se non si sovrappone a qualcosa di fondamentale! The National "persi per colpa di" Pere Ubu, ne è valsa la pena, anche se mi è rimasto quel che da "eppure avrei dovuto farci un giretto".. ma no, credo vincerà qualcun'altro anche 'sta volta, credo!

    28 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • ramoblue

    Ahh, Kozelek, se vuoi te lo saluto! Btw anch'io mi sa che opterò per i Sebadoh, visto che sarebbe la prima volta e quest'anno sono in piena celebrazione Lou Barlow! Anche se i The National alla O2, soprattutto dopo averli persi al PS causa orari avversi.. ardua scelta, sí!

    28 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • ramoblue

    vedo che anche tu vivi nel dubbio Sebadoh vs The National! Gran begli ascolti (e bei concerti, ovvio!)

    26 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • stereocase

    hah, yeah i didnt refuse this time after the my bloody valentine shows didnt help my tinnitus at all. im off to marnie stern tonight i think, hopefully itll be eventful

    22 nov. 2010 Répondre
  • stereocase

    hey, no i think i was pretty far back though i got a good view. i really wanna go to marnie stern but i have seen her live before and never got the chance to see sun araw, im a bit torn. its a shame they are clashing! did u enjoy swans?

    31 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • stereocase

    hey man i see youre going to the marnie stern gig, im a bit torn as its clashing with sun araw...

    26 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • mEmi0

    Eheh last.fm ha sentito che hanno la stessa sensibilità! :) Ma ti sei messo a lavorare per last.fm??

    12 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • ghjghjo

    ciao tiz, come era facile immaginare la compatibility e' piuttosto bassa :):D ... ma ben trovato anche su questo SN ...

    5 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • MsCompromiss

    hey, cosa ti era successo?

    31 août 2010 Répondre
  • paranoid_marci

    egregio! tutto bene? ma sei tu papertiz su skype che vuole aggiungermi?

    19 mai 2010 Répondre
  • lafatacarabina


    7 mai 2010 Répondre
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Let the golden age begin / Quiet, I am sleeping / Quiet, shut up, I don't trust you / Tutto succede in un attimo / The sun fell down again last night / Standing in the alpha beta parking lot / The bed at night is a life raft in the ocean of the dark / Passo le notti nero e cristallo a sceglier le carte che giocherei / Sleeping is believing, breathing is deceiving / Ma io lo so dov'è che vai quando i tuoi passi scintillano / Close my eyes, feel me now / I just want to drink me some wine / Now my door stands open, I am inviting everyone in. We will drink. We will laugh until the morning comes. That is what we are going to do / We're going to drink now till the summer's past / I'll drink your wine, I'll wear your clothes when we're both high / Without a care in this whole world / Forget the past and just say yes / Throw away those dreams and dare / I won't ever hurt you, deny or desert you; don't ask me again / I lost my social skills a while ago but now I feel them coming back / When you say it's gonna happen "now", well, when exactly do you mean? / The magic of stones when taken back home is left on the beach / A man has two reasons for things that he does: the first one is pride and the second one is love / Fill the void in me now / Ask me, I won't say no, how could I? / I'm not in this movie, I'm not in this song / The moon is closer to the sun than I am to anyone / My thoughts were so loud, I couldn't hear my mouth / There's a devil crawling along your floor / For each inch cut the roots grow ten where we can't see them / Tell me where am I supposed to go if everytime I dare to dream or dare to fly I'm always digging bloody daggers in my spine / Talk revolution as if it matters now... / Scopro l'anno bisestile / Here is my prayer - not the first you've heard, but the first I wrote / Does he know that place below your neck is your favorite to be touched? / Tell me a story, tell me just another lie / I'm sick of hearing it, so sick of listening to it / Safety is a big disguise / Your self-inflicted pain is getting too routine / Desiderio ardente di attrarre la mia pietà / Your words don't match the story that your actions show / Three years fold through your lies untold: innocence undoes her blindfold / I see your smiling face but I know you've done worse to me / Just a newer type of me with a better haircut. Is that all you wanted? / And I know he took you to the beach, I can tell from how you bite on your cheek / That's why I'm throwing things around my home again / So now I'm all by myself as I've always felt / Let the past be the past / Why can't you forget? / I hate the past / No one is immune to misfiring and acting on the wrong clues / All the world must know / I wish I could have seen their faces when they heard the news / Then I read about all those who believe all of your lies / I fell like a dove into the desert / Like a fallen kite / Silent you left me, and silence stays / I died a sudden death / There was a time we lived in truth, let's bring it back / Is it getting easy not to care, despite the many rings around your name / All I've left to do is run away from you / Take the portraits from the wall, take them down and burn them all / I'll try to forget you / Aspetta, passa questo momento / Maybe we'll wait 'til July, then August, September, October, November or December / But I don't think I'm ready yet / I think I'll wait another year / I cherish with fondness the day before I met you / When I see you again can we pick up what we left it? / Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be / Some things we said will never wash away / Quando siamo stanchi c'è il rischio di dire le stronzate / Bad habits make our decisions for us / To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word / Every time we say next time / Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock and roll / I know I have got a negative edge / I got the devil in my hand / You must never question me, just quietly believe / Trust me instead / My intentions are good and earnest, and true, but under my hood is internal combustion power. And Satan is my motor / Remember me as you fall to sleep / May your dreams be so happy / Make believe that you don't loathe me / Be sweet / Keep your dreams, don't sell your soul / Behind every desire is another one waiting to be liberated when the first one's sated / You disturb my natural emotions / You cursed the worlds I longed to save / Hey! Been trying to meet you / Two of us: that's dangerous / E' stato di soprassalto, nulla è cambiato / We used to do it to ease the tension, pretend that sex wasn't our intention / Sweet little agony / But people, people, we're not in love / Pleased to meet you / The dove of hope began its downward slope / I wasted my breath on words soon forgotten / Bury your heart in a hole / It’s your birthday tomorrow, but I’m not supposed to know / Write down "I am ok" a hundred times / Am I OK? I'm sure I'm not / E' così che è essere sani? / If wellness is this, what in hell's name is sickness? / Am I as I seem? / Excess ain't rebellion / Never has my tormenter come in such a cunning disguise / The night has come to hold us young / The reason the night is long is very simple / When I see your eyes arrive they explode like two bugs on glass / Mars sparkles down on me / And I scream for the sunlight or a car to take me anywhere / The sun shines but I don't / Any place looks good to me, just run with me / One step inside doesn't mean I'm yours / Just go back to the rock from under which you came / Mutilate the meanings so they're easy to deny / Jed's system's dead therefore so's Jed / I can't reach out through this iron-built bubble of pain / So now we're not talking except we have tickets to see Blur in october, and I think we're still going / Sad drunk and poorly sleeping really late / I need a new heart, this one's hollow / Starir á mig lítill álfur / Rivoglio le mie ali nere, il mio mantello / Black wings carry me so high / You are a vapour trail / I see your wishes on the wall / There's my favorite rollercoaster next to the blue water / This is a sinking anchor that we hold so dear / I waited for the joke, it never did arrive / And I knew the meaning of it all / Trying to act like all her dumb heroes / I can’t believe what I do late at night / Your songs just like my songs they're made up of questions / End of the lesson, time for one more question / Why bother? / I'm tired of whys, choking on whys, just need a little because, because / I go in circles running down / There's so little way to help you and I only have two arms / I try so hard for bruises on your back / I'll be Ctrl-Alt-deleting your face with no reservations / Forse sei un congegno che si spegne da sé / You're like a little switch / A waste of breath, of space, of time / Saw things so much clearer / Don't you know it's alright? You can love her, you can love me at the same time / After all, what's wrong with second best? / If you're scared of dying you better not be scared to live / Another season, but the same old feelings / My eyes never forget / These eyes have always left me dry. How near, how far, how lost they are / We need a record of our failures, we must document out love / Vorrei avere un dio almeno avrei qualcosa da fare alla domenica / I put my feet deep in the tracks that you made / Soft as snow but warm inside / You have to learn the lesson twice / It blows my mind that people wanna try to get inside my tired head / Now these old blue tears they keep falling / Makes no sense at all / Tifiamo rivolta / But if you close the door, I'd never have to see the day again / The kids are happy with no more boring Heavenly tunes / I never thought I'd learn to accept the burns and walk away / Where have all the people gone in my life? / My lady of the Various Sorrows: some begged, some borrowed, some stolen / Little Eiffel stands in the archway / That must be her sister, right? / C'è forza nelle tue parole / I wonder if I can even move or breathe without disappointing someone / Beyond my hopes there are no feelings / The summer came but the winter stayed / En hiver tu songes a l'été, en été tu songes a l'hiver / You wait for darkness then you wait for day / Sometimes my mind don't shake and shift but most of the time it does / E oggi è uguale a ieri. E oggi è uguale all'altroieri / Cristo fa che lei non sia qua / Entro e spero di non trovarti più / It's good to have options / A b c d e f g h i j k... lost! / Who named the days? Who named this mess? / If I saw something good I guess I wouldn't worry / Goin' against your mind / I see you in my sheets, I see you in my sleep / E' facile, sai, averti se chiudo i miei begli occhietti spenti / Still see you in bed / I just made love with your sweet memory one thousand times in my head / E' come se lo avessi fatto e non averlo fatto è stato proprio come averlo fatto / The time is 2:22 / Evil heat all night long / You can be my teenage Jenny Agutter swimming naked in a pond / She's my fave, undressing in the sun / Knickers down, and bra cast as if the past and not passed / She's got a silk dress and healthy breasts that bounce on his Italian leather sofa / I've been tickling the circumference / Left and empty shell of me / That there, that's not me / Your love is something I cannot remember / Don't remember your kiss, can't remember what I miss / In the mirror he saw his friend / You’ve got to be your good friend / Thinking of blue thunder, singing to myself / I'm brain-dead virtually / I am overinfluenced by movies / Into these twisted months I plunge without a light to follow / Send me stationery to make me horny / When you tried to feed me I only shut my mouth / We'll crucify the insincere tonight / I love myself better than you / Il vampiro mi morde il collo ed io divento davk / Join the masquerade / Way down down down in this subbacultcha / Delle sale da ballo un po' più che di merda / You're the only proper noun I need, hurry / You have the upper hand to open up the door / Forget about it all for a little while / Dipingimi distorto come un angelo anormale che cade / The past three weeks were the saddest weeks / He lives my life / I can't even escape you in my dreams / And what right do you have to have nightmares about me? / Uccidi ma non vuoi morire / To understand the killer I must become the killer / The killer in me is the killer in you / If words could kill I'd spell out your name / I would give anything, anything, just to see it happen to you / If you'd been a dog they would have drowned you at birth / Dire qualcosa mentre si è rapiti dall'uragano: ecco l'unico fatto che possa compensarmi di non essere io l'uragano / Flower in a hailstorm / Better off with the scorpions and snakes / Destroy, despise, distrust, disobey, distrust, disarm, destroy, dispise, dissect, deny, destroy, despise, distrust / Come back again some other day when I've got something beautiful to say. And stay a while / I'll come picking at your bone / Thank god that life is so long and the city's so big / But she came way with some pish about still being friends / I'm not gonna live my life on one side of an ampersand / I've been told only fools rush in / So che lei sa strategie dell'apnea / I know your little secret / And if you say you will, I will love you still / Takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now / I believe in an art that cannot be compromised. And I will sing it until I no longer remember the reason. What was the reason? / Where did our respectable convictions go? / I want a lover I don't have to love / E tutti sono onesti e tutti sono pari e tutti hanno le palle / Your presence dominates the judgements made on you / Spending all the stolen money in fashion clothes, it makes me happy, really high / With your feet in the air and your head on the ground / The smell of you still on my hands as I bring the cup up to my lips / And I can still taste defeat on my lips / The realm of soft delusions floating on the leaves / Probabilmente io meritavo di più / A day of skies, a day of feasts / This is my confession, angel, let's not make too much about it / So happy, we suck / Parliamo con frasi a metà / If it starts to hurt you, then you have to say so / I’d still be your Rock of Gibraltar / All the planets they're dead dead dead dead / Don't even know what I'm hiding for / Laugh at myself, laugh at myself / L'aria intorno è più nebbia che altro / I was born to lose my breath / I'm lost in a forest all alone / Ah, the hell with it... I'm gonna have a party / Now I want to party all the time again / We know a place where no ships go / Fuck the pain away / Forget it, forget it, forget it / Say it backwards like we often do / If you're looking for a clean heart looking over this way is not a very good start / Chiudere l'inverno per sporcarmi fino in fondo al cuore / If I could make a list of my mistakes and regrets I'd put your name on top and every line after it / I'm in a golden age, a great calendar page / Hypnotized by this endless summer / It was the hottest summer ever / I was high but she was the sky / Hey fox come here / Your words are giants next to mine and your thoughts are giants / A living museum, I'd pay to visit you on rainy Sundays / A million words in so few sentences / I only hope that someday I might resemble you in even the smallest way / I still say your name when I don't feel right, just like I used to / Around the block I walked and walked pretending you were with me / Trapped in amber, petrified / I cried out your name because I loved the sound it made / Tu sei l'arma migliore / Renew and revive / It's a crime I never told about the diamonds in your eyes / You're a song, yeah / I want to see your eyes inches from mine at both nines / I like the masked noise quiet of your breathing nearby / United by music and haircuts / Long was the year / I hope this song finds you fame, I want school kids on busses singing your name / Don't get me wrong, I've always had plans for your lips and my lips / Never speaks, which I like / First chance is rare, seconds don't ever dare / Come stavamo ieri, sarà così domani? Dimmi di sì / I will be ready to receive the new mind / Va peggio? Va meglio? Non so dire, non lo so / Subvert normality / Leben ist illegal, glaube nichts / I like the streets when they're empty, I can make the rest up / I've shocked all the skeptics but I'm just the same / Lay down and stretch out your arms / If you don't stop to smell the roses now they might end up on you / No alarms and no surprises, please / Candy told me nothing really matters anymore / I feel so unecessary / I'll never make that mistake again / If you really wanna know what I'm like take a fucking look in my eyes / Conto i giorni che mancano freddi / Then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours / I pull my collar up and face the cold on my own / It's so cold in Alaska / Let's drive to Alaska / It's still cold in Alaska / E qui non è il polo sud / Dammi una mano, dammi una mano ad incendiare il piano padano / You know you lied yourself to sleep to make it better / End of a century, oh it's nothing special / Past where the river bends / Oh oh what do I get? / Chi c'è al posto mio? / The lonely nights divide you in two / Hang the DJ / Walk on by the place where we would kiss / I try to laugh about it / I've got survival sickness / Don't forget the alcohol / All I know is I feel better when I sing / I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders / It was a lovely show for a God I don't believe in / I'm good enough but I don't care / Come girano i colori ed i sapori nella vita vera? / Ricorda i prati e poi sorridi / C'mon spread your wings / Verrò come un rapace / I think I know my geometry pretty damn well / Smarrito, tradito, nudo e impotente / I say that I will go and so I will do so / The things that bind in pain keep us in love / Hope our eyes keep telling lies / I crumble like a sugarcube / Always contemplating / I let those feelings haunt me, they control me, but tonight I'm letting go / I like the peace in the backseat / I'm making a map from all the flowers I'm collecting / Mi sento come il soffitto di una chiesa bombardata / Your eyes are all swollen from crying; feeling sick, you open it and discover your lover between the legs of another / Just focus on the light / Every day is new year's eve, every night is the last night / I could sleep for a thousand years / I still dream of December / I can't be your apologist very long / Nuova pelle sopra il letto, pulita come il ghiaccio / I've not seen her in 10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, 5 seconds / Io sto bene, io sto male / I'm neck deep in ashes of broken dreams / Sono anni ormai, e tu lo sai / I'm so happy then again I'm always sad / Curami curami curami / Blow me out, I am so sad, I don't know why / I've seen better days but I don't care: Oasis got my letter in the mail / What I've recovered of me I put into a box underneath my bed / Let the funeral start / I killed him with these scissors / It just feels like a stone / If stones could dream, they'd dream of being laid side-by-side, piece-by-piece, and turned into a castle for some towering queen they're unable to know / Kissing the stone wall where we once lay / I hope you don't have a good time, whatever you do / Oh Christ I'm not that desperate, oh no, oh God, I am / Burn these sheets that we've just fucked in / Come credi, come speri, come pensi che io prenda le cose? / Is it enough to have some love small enough to slip inside a book? / I wrote this novel just for you / Waking up is harder when you wanna die / I can hear them speaking in the next room / The way you tried to smile, the way you couldn't smile / I can tell by the lines on your face your hate has its reason / What if we refused to follow the rules of fashion? / We're all sluts, cheap products in someone else’s notebook / I believe that lovers should be tied together, thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather / You're a whore, but at least you're a happy whore / 70% of the time, I watch / When the stakes are high I'm careless with the dice / What if I laid my head down on your stomach or put my mouth to your hand / I didn't really lose you, I just lost it for a while / So keep your candles burning / I like your face, tail, scale, walk and talk / If I sound distant, that's because you shouldn't see me crying ice cold ice / Non mi spiego quasi mai / I think my name is on your lips (probably complaining) / Take me out tonight, take me anywhere, I don't care I don't care I don't care / The light, their backs, the conversations, the couples, romancing, so natural / I don't care to give enough / And thank God that I just don't care / I could dream all day / Eternity under the old oak tree / I'd put you down where you belong / Come down to my level / Open your eyes: to these must I lie? / With my mind on my money and my money on my... beer, beer! / Vota Fatur / Che diritti ho su di te? / Wake me up when you come to bed / With my new shirt on, drinking a beer I'd salute another trauma I’ve out run, before another's begun / My soul is so afraid to rejoice / I can guarantee a bad time and yes I can promise tears / Silenziosamente ti mando a cagare / I want to speak a new language / I need a word to say what I can't say / One blink for yes, two blinks for no / I don't want to wake up knowing I don't have a future / Got all the records that Pavement made and I smashed them all today / I don't like to call or write except when is too late at night / I suffer mornings most of all / I know you're out there / Perché vi batte il cuore? / You should all be murdered / I'll break them down, no mercy shown / Lo meritava davvero, è tutto ciò che so / A gypsy told my fortune and I told her hers / People they ain't no good at all / Dammi quello che non avrei visto mai / It really, really, really could happen / I know you better than you fake it / I got my own hell to raise / This is a hell on earth / It's only lies that I'm living / Lo sai che crederti resta difficile? / Your kind of truth darling, is just the ghost of your lies. I see through them all the time / I see through your lies with my bionic eyes / Go ahead and laugh your face off, faker / Please don't believe her - she says that for anyone / You promised so much, lied with every touch / What good are promises if nobody honours them? / Stand up for your right to be a vegetable / I send out all of my thanks to the city that never sleeps / Stop whispering, start shouting / I've never been an extrovert but I'm still breathing / Though I have a broken heart I'm too busy to be heartbroken / Renderò il mio stupido muscolo cardiaco perché non sa tenere il tempo / I'll follow you into the dark / I am transparent, so I'm sweet on you, I am a motherfucking ghost / I bought a stack of books, I didn't read a thing / I've got more than I need most of the time but still something seems missing / Tonight I go to hell / Succederà comunque perché è questo che ci aspetta / And I'm calling your name from hell / I can be as cruel as you / You finally understand the movement of a hand waving goodbye / Show me a smile and I'll promise not to leave you / I've been standing on the same spot now since it's been over / Non uccidiamo ciò che di prezioso culliamo ancora fra le mani / I'll take my secrets to the grave safely held beneath the waves / Everything I hide ends up in lyrics / Too late to recover me / You're just a phase I've gotten over anyhow / Maybe this weight was a gift, like I had to see what I could lift / I'd rather feel full than sing these shit songs / I changed by not changing at all / It might not be a lot but I feel like I'm making the most / You want to talk about things you won't understand / We don't need to explain / Smettila di parlare, avvicinati un po' / Words are very unnecessary / E i CCCP non ci sono più da un bel po' / The pain sounds sweet in a song / Is there anything left for me? / I'll try anything three times / When I can, I will / Io credevo che noi fossimo uno, soltanto uno / Although you hit me hard I come back / Deep in thought I forgive everyone / So welcome to my little corner of the world / Don't take me home until I'm drunk / I want you to need me - not to feed me / I said good-bye to the ground / This is really happening / For a closer more detailed picture use either the zoom or the micro-zoom controls. Good luck / Things mean a lot at the time, don't mean nothing later / As long as it takes oh the heart it translates: it can never be wrong, it can only be late / You wrote your name on my back with your knife / Hai scritto sul mio corpo che non è la fine / It's the end of the end of the end / My memory of what's good is leaving me; I knew it would / And anyway I told the truth / Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me / I'm bleeding of past images 'cause the end of an eye is the end of my age d'or


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