Seen Live (plus comments)


20 oct. 2010, 12h03m

These are the bands and artists I've seen live so far. (in chronological order)
01. Thunder (cool!)
02. Cheap Trick(funny and entertaining)
03. Status Quo(same old, same old)
04. Deep Purple(amazing!)
05. Roger Waters(nothing too unexpected but still a great experience)
06. The Nits(hmm, don't remember it well. ok, I guess)
07. Uriah Heep (cool unplugged show!)
08. Symphony X(sound was definitely not good!!)
09. Dream Theater (cool!)
10. Helge Schneider [1] (der hammer! ich hab noch nie so gelacht!)
11. Neil Young [1] (best show I've ever seen!)
12. Helge Schneider [2] (nicht so lustig wie das erste mal - hängt wohl auch von der Tagesform ab)
13. Bob Dylan (cool!)
14. Marc-Uwe Kling [1] (sehr empfehlenswert!!)
15. AC/DC (as expected - nothing more and nothing less)
16. Neil Young [2] (not as good as the first time - still awesome!)
17. Jack Johnson(think his mood wasn't the best because of bad weather - still good concert)
18. Faithless (not too cool)
19. The Strokes (very very cool!)
20. Revolverheld (lame!)
21. Shout Out Louds [1] (niiiiice :))
22. Does It Offend You, Yeah?(unexpected but big, biiiiig party!)
23. Phoenix (awesome!)
24. Dendemann (der hammer!)
25. Dropkick Murphys (very cool!)
26. Beatsteaks (woohooo! what the ****?!)
27. Manfred Mann's Earth Band(too short concert - but still very good, with lots of improvisation)
28. Terry Hoax (ok, i guess)
29. Milow(very nice!)
30. Reamonn (not too special)
31. Marc-Uwe Kling [2] (genial! war die lange Anfahrt auf jeden Fall wert!)
32. Dag för Dag (really cool! really enjoyed my little chat with the singer/guitarist after the show as well!)
33. Shout Out Louds [2] (again really awesome, but 1h 20m as headliner is just not enough)
34. Nils Koppruch (hat mir sehr gut gefallen!)
35. Gisbert zu Knyphausen (der Wahnsinn! Der absolute Wahnsinn!)
36. Britta Persson (lame! honestly the probably most annoying opening act I've ever seen)
37. Johnossi (rocked like hell, but why only 1:10h ???)
38. Supershirt (richtig groß, besonders "nachtjacke")
39. Does It Offend You, Yeah? [2] (now THAT'S what I call a great show!)
40. Mediengruppe Telekommander (konnte mich nicht überzeugen...)
41. Roger Waters [2] (there are no words)

I didn't mention regional bands for I can't really tell when I saw them. Anyways, here are some of the ones I remember without any specific order:

- Waste
- Riffsurfers
- Enema of Death
- Inherently Violent
- Sebastian Escher
- Please me
- La Confianza
- Lebend K.O.
- The Glowing Wines
- Lost Confidence
- Code Denied

And of course my own band (listen to our demos for free on our page!):
Acid Value


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