a piece of sun in the middle of november


21 nov. 2010, 19h55m

Śro 17 XI – Caribou, Mount Kimbie, Neonbirds


the concert was held in the middle of the week, in the middle of Le Festival Des Artefacts events, in a petite salle of La Laiterie object. i wasn’t surprised that this little room - despite of its size - initially remained quite empty but in fact it was soon fulfilled by people up to the level of decent crowd.

Neonbirds - fresh french band or rather a duet. they show promise, though it would be usefull to develop the squad of a few people, thanks to what guys would be able - except just focusing on the sounds - also dedicate some attention to the audience. for now they remind me a bit Telepathe (30.07, Wrocław), the girls good musically but worried sick about wired for sound.

Mout Kimbie -another duet but this time having a bit of slack in waht they are doing. guys swap places between turntable and instruments, there is a vocal, and it all entwined with a nice bass wandering the bowels.

Caribou - a ben voila! i’d like to exclaim. the concert with advanced crew (guitar, bass, 2 drums and smaller instruments which are occasionally used by caribou). the older and newer tracks, many of this years’ Swim album. my favorite - Odessa - played, biggest hit - Sun - expanded by a solid dose of psychedelic for an encore.

for the moment i’m exclaiming inside: sun! sun sun sun..



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