• The new Blind Guardian CD is really really really good

    4 jui. 2006, 6h28m

    You heard it hear first (or possibly not), the new Blind Guardian CD, A Twist in the Myth, is fucking awesome. It's totally fucking ballsy power metal. Like, it's more of the same, in a way, but there's something fresh and new about it that I can't quite put my finger on that makes it different from A Night at the Opera or Nightfall in Middle-Earth or whatever. It almost sounds like a cross between those two albums combined with their older stuff. It's really really really really cool.

    I will definitely be buying this when it comes out, not to mention seeing them live in December.
  • Weekly top artists

    28 juin 2006, 3h54m

    Because hey why not.

    1. Disarmonia Mundi - 110 plays - Holy FUCK how have I not heard of these guys before?? Considering they have Bjorn Strid from Soilwork as their vocalist, I would have expected them to be a lot more popular. Not only do they have Speed as a vocalist, but they're absolutely fantastic. Fragments Of D-Generation is a fucking amazing album, not a single weak track on there and plenty of standouts. If you like Soilwork definitely check these guys out.

    2. Leaves' Eyes - I only started listening to them because they're opening for Blind Guardian in December, but I'm glad I did, because now I'm twice as excited about the show. They're a really good gothic metal band, I was expecting a Nightwish clone but they're more similar to The Gathering, which is a good thing. Quite a good band.

    3. Omnium Gatherum - I think their album Spirits and August Light is really fantastic. Wasted will definitely be going into my top 50 songs sometime soon (though it may actually be "Wastrel"... not sure if it's mistagged.)

    4. Mors Principium Est - These guys have managed to get in my top 10 after what, 3 weeks of listening? The Unborn is really fuckin' good, so is Inhumanity.

    5. The Absence - Standardish Metal Blade style melo-death, but they're pretty cool and have some great riffs. Check out From Your Grave, it's pretty sweet.

    6. Scar Symmetry - Already having learned to love Pitch Black Progress, I got Symmetric in Design which, while unfortunately produced pretty poorly, might be even better than Pitch Black Progress.

    7. Daylight Dies - They're opening for Katatonia and Moonspell, so I decided to listen to them. Pretty good, but hard to get into for me because their songs are so slow (but that's what doom metal is, I suppose).

    8. Blind Guardian - Still the best power metal band I know of, they've been in my top 10 since I got back from school.

    8-2. Kalmah - Love 'em, haven't listened to them as much lately because I've been occupied by new stuff (like everything else on this list), but mainly through repeated listens of The Black Waltz they've managed to stay in my top 10.

    8-3. Catamenia - Decided to check these guys out through a artist connection, IIRC, and they're not bad. Blackened melodic death metal or something, they're like Dissection, I guess. Pretty cool stuff.
  • New musical obsessions

    31 mai 2006, 4h47m

    Tons of melodeath I "discovered" (aka downloaded) and boy does a lot of it kick a lot of ass.

    Neaera is amazingly brutal and punishing melodic death. I love it! Actually bought the "Let The Tempest Come" album from Amazon, totally worth it. Great, great band.

    Mors Principium Est - Been trying to find songs by these guys forever, finally did and holy FUCK was it worth the wait. Best melodeath band I've heard like... ever, honestly.

    Scar Symmetry - These guys remind me of newschool Soilwork, except they do what Soilwork does a bit better. They're pretty awesome.

    SuidAkrA - Pretty cool melodeath, but honestly none of their songs have jumped out at me so far. Then again, nothing off Soilwork's "Chainheart Machine" jumped out at me at first, and now it's one of my favorite CDs. So yeah, they're good, just not great at first impressions I guess!

    Amaran - Wow, clean female vocals in a metal band that ISN'T power metal?!? Sign me the fuck up. From what I understand they're broken up, which is unfortunate, because the combination of good, clean female vocals and melodic death guitarwork is fucking sweet.

    Stream of Passion - Again with the femme vocals, except they are much more The Gathering-like than Amaran. Not that that's a bad thing, because The Gathering is the bomb, and these guys are pretty fuckin good, too.

    Ihsahn and Limbonic Art are both bands that are fucking good but don't rock quite hard enough for me. Still, they're good to put on for background music while doing something else (like playing Warcraft lmao).

    And last but not least, I hate most power metal but I can't stop listening to Blind Guardian for some reason. Between the catchiness of the riffs and Hansi's fantastic voice, these guys can overcome even the nerdiest possible lyrics to create some fucking awesome music that transcends the boundaries of metal. Or something like that. I dunno, The Soulforged is catchy as FUCK.
  • Top 3 from top 10

    31 mars 2006, 3h03m

    Hey, why the hell not

    Concubine is just fucking amazing, so much awesomeness in such a short song. Homewrecker is sweet too, and so is Eagles Become Vultures.

    Nevermore - Born, Inside Four Walls, and The Heart Collector. But their whole discography is really, really solid.

    Ensiferum - Windrider, Little Dreamer, and Slayer of Light

    The Gathering - Hard to say for all time. Currently I'm really digging Shortest Day, but maybe because it's new, but it's also totally awesome. Also Illuminating and Probably Built in the Fifties.

    Soilwork - Seeing these guys in October at Jaxx, hell yeah. Anyway, The Chainheart Machine (title track), Steelbath Suicide, and Like The Average Stalker would be my all-time favorites. Though every era of Soilwork has a bunch of really amazing songs.

    Norther - Death Unlimited, Mirror of Madness, and Blackhearted

    Kalmah - Heroes to Us, Withering Away, and They Will Return. This will hopefully change when I hear The Black Waltz as soon as it's delivered, though.

    Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy, Am I 1? and Auctioned

    Arch Enemy - Not even sure how these guys are still on my top 10, to be honest. I think I had the latest album, Doomsday Machine I guess, while I had no other new music for a long time and ended up listening it too much. Anyway, Nemesis, Silverwing and Ravenous, I guess.

    Pelican - Since they're tied with Arch Enemy, and when you consider the average Pelican song length that's quite a lot of Pelican. March to the Sea, Drought and Sirius... though really, the whole of The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw was fucking awesome.
  • The Gathering were awesome

    21 mars 2006, 18h48m

    Their openers weren't that great (well, Giant Squid was pretty good, but Unexpect was UNEXPECTEDLY bad... bwahahah) but holy fuck did The Gathering kick a ton of ass at Jaxx on Sunday. Awesome show, they should tour the US more often!!!!!!
  • March 19, 2006

    4 mars 2006, 19h51m

    The Gathering at Jaxx

  • some music is good and some music sucks ass

    20 jan. 2006, 21h43m

    So I listened to a lot of music during my 14 hours in the car and I discovered some good things and some bad things

    GOOD - Angra - Like I've said before, "non-shitty power metal" is a very, very small genre, and I'm surprised and pleased to say that it now has another member. These guys are very technically proficient and are only barely cheesy enough to still be considered power metal (any less cheesy and they'd be Nevermore-esque "heavy metal", I think). Temple of Shadows is a good album. On the other hand, there is bad power metal. BAD - After Forever. I don't care if the girl has a nice voice (which she does) and is extremely hot (which she may very well be). Having one Nightwish is bad enough, the world doesn't need another one.

    GOOD - Katatonia - Talk about being completely blown away. Viva Emptiness is one of the better/best albums I've heard in a long time. I'm not sure I'd call it metal, per se, but it's very well done and very depressing. Give this to any emo fan and show them how REAL musicians express angst.

    BAD - Luca Turilli - This guy sucks. If I had known he was the Rhapsody guy, I wouldn't have even bothered listening to him. Rhapsody blows and Luca Turilli is a fag,

    GOOD - Atheist - Elements: I thought Piece of Time kind of blew, so I was pretty surprised to hear stuff I liked in Elements. As with all non-melodic death metal, though, it's harder to get into, so I'm not sure I can judge too well. Vital Remains also came across as pretty good from what I listened to from them.
  • Music for the road

    16 jan. 2006, 23h53m

    I'm going on a 6-7 hour road trip tomorrow so I figure I'd take the opportunity to listen to some music that I have but have never actually listened to.

    Ocean Machine - Biomech: I'm a big fan of Devin Townsend in general, from SYL to his solo work, but never really listened to Ocean Machine because of mixed reviews that it got. I'll give it a try while I'm driving.

    Angra: Not a big power metal fan, but these guys have gotten fairly good reviews all around, so I'll check them out. Here's hoping they join the exclusive club of "power metal that doesn't suck" with Kamelot and Lost Horizon.

    After Forever: I have yet to hear a good clone/imitation/band inspired by The Gathering. Lacuna Coil is more like Slipknot than the Gathering, and most other "Gathering-like" bands I've listened to are just bad.

    Katatonia: I hear these guys are really good but I've never listened to them, so I'm giving them a try.

    Neuraxis: Though I've listened to their second-newest a bit (haven't heard Trilateral Progression yet), I only listened to their first two efforts once, but I was really impressed by what I heard.

    Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black - I've heard This Godless Endeavour and Dead Heart in a Dead World, but this album is their best or second-best (depending on who you ask) and I still haven't listened to it.

    Vader - These guys have been around forever but I've never heard them. lists one of their lyrical themes as "Necronomicon", however, which is always a good sign.

    Vital Remains - More death metal that sounds promising but I haven't listened to.

    Feel free to leave recommendations or whatever I guess!
  • Radiohead is really really bad, Tool does the same thing but like 100x better

    13 jan. 2006, 21h27m


    Demonstration on how to get 10,000 people to visit your journal
  • A-Z (without artist links because that shit is gay)

    13 jan. 2006, 21h25m

    Because I'm bored

    A: Arsis
    B: Behemoth
    C: Cult of Luna
    D: Dillinger Escape Plan
    E: Ensiferum
    F: uhh Fear Factory I guess even though I don't listen to them anymore
    G: Green Day

    hahahahah just kidding, the Gathering
    H: High on Fire
    I: In Flames
    J: Jean, Norma (I guess)
    K: Kalmah
    L: Lykathea Aflame (amazing band)
    M: Mastodon
    N: Norther
    O: Our Lady Peace (because Opeth is for queers)
    P: Pelican
    Q: Quo Vadis
    R: strangely the only R-bands I have in my playlist right now are Rammstein and the Red Chord, both of which are pretty mediocre
    S: Skyfire (these guys are awesome, more people should listen!)
    T: Townsend, Devin, the band of
    U: I could bullshit and say Ulver but I don't actually listen to them (him?)
    V: damn this is getting hard
    W: Windir
    X: Xploding plastiX
    Y: ok i'm about to give up
    Z: Zoolander was a good movie i guess

    That was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. On a related note, I finally got Arsis - A Diamond For Disease. WELL WORTH THE FUCKING WAIT, this song rocks. And I guess I lied about no artist links, suckers