5432fun a song for someone who needs somewhere to long for a thousand tiny pin-pricks all over the surface of my brain all alone in the electrostatic rain can this song belong to me covers are for lovers damn good female vocalists daydreaming music driving down the interstate folksy deliciousness genius happy clappy hey song: you are so fucking cute homesick i know this one i love this song i wish they played this stuff in nightclubs if it were a pokemon i would catch it jellyfishing kick in the stomach love at first listen makes me drive way too fast makes me fly music that feels like an old friend music to hear on a monday morning oh those harmonies oh what a lovely sound indeed mister bird perfect sleeping music pop music from the heart to the feet pretty boys with guitars probably contains an addictive substance like crack quiet is the new loud rainstorm in a drought rhymes girl with world see the sea anemone so beautiful it hurts songs for standing still in the crowds of hurried frown people songs that deserve to be tagged yet can not be sufficiently described in a short… songs that have made me say oh man out loud involuntarily songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years songs to listen to in the rain songs to make pie to songs you must sing along with space to encase: parenthetical song titles swede love swept the only lonely whoa this is a fucking awesome tune this songs gets better as it goes on truth in music two lawn chairs and a case of beer--you and me at armageddon we will dance so close cheek to cheek what happens when two substances collide when your moneys gone and youre drunk as hell whenever i hear this song i feel like i could do anything