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2 déc. 2006, 0h13m

I've been married a long time now, and I'm a very loyal gal, so falling in love with music is about as close as I come to the first blush of young love these days. And what a fine week it's been in that regard...

I started the week completely smitten with The Loyal. I was a little slow in coming to Tiger Lou (this record came out in 2005 -- I've got the earlier one on order) but this disc has been on heavy heavy rotation in recent weeks. What a cool inviting under-your-skin moodpiece of a record that is. Yowza.

And then there was this gorgeous moment the other day when I was listening on shuffle and the Madrugada song Vocal came on and not five chords into it I damn near burst into tears I was so blown away and moved by it. How many times have I listened to that song since I first heard it a year and a half ago? Even more than my charts say I did. And it can still do that to me.

And now I'm totally obsessing on the Consequences debut -- that lovely thing where little snippets of different songs take turns dancing through your mind and you just want to listen to it again and again. It's got annoying moments but they pass so quickly and are so dwarfed by the many wonderful wonderful ones that are growing on me so fast and furious I feel just thrilled.

Gads I love music.

Especially after a day in the office in which (1) offices from the first floor to the fourth -- though not mine -- were flooded by a broken drinking fountain pipe in the attic resulting in (2) some very crabby colleagues, lots of noise from people trying to figure out and fix the problem, and a generally very high stress level and (3) getting totally blown off by an undergraduate that I put off other more important meetings in order to meet with at his request.

Hooray for catchy melodies to make up for it all.


  • tstarkmi

    One can only assume that that undergrad will not be penalized for his unprofessional behavior? Yeah right!

    2 déc. 2006, 3h21m
  • popgurl

    Actually given the fact that the streets were all ice, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. Besides I've already mailed his law school recommendations... and he is a really good student.

    2 déc. 2006, 16h50m
  • popgurl

    ...yikes, he was in the hospital. guess that's a good excuse.

    4 déc. 2006, 4h42m
  • aicvisa

    Excuses, excuses!

    10 déc. 2006, 2h14m
  • jaxxa

    Music is the best company there is. You even get to fall in love with something new like twice a week. My reactions to some of the songs from Madrugada's Industrial Silence has been very similar to what you mention above. Quite Emotional immidiately comes to mind. 'Cause that what it makes you.

    16 déc. 2006, 23h17m
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