8 déc. 2011, 2h21m

When MyHeadOnAPlate asked me: Yo, what do you think about Camp and how it stacks up against CG's other releases?, I thought it was important to repost my thoughts into a journal entry as well.

So what about Camp?

It's more refined, less preachy, but still manages to get his point across in a better and more meaningful fashion. I feel like with his mixtapes, Sick Boi, Poindexter, Culdesac, and the EP, he was just trying to get his name out there. He's still trying to do that, but he's already gathered a following. Camp is just securing that fanbase. But after listening to all of his previous releases to *almost* ad nauseam (but let's be real here, I can never get sick of it), they're still my comfort blanket when it comes to Gambino and music in general. Camp is still growing on me. It's undoubtedly great, but it's still growing on me. Heartbeat still makes my jaw drop every time I hear it.


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