• Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds – Cardiff CIA – 16/04/2006

    23 avr. 2006, 14h01m


    Went to see this production easter Sunday, with my girlfriend (aims), mother, father, sister, her friend, brother and his girlfriend. And wow, it was both audibly and visually fantastic. They used Richard Burton's original voice sample, and projected his face saying the lines on to a 6 foot bust. Was pretty cool, only thing i didn't like was a lack of request of applause for the late Burton.

    Now to purchase ulladabulla.
  • Explosions in the sky

    7 jan. 2006, 16h12m

    I saw Explosions in the Sky, at a fourtet gig in Cardiff recently, i say recently it was actually a few months ago. I was only going to the gig to see four tet, allthough I had been given a heads up to watch out for them.

    All the warning in the world couldn't have prepared me for a more mind blowing performance. This shit is unbelievable, and I urge anyone out there to at least give it a sample, put it on your mp3 player lay back, and leave it run its course.
  • Bah Bah

    7 jan. 2006, 14h19m

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  • Paul McKenna not so much an artist

    30 déc. 2005, 13h03m

    More a Hypnotist/Self help coach. I don't know about the other listeners success rates, but he's helped me with a lot of stuff, including smoking and insomnia.