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6 juin 2011, 18h52m

fre 3 jun – Rockstad: Falun 2011

So - first of all - the great thing about this festival, or any festival for that matter, is the good friends you are with. Always fun to be with friends sharing the same taste for good music! :-)

After a long ride we came just in time to see and hear Eternal (the Rockkarusellenvinnare). Pretty good to be an unsigned band.

Smash into Pieces were unsigned as well(?) and sounded pretty promising as well I think. Good energy from the stage even if we just enjoyed the sun and sitting on the grass.

I have heard some tracks from Desert previously, and after seeing them live I must say that I think their music is better "non-live".

After some other bands, it was finally time for Freedom Call. Not my favorite band by any means, however I know a couple of songs that I like from them. They did well and I was kind of surprised to see how many fans they had. Still sitting on the grass (yeah, we had a slow start) we got the nice company of some parts of the van Canto guys just behind us. They where cheering for FC as well.
Sorry to say, but the _really_ most memorable thing from FC was their now well known renaming of Falun. Falun has been known as [fa:lûn], but is now known as [faluuun] :-)

I would remember Spartanza from them being a good band to drink beer to - not close to the stage but in the drinking area "up on the hill" :-)

Thinking we would at least see Raubtierclose to stage came to a shame when we found that Raubtier is a band I wanted to continue drinking beer to :-)

I guess "all" heavy metal fans heard or heard of Entombed and I cannot really understand why. We tried to like them but ending up just waiting for Sabaton.

Speaking of Sabaton- at 23:30 they went on stage and although not being my fav band I must say I am really impressed. Really good show with a lot of variation, guest artist (Chris B - GraveD, Frederick - DragonForce, Van Canto, UdoDirksnieder). A lot of nice pyrotechnical stuff as well adding to the good impression. I must say that I also like the interaction between the singer and the audience.
I was really disappointed by UDOs performance and as impressed with van Cantos efforts (playing Primo Victoria, my fav Sabaton tune).


So for the second day, we skipped the first couple of band and came to see some of the Dynaztyshow. Pretty Ok to be a starter.

The highlight of the days then came with Van Canto, they did an amazing show with mostly covers, but also some memorable own songs. I am really impressed by the amount of people that appreciated them, I kind of thought that me and my girlfriend where alone enjoying them.

Scar Symmetry was a good band to drink beer to (meaning that I gladly skipped them).

Then Grave Diggercame on stage and we saw them from a distance. Not really liking them apart from the "big hits" we kind of got the best pieces of them and then started to stand in line for some van Canto signing session. They where really nice people all of them and they signed both postcards and tshirt. My fiance gave her brazelet to the female singer in the band as well. :-)

Dream Evil - what can I say? I like some of their songs, but are really disappointed with their performance. The singer should _REALLY_ consider changing either attitude or career. I've never experienced so boring attitude and lame "jokes" from a stage ever. The rest of the band at least tried to perform and did really OK.

Pain has some good songs IMHO and we kind of joined his show at the end after a beer and got the really best part of it.

Hell... wtf??? I really like metal, but this is beyond comprehension. Why the hell(!!) did this piece of crap get a good time to play like this?? Just a painful wait for Helloween.

So my all time fav band Helloween came on stage starting with one of their worst piece of crap ever - "are you metal?" followed by "eagle fly free" and "where the sinners go". I really like the latest release. but think "aym" and "wtsg" is the worst songs... Anyway, the rest of the show was all Keeper 1&2 apart from "steel tormentor" (good choice I really like this one!) and King of 1000 years in the triologi medley.
I really understand that Helloween want to have an easy set when playing festivals, but I really think that Andy is not giving the old tunes justice, so I think they should have gone for a (partly) never set.
Also - I must say that my favorite composer and guitarrist - Weiki - I really cannot stand his attitude on stage. He is not only looking like his is hating what he is doing (he always looked like that), but the thing is that he is playing like crap, missing his parts of the solos ever so often. It really hurts me to see that he is soo bad that I really wished that Helloween would find another guitar player to perform live.

Well that was it - if you weren't there, you missed something! :-)
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  • Leafbranch

    Great description! I wish I had been there. But it sounds like you enjoyed the beer the most. ;)

    8 juin 2011, 7h15m
  • hammerstrikebg

    Man, you are a hater... :D Almost all of the bands you mentioned are very cool and I've watched them live in the last three years and they had AMAZING shows in Bulgaria. Either you suck or swedish audience sucks or the festival sucks.

    12 juin 2011, 2h19m
  • pjun

    Hi hammerstrikebg and thanks for reading and commenting my thoughts! Maybe I did not found the right way to express myself - indeed I think the bands are cool and I like (some of them quite a lot) most of them. Well - in part (at times) the Swedish audience in general can be a bit reluctant, however that doesn't mean that we suck :-) FC wasn't lame, it was just that they got the entire croud to focus on their poor pronounation. They where actually quite good! Spartanza, Hell and Raubtier was not appealing - mostly because I do not like them. I could as well review Ray Charles - I wouldn't give any of the mentioned a fair review :-) My bashing of Helloween comes out of the fact that I've seen them live at least once at each record release since Pink Bubbles go Ape, meaning I have something to compare over the past 20 years...

    13 juin 2011, 8h55m
  • duhastblak

    Swedish audience is the first most static audience I've evern seen beside people i Czech Republic...

    15 juin 2011, 15h14m
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