Part IV and V - Section 3 - Spotlight on 21 Artists (Playing Now)


7 jan. 2011, 14h58m

Artist 23. Jimi Tenor Here, again, I know not what to expect. I scrolled down down down in Spotify to the first album available for listen which is Utopian Dream, released 2001 by label Puu out of Finland.

Discogs says I'm in for some Acid Jazz, Future Jazz from the genre: Electronic.

Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream

Utopian Dream
New World
Natural Cosmic Relief
Neumatico Rojo
Gentle Afternoon
Better Than Ever
Paint The Stars
24-Hour Madness
Grilli-Iloa (Barbecue Pleasure)
Sinking Ship
Vaina Boy
Bacon Alive
Paradise Can Wait

I found a Review which I read while listening to the album a 2nd time:

Review by John Bush

After losing his major-label contract with Matador, Jimi Tenor returned not only to his old label (Sähkö Recordings), but also to the basement-level productions and bizarre soul of his early records. The opener (and title track) certainly doesn't sound like a utopian dream though -- the deep vocals and dark electro chords sound more like a Drexciya record than Finland's favorite Prince imitator. The highlights "Moonfolks" and "Gentle Afternoon" are faux-naïve vignettes produced with the cheap drum machine on autopilot and Tenor working it out, either on his primitive keyboards or with his tremulous falsetto (sometimes at the same time!). Though a few tracks have the lunar lounge-act finesse that made 1997's Intervision such a breakout record, Utopian Dream is a sprawling mess, an attempt to re-create the flip side of Sly Stone's tossed-off classic There's a Riot Goin' On, but lacking even that record's pittance of organization. Summing it all up is "Neumatico Rojo," a half-hearted attempt at remaking an older, better track. Tenor gets plenty of points for individuality and his apparent refusal to conform to "normal" attitudes of music-making, but the result is a dark record that reveals few of its secrets and confuses more than it excites.

(Copied / Pasted from

Found another review on

"what if Harpo Marx had a Moog?"
By Geofredo (Montreal) - March 31, 2002

Utopian Dream (Audio CD)

What a sneaky album this is... first he'll lure you in with a cute little ditty such as "Moonfolks" and then Jimi will state in another selection "give me some fear 'cause I wanna feel afraid". This is yet another soul-electro experience from the wacky Finn with genuine abilities as a composer, instrumentalist and technician. A funny selection of material that nevertheless betrays profound sensibilities... From blissed-out beatless songs like "Gentle afternoon" to austere dub-tech like "Mammon", and great far-out ballads like "Better than ever" or "Paradise can wait", you'll have to meet him on his own turf this time 'round more than ever. I saw him play live in Summer 2001 and was convinced that indeed he embodies the qualities of the Stylistics, Werner Herzog, Harpo Marx and Roland Kirk, all in one tall, gangly package. And by the way, the Utopian Dream is a cautionary tale in the grand old sense, in which Jimi opts for disillusion rather than illusion. Like nothing else, quite."

Total Devastation - This is the lead track from the 1999 album "Organism." It's a funky, housey, jazzy piece of 'lectro.
Serious Love - 2nd track on the same album, is another piece of funky fun.
Can't Stay With You BabyThis is from the 1997 album "Intervision." What a funky, fun, feel.

Artist 24. Scott Walker - Highly recommended by Pet.

30 Century Man Hmm, I guess this is pop...short and sweet. Nice.
Windows of the World so pretty...reminiscent of music playing on the stereo in my great grandparents' house when we were young.
Mathilde - This is fun.
See You Don't Bump His Head
Montague Terrace(In Blue) Yeah, I think this is true pop. Or maybe lounge music. I'm not sure. He has a gorgeous voice. The music is "pretty."
Lady Came From Baltimore Maybe this is country western. lol, I dunno. It's good.

Okay, one more.

Copenhagn The piano accompaniment is nice. You know, two people in love, sitting on the porch after a couple of good fucks, sipping wine, watching the bees buzz, the birds flicker here and there, the sea sparkling... Scott Walker could definitely be a part of that picture. : )

Artist 25. World's End Girlfriend
So I don't remember listening to this artist before and I don't remember why it's in the game. Usually, these artists are recommended by friends or coworkers and I added this artist to the list soooo long ago (over two years!) so... I'm not at all sure what to expect.

Storytelling Very pretty.
Birthday Resistance Also, very nice, pretty. I dunno, I guess this is post rock. "Sweet"
100 Years of Choke Generally, I'm not a big fan of postrock. It's too .... what's the word... too pretty, oh so pretty. Someone poured a little too much syrup on the pancakes. This song has a better feel to it than the other two so maybe it's less sugar or maybe I'm just getting used to it. ;)
Smile Yes, as with the others, this is very pretty. Okay, one more then we're moving on.

Artist 26. Unkle Ho I had no idea what to expect. Instead of listening to an album, I'm choosing 10 random pieces, letting the music fill me with sensations.

What I'm listening to is first soothing and smooth, jazzy, bouncy beats. Hip hoppy. Folksy. I could throw the Funky Squeezed by Vega Ass mix of Lime Juice into my Scandinavian Bellydancing playlist for sure. The original Lime Juice has a musky taste maybe reminiscent of a Bedouin after dinner dance. Sarsaparilla is sexy, Subterrainia inviting. Prayer is more solemn, touching.

1. Lime Juice - Funky Squeezed by Vega Ass
2. Eureka
3. Bar Chutzpah
4. Lime Juice
5. Sarsaparilla
6. Subterrainia
7. Joy & Luck
8. Thriller Run
9. Rock the Damn Kremlin
10. Prayer

On radio:

1. I Don't Care if You Like Me. Fun. This feels kind of "poppy rock."

Artist 27. Untold "Untold" is dubstep producer Jack Dunning, co-owner of Hemlock Recordings label which had its first release in 2008.

1. Milanese - The End (Untold Remix)

2. Untold - Sweat mmm, dubstep me up dubstep me down.
3. Untold - Purify. dubstep. noise. beats.

4. Untold - Sing A Love Song. Bass me up, baby.

5. Untold - Wet Wool.

Artist 28. Kode9

From radio:

1. Babylon <-a track from the album "I Love Dubstep." (Various Artists, 2009). Wow, this album looks delicious. Link: Mmmm.
2. 2 Far Gone. Pleasant.
3. 9 Samurai. Welcome to the dungeon or is it welcome to the darkness?
4. Uh - hyperdub! Lush beats.
5. Xingfu Lu (Helix Remix). Hmm. I wonder what the original sounds like.

Artist 29. Eric B & Rakim

Don't Sweat The Technique okay, this is fun, hip hoppy. Definitely has a good beat, let's dance, baby, dance, all night long. Don't sweat the technique!

Microphone Fiend Ja, ja, ja. Yes!
I Know You Got Soul More fun stuff. Thus far, I like what I hear, here.

Artist 30. Take - I first heard Take on Kper's "Wonk Fonk" set. Take is hip-hop artist Thomas Wilson...I'm listening to his album Only Mountain which was released 2010 and is listed as electronic, hip-hop on discogs. I dunno. Why hip-hop? I'll have to listen to all 13 tracks, I guess but I'm on #4 now and it's not at all hip-hoppy. More downtempo, beats, techno, atmospheric... The tracks on the album are:

1. Before You Think
2. Neon Beams
3. Horizontal Figuration
4. Crystallia
5. Don't Look Now
6. Quartz For Amber
7. If We Don't All Go Insane
8. Begin End Begin
9. Incredibright
10. Creosote (feat. As Is)
11. Paper Garden
12. Implosions
13. Juniper

Tony explained why this is considered hip-hop.

Artist 31 36

Artist 32. Zomby (Kper - Wonk Fonk)

1. Digital Flora
2. Digital Fauna

Dedication (2011)

1. Witch Hunt
2. Natalia's Song
3. Alothea
4. Black Orchid
5. Riding With Death
6. Vortex
7. Things Fall Apart
8. Salamander
9. Lucifer
10. Digital Rain
11. Vanquish
12. A Devil Lay Here
13. Florence
14. Haunted
15. Basquiat
16. Mozaik

From radio:

1. Fuck Mixing, Let's Dance
- fun music.
Witch Hunt - from Dedication (above)


Artist 33. Wax Doctor Paul Saunders (DnB, Jungle). From what I see he has released one album, "Selected Works 94-96" which does not have an entry on The tracks are:

Atmospheric Funk 9:18 ♥
All I Need 10:08 ♥
Step 7:12
Spectrum 8:24
Finer Things 8:26
Kid Caprice (Remix) 6:37 ♥
Heat 7:15 ♥
Offshore Drift 6:52

Bass and beats! Funky, jazzy, mellow... Wow, I really like this album! I wonder if Tony would like Atmospheric Funk. I think it's my favourite track by Wax Doctor.


Artist 34. Orlando Voorn aka Balance, Baruka, Basic Bastard, Complex, Defence, Dope Dog, Fix, Fixomatic, Format, Frequency, Galaxy, Hammerhead, The Judge, Limited Edition, Living Room, The, Maniax Traxxx, Mute, The Nighttripper, No Guts No Glory, PB 2000, Playboy, Progress, Richard Geurkoop, Solar, The Stalker, Tank, Trigger, Ultra, Urban Nature, X-It. He's also half of Ghetto Brothers.

Orlando Voorn's music "experienced:"

The album Ignitor 2008. Hmm, a delicious introduction to this inventive musician and producer from Netherlands.
1. Diligent
2. In Da Jungle
3. Electric
4. Killmode
5. Paco Di Bango's World
6. Deep City
7. Dope Computer
8. Cruising
9. Bite Before You Bark
10. Flash
11.Space Ride
12. Players Anthem
13. Boogie Nights
14 Shaftism
15. Love Break
16. Take Me Away


1. The Light
2. Corrugated Tunnel - Threadbare (Orlando Voorn's Danger Zone Instrumental remix)
3. Bite Before You Bark
4. Boogie Nights - okay then, get up and boogie on down to the beats.
5. Wyndell Long - Chicago (Orlando Voorn rage Against The Machine Remix)

The Nighttripper - Megatone
The Nighttripper - Tone Exploitation ♥
The Nighttripper - Tonetrance (The Loop)
The Nighttripper - Triptone
The Nighttripper - Hour of Darkness
The Nighttripper - Deadline

Mmmm. Raw and base, primitive, funky beats. Put 'em on and dance all night. Sexy stuff!

Retro Vision - The Digital Only Compilation I was curious about this release. It doesn't show up in Discogs. I found a paragraph explaining the release on

This is a DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE!!! Orlando Voorn is gearing up for the re-launch of his legendary techno label NightVision Records which will be debuting digitally in the next month. He's compiled a collection of some of his biggest hits from the history of early NightVision releases for NightVision Retro. This one is absolutely no joke! All tracks have been digitally re-mastered and he's even included a brand new updated version of Game One's "Infinity". This was his classic collaboration with the Godfather of Techno the mighty Juan Atkins.

Interesting. "The Godfather of Techno" is the "mighty" Juan Atkins? I'm going to have to add Juan Atkins to my game! Okay, here are the tracks on Retro Vision:

1. Ravers of the Lost Funk
2. Traveling Through The Speed of Light
3. Pulse
4. Technision
5. Game One - Orlando Voorn's remastered original mix
6. Dreamworld
7. Room Service
8. Defence
9. Industrial Metal
10. Midi Merge
11. Play It Loud
12. Dope Computer
13. The Gate - Dub
14. Synthex
15. Progression - Paradiso Mix
16. Anti-Political

Overall, this albums is a collection of pulsating beats, turn up the heat, now smooth and sexy synths, but before you relax too much into the pleasures of the rhythm, here comes some energy, tension, oh yes, teasing techno. Exciting tunes! I had to buy this album!


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