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    9 mai 2007, 23h28m

    It was long since I've been listening Hellsinki Vampires. What was my surprise when I heard that they released new album! (I know that they did it 5th of March :P ) I got the address to their and there I listened for the first time their full album. I wasn't impressed after that. But today when I tried (because the quality of video was awful ==') to watch their video "Never Say Die" and "Perfect Skin" I fall in love with them second time in my life :D I don't know why I compared their new style as "gothic Guns'n'Roses" :D maybe because of the "Rainbow". If you saw some of Guns' videos you know what I'm talking about ;)

    Back to the music. It's not (IMHO) so gothic as it was on "Blessed be" or "Paris Kills". It's more rock, harder, more guitar. I don't know how to describe music on "Angels". You must listen it! :D

    If you know The 69 Eyes a little, you know that every single album they change their style of clothing, haircuts, gadgets, sometimes style of ankh ;) (music style of course too :P ). And this album is not an exeption from this tradition :D Timo has brand new haircuts (of my f***** God O_o) - it's the most standed out change. And maybe style of lyircs? And videos? I don't know. But they heard and look different. ;)

    (if you see some language mistake - be forgiving. it's midnight ^^)

    The 69 Eyes Angels