Thrice: The Alchemy Index (Vol. 3 & 4)


2 mai 2008, 12h07m

The band Thrice released four EPs each with six songs, exploring the concepts of the four ancient elements (fire, water, air, and earth - respectively). The impressive Fire & Water came out last October, and yesterday I purchased the second set, Air & Earth, which came out last month.

It's pretty awesome stuff. The music on these second two is a little less embellished than the intensity of Fire or the atmospheric layering of Water, but it's just as captivating and soothing - and it also allows for a lot of cool acoustic guitar skills.

But as with the first set, the lyrics are what give this project excellence. Dustin Kensrue creates moving images and settings with allusions to Greek mythology ("Daedalus" gives the father's perspective of Icarus's fateful high flying and melted wings), ancient fables ("The Lion and the Wolf" paints metaphors about outside attacks along with self-destruction), and a myriad of Biblical references ("Moving Mountains" takes 1 Corinthians 13 and confesses the singers ignorance about love, and "Come All You Weary" is an all-inclusive invitation to rest).

I highly recommend all four volumes of The Alchemy Index by Thrice, which are packaged in two respective sets. Or at least go to, but put in headphones and look up the lyrics somewhere for a real, full experience.


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