Favorite Lines


6 oct. 2006, 3h11m

The title is fairly self-explanatory. No, Patsy isn't recalling her fondest cocaine experiences. I'm going to use this journal entry as a running list of my favorite song lines, for either what they say or how they say it. I'll finally have these in one place I can access from any computer, rather than scattered about on scraps of paper. Sorry for the length, but this is more for me than for you.

I'm falling out of bed, not out of love.
Imaginary Lines

But I'm alive.
I survived you.
I'm alive.
I'm Alive

I can tell by the way you reach your conclusions,
you're the director of a mental institution.
Tea & Thorazine

My dandy voice makes the most anti-choice granny's panties moist.
MTV Get Off the Air, Part 2 (feat. Princess Superstar)

My private driveway is,
like the Verrazano Bridge,
I'm very much a bitch.

So may the sunrise, bring hope where it once was forgotten.
Sons are like birds, flying upward over the mountain.
Upward Over the Mountain

Put me on the field I'm a cook your ass like Betty Crocker.
The Little Freakazoid That Could

Don't be so in love with yourself, 'cause I'm not.
In Love With Yourself

And nothing fuels a good flirtation,
like need and anger and desperation.
The Moth

I figure two more years then I'll go back to queers.
Can't Get Out Of What I'm Into (demo)

When we hid out behind the risers at the high school,
working bitter calculations with a slide rule.
The grim particulars of poisoning the swimming pool,
well you looked me in the eye, ready to die.
Collapsing Stars

My fantasies are unlived histories.
Your Dirty Answer

And the spirit wasn't really willing anymore,
but the flesh was very, very strong.

And I've got very little money left and I've got no sense,
but I'll have none of your god-damned impudence.

I'd be grateful my children aren't here to see this,
if you'd ever seen fit to give me children.

And my defenses may be working with a skeleton crew,
but I'll be skinned alive before I'll take this from you.

And at night a fractured star fell, and pierced right through the thick of me.
I cried out in pain and joy, yes, I'm not dead, not numb, not withering.
Cast A Hook In Me

And the 12,000 dollars, that turned up in your purse.
You've done something awful, I've done something worse.
Horseradish Road

Two tall glasses of sweet ice tea, underneath the sweetgum tree.
And the love we once nutured, you and me, disentegrating violently.
Stick your tongue out, catch the pieces as they drift down the air.
I am too slow to catch them all, not too far gone to care.

For a toxic thing, you sure smell pretty.
Summer Salt

Let the stars come out and the moon shine bright.
We're sleeping on the porch tonight.
Wind blew all the power lines down.
Watch where you step if you go walking around.
Warm Lonely Planet

Dynamite stuffed in a mailbox doesn't smoke until it blows.
Crater Lake

Even Aphrodite she'll have nothing on me.

I'm going to tell my son to keep his money in his matress,
and his watch on any hand between his thighs.

I'm a little despot, short and stout.
Here is my handgun, here is my crowd control.
When you tick me off, then the bullets fly out.
Because free love is a whole lot of bullshit.
Hello Sailor

I'm a little prostitute, I put out and sell.
Here come the market monkeys, with their little fontanelles.
When they tip me over, they better tip me well.
Because free love is a whole lot of bullshit.
Hello Sailor

He said, 'It's all in your head,' and I said, 'So's everything,' but he didn't get it.
Paper Bag

And the license said you had to stick around until I was dead.
But if you're tired of looking at my face I guess I already am.
Divorce Song

I only love pieces of things that I hate.
Vicky's Box

I dropped a cigarette in my shoe, and dove in the water.
Then I swam till my hair dreaded, like flying on fire.
That day I quit smoking and swimming. I'd heard some advice from above,
'Ducking under, cramming it in, isn't falling in love.'
37 Hours

We are stardust, billion-year-old carbon.
We are golden, caught in the devil's bargain.
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

You look like, a perfect fit.
For a girl in need, of a tournaquet.
But can you save me?
Save Me

I've got quarters in my hand
Doing backflips for a man
I'll wear Saran Wrap
I'll win him back
Like I care
No Hard Feelings (Studio Outtake)

If I had, some of what you had
I would be so, so fucking glad.
If I had, half of what you had
I could live off it forever
I would make it last.
Give Me Some of That

Once she wanted me to exorcise her self-possession
And then failing that she wanted lies and vivisection
Nightmare Girl

Now that I've met you
Would you object to
Never seeing each other again?
'Cause I can't afford to
Climb aboard you
No one's got that much ego to spend.

You don't know how to manufacture
Sturdy bones with a hairline fracture
The crazy will of a Margaret Thatcher
That they've all got
What you want
You don't know
You're with stupid now
You're With Stupid Now

Well things felt weird but you said that's alright
That it was not a problem
And we could just sit tight
And when you said that I was sure I cringed
'Cause you had no suspicion
That I had come unhinged
Backfire (New Version)

I know you'd like to be the St. Bernard
Who rushes to the rescue
When there's an avalanche
But in my panic I may pull too hard
And the novice lifeguard
Gets rushed off in the ambulance
Backfire (New Version)

I'm tired
I cannot seem to
Get a message to you
That the rescue you planned
Has just backfired
Backfire (New Version)

I decree today that life
Is simply taking and not giving
England is mine
It owes me a living
Still Ill

Does the body rule the mind, or
Does the mind rule the body?
I don't know.
Still Ill

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking
when I said I'd like to
smash every tooth in your head

Oh, sweetness, sweetness I was only joking
when I said by rights you
should be bludgeoned in your bed
Bigmouth Strikes Again

I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
'Cause you're evil
And you lie
And if you should die
I may feel slightly sad
But I won't cry
Unhappy Birthday

It's a long way
Down from here
To the Sound

Nerve endings
think they see
pleasure coming
I know better
nerve endings

And the diamond growing old
Under the ocean that’s as black
As where you came from, black as rocks
As the box inside your head
What do they do, where is the ocean so black?
Don’t say the circle’s broken
And the diamond, smoke
Snail Head

A sunburn later, I'm a coward and a fool
Yak about the open road
Yak and yak until today
When a firestorm blew them away

John saw on the white bikini sand
His shadow on the white bikini sand
On fire
On fire
Shark / White Bikini Sand

I have a fear of flying
I think I have a fear of him
I’m afraid of meaning
Nothing again

After all this is over
This is over after all
We cut a nice figure of a family
I don’t know I don’t know

Can I be stupid for a minute?
I was looking at that half-empty glass
Waiting for the waiter
You don’t have to listen to this
Tell me what to say

You've been around enough to be
Smart enough to stay the fuck away from me
Girls Girls Girls

We ditched out the parade
And what was there to commemorate?
What was left to remember?
Not sure what really happened on that day
The Parade

And just when you think
That you've got enough
Enough grows
Up Up Up Up Up Up

There's a man I just met
He hasn't kissed me yet
He reminds me of someone else, only better
But I'm made out of wax, so easy to impress
Am I melting too fast, dripping into your lips?
Because all my heroes have turned human this year
Independence Day

There's a battleship parked in the Charles River
Shooting off fireworks that light up the world, then fall into the water
My love's next to me, head full of the next century
And wandering whether there'll be a wedding tomorrow
And the secret smoke signals in the aftermath of gunpowder
Seem the most significant indication of what's to come
Independence Day

And a package came for you today
from the Hunan Province
The postmark burning jet black
In the summer sun
Someone was changing
Someone was changing from the inside out
And I turned around to face you
Nine Black Poppies

I feel a rupture in my brain
Am I finally going insane?
Did the transformation begin?
Am I growing a brand new skin?
Double Flame

She was reading something I'm sure
They don't make books on tape for
And I'll be accidentally touched on the carpeted floor
No use getting snooty once you've gotten all the kinks out
So I gave her my number in case she wanted to make out
A Kiss To Make it Better

And ever since
There’s only heartbreaking you
Maybe you shoulda let me drown
All i wanted was to swim out to sea
I only wanted us to swim out to sea
Maybe you shoulda let me drink
Maybe you shoulda let me speed

Free people need social control
and I'm trying to teach it to them
Social Control

I won't stay married
'cause you won't stay buried
So stop your talking in my dreams.
City of the Dead (demo)

I'm only lonely, through and through.
Peacocks in the Video Rain

The more he likes me
The more I drink
I think the more I drink
The more he likes me

I still wanna drive you to the wall

To me, coming from you
Friend is a four-letter word
Friend Is A Four Letter Word

How did I love a breaking thing?
How did I sleep through a kidnapping?

On my knees
I can see
All your better qualities
Tar Kissers

For today
I've arranged
To be just enough deranged
To relax
In the arms of someone strange
Tar Kissers

It took an hour
Maybe a day
But once I really listened
The noise just fell away.


  • phairphan

    I'm ashamed to admit that I really haven't listened to the Smiths *hangs head in shame* That part of the Mann song is great, You're With Stupid Now. I'll have to add it. Haven't seen the Big Lebowski either (really, I don't live in cave).

    5 nov. 2006, 6h50m
  • tstarkmi

    I love to sing this part of The Hold Steady's Your Little Hoodrat Friend... [quote]She's got blue black ink and it's Scratched into her lower back. It said: damn right i'll rise again. yeah, damn right you'll rise again.[/quote]

    15 nov. 2006, 4h37m
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