00s a vocalista ja posou pra globo rural ahead-of-its-time albums i own albuns that i will save from my house on fire aliens will listen to this song 34000 years from now all the cool kids listen to this alternative alternative pop alternative rock and i love her are you listening awesome awesome start best of 2010 best of 2011 brilliant champagne for my real friends da uma noia da porra darker than the deepest sea dharmacore duas doses acima da humanidade elite electro epic epic chorus epic drums epic lyrics eu e storch experimental extreme favorite favourite artists fossa from ghetto with love fury chubby lesbians soundtrack gata voce eu coisas girls with attitude godlike genious good music my sister likes good music to put on when you want to turn a last drink in your apartment at the end… guilty pleasures hardest song to sing in the world i am a partygirl here is my soundtrack i am human and i need to be loved i was going to write a book i was listening to this artist waaaaay before you because i try out new music before… i wish i could make a video for this i would kill to see it live i would play this on my radio show if it were a cake i could eat it if this was a pokemon i would catch it if this were a pokemon i would catch it im gonna name my son daniel just because this song is glorious indie indie pop indie rock intersting at first listen legendary pokemon makes me jumping in my room minha musica music that makes me melt music to drink champagne with music to listen to in the dark my london soundtrack not indie not my usual taste but this is really good pintei o meu cabelo me valorizei play this loud to raise the dead recommended by natasha khan reminds me of bogota reminds me of sao paulo seen live sexy songs about problems songs that are so beautiful you cry songs that are so pretty they almost hurt songs to love and die by songs with names in the title soundtrack for when youre drunk soundtrack for when youre underwater soundtrack of my life stop the world stories that pull your heartstrings stuck on repeat stuff thais would hate stuff thais would love the lipstick lesbian anthem the most important tune in 2009 the soundtrack of my life this song improves my quality of life tracks of the week ultimate love songs underachievers please try harder underrated wicked sex soundtrack wondrous soundbeads for our delicate ears you are welcome in brazil as well you are welcome in poland you break my heart dear song you need to hear this zombies listen to this