top 20 (updated)


13 avr. 2010, 17h28m

first song heard, first loved song, current favorite song, current favorite album.

1. Alice in Chains

First: Them Bones
Love: Man in the Box
Favorite: Down in a Hole
Album: Facelift

2. Magica

First: All Waters Have the Colour of Drowning
Love: Weight of the World
Favorite: Wait For Me, Energy for the Gods
Album: Dark Diary

3. Nightwish

First: Nemo
Love: Wanderlust, The Siren
Favorite: Romanticide
Album: Once

4. Within Temptation

First: Restless
Love: Restless
Favorite: Dark Wings
Album: Mother Earth

5. Tarja

First: I Walk Alone
Love: I Walk Alone
Favorite: In for a Kill, Naiad
Album: What Lies Beneath

6. Disturbed

First: Down With the Sickness
Love: Remember, Liberate
Favorite: Warrior, Serpentine
Album: Asylum

7. Avantasia

First: Symphony Of Life
Love: Down In The Dark
Favorite: The Scarecrow
Album: The Scarecrow

8. Sirenia

First: My Mind's Eye
Love: The Other Side
Favorite: Fallen Angel
Album: The 13th Floor

9. Leaves' Eyes

First: Ocean's Way
Love: Ocean's Way
Favorite: Frøya's Theme, Viking's Word, The Crossing
Album: Lovelorn

10. Amberian Dawn

First: River of Tuoni
Love: River of Tuoni
Favorite: Virvatulen laulu, Ghostly Echoes
Album: River of Tuoni

11. Xandria

First: Ravenheart
Love: India
Favorite: My Scarlet Name
Album: India

12. Katra

First: Grail Of Sahara
Love: Forgotten Bride
Favorite: One Wish Away, Mirror
Album: Out Of The Ashes

13. Godsmack

First: Re-Align
Love: Re-Align
Favorite: Mistakes
Album: Awake

14. Breaking Benjamin

First: So Cold
Love: So Cold
Favorite: Away
Album: Saturate

15. Epica

First: Sensorium
Love: Feint
Favorite: White Waters
Album: Design Your Universe

16. Chevelle

First: Vitamin R
Love: Vitamin R
Favorite: almost every song from...
Album: Sci-Fi Crimes

17. Seether

First: Driven Under
Love: Remedy
Favorite: Never Leave
Album: Disclaimer II

18. Krypteria

First: All Systems Go
Love: The Promise
Favorite: Dream Yourself Far Away, I Can't Breathe
Album: Bloodangel's Cry

19. Lacuna Coil

First: Heaven's a Lie
Love: Heaven's a Lie
Favorite: Unspoken
Album: Unleashed Memories

20. Christina Aguilera

First: Genie in a Bottle
Love : I Turn to You
Favorite: Birds of Prey
Album: Back to Basics


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