• Survey #359

    28 nov. 2008, 5h04m

    1. What's your favorite song by 14?
    Portishead: 'Cowboys' or 'Strangers'. SEXY.

    2. How did you get into 20?
    M Ward: God, I don't even remember. I think I was dicking around on Itunes, looking at the 'users also bought' and the recommendations on He was similar to some other artist I was listening to - Fink, maybe?

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8?
    Air: I love them both, equally. They're definitely a duo.

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by 29?
    Akira Yamaoka: he doesn't really do lyrics. Most of his stuff is instrumental.

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    Outkast: no, but that would be fucking fun. Are they even still together anymore?

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
    Department of Eagles: at first I thought their first one, because it's a lot more experimental. But now I'm thinking their most recent, because it's way more cohesive and the tracks on there are just so fucking well-made.

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
    YES! I have a Beatles shirt, and I'm fucking proud!

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
    Flying Lotus: the first time I heard 'Tea Leaf Dancers', it was like a slow-motion orgasm.

    9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
    Radiohead: Hell no.

    10. When did you first get into 1?
    Bjork: I was 15, and I had seen some music videos late at night on MTV and I was mildly intrigued. Then I downloaded 'Hyperballad' and it was all downhill from there.

    11. Who likes 4 along with you?
    Esthero: both my sister and my BFF both love Esthero. But pretty much every one who listens to her kind of falls for her.

    12. Which song did you first hear from 15?
    Beach House: "Gila"

    13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
    Coldplay: Spies.

    14. Which song do you not like by 18?
    Telepopmusik: 'Last Train to Wherever'

    15. Why do you like 14's songs?
    Portishead: because of their ambiance. They sound dark and gritty and dangerous and beautiful.

    16. Where did you first hear 6?
    I think it was Spring of 2006. I got really obsessed with the album 'Feels'.

    17. How long was 19 a singer before you liked them?
    No Age: a couple of years? I think they had one previous album before their newest one, and it's only a few years old.

    18. Does 13 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
    Grizzly Bear: No, actually, I have a really good memory of listening to 'Colorado' while on a roadtrip and entering Denver.

    19. When did you get into 17?
    Eisley: I was 15 and saw them open at a Coldplay concert. They were PERFECT for a 15-year-old me :)

    20. How long have you been into 11?
    Fleet Foxes: like a year maybe? Ever since (well, even before) their album came out.

    21. If 9 had a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
    Doves: no. I love them and I always will, but they're so not worth it.

    22. How many CDs do you own of 12?
    Bonnie Pink: I think I have three of her albums? Four? I don't actually own any physical copies though.

    23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
    Guillemots: no, it takes a lot for a song to make me cry.

    24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
    Wolfkin: YES. 'Adore-Toi' is the most happy, upbeat, sweet song ever.

    25. Does 23 have a song that makes you smile?
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: not really smile, but rock out to - 'Kiss Kiss'

    26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?
    Thievery Corporation: God I don't even remember. Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes?

    27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?
    Andrew Bird: No.

    28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
    Amon Tobin: none.

    29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
    Le Loup: No. For a while I got sick of 'We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!' but I love it again.

    30. What song got you into 40?
    The Dodos: 'Eyelids'

    31. What is your favorite single by 25?
    Tori Amos: 'Caught a Lite Sneeze' (I think that's a single?)

    32. If 49 hated you, what would you do?
    For some reason, I don't have a 49. But if any artist hated me, I wouldn't really care.

    33. What would you say if 42 or one of the members from 42 asked you out?
    I don't have a 42 either, but if we go by 43, that's Sarah McLachlan, and I would say no :p

    34. Would you care if 41 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    VAST: No, and these questions are getting ridiculous.

    35. Who has the best voice in 46?
    No 46. But 47 is Menomena and there's only one lead singer so I'd have to say, by default, he has the best voice.

    36. Do you think 26 is/are good looking?
    Hooverphonic: yes, the girl is Danish and gorgeous and blonde.

    37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
    No 36, but Annuals is 37 and I've listened to Dry Clothes a LOT.

    38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
    Tricky: I think I have just one album now. But I've had all of his, at some point.

    39. Is there a song from 38 that makes you mad?
    The Ruby Suns: absolutely not. All their songs are really chill.

    40. Which member from 31 do you want to see go solo? If 31 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
    Well, 31 is The Last Shadow Puppets and I believe the lead singer already has been solo, or at least in another band (The Arctic Monkeys)

    41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?
    Goldfrapp: Ooh La La. It reminds me of sex.

    42. Did you hate 43 at first?
    Sarah McLachlan: no. I always loved her, even when I was like 10 (especially then!)
    Poe: no. I always loved her too.

    43. Does your best friend also listen to 33?
    Madonna: yes. She was force-fed 80s music as a child so Madonna is a special favorite of hers.

    44. Do you think your parents would like 37?
    Annuals: no. Too rock-ish.

    45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?
    Menomena: not particularly. They can get fun, but not dancey fun.

    46. Have you ever seen 34 in person?
    VAST: no.

    47. Do you like 44's name?
    No 44 :( Annndd i'm getting bored.

    48. Is there someone in 45 that you want to go out with?

    49. Do you know anyone that hates 39?
    K-os: probably other rappers because he's not as hardcore.

    50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?
    Fiona Apple? HALE NO. She just ain't the dancing kind.
  • Favorite Bands

    25 avr. 2008, 22h47m

    1. Bjork
    Favorite Album - Homogenic
    First Song - Hyperballad
    Song That Made Me Love Them - Venus As a Boy
    Top Five Songs - All Neon Like, Bachelorette, Alarm Call, Possibly Maybe, Oceania

    2. Radiohead
    Favorite Album - Amnesiac
    First Song - Airbag
    Song That Made Me Love Them - Airbag
    Top Five Songs - House of Cards, Let Down, True Love Waits, Optimistic, How To Disappear Completely

    3. Esthero
    Favorite Album - Wikked Lil Girls
    First Song - Swallow Me
    Song That Got Me Into Him - Swallow Me
    Top Five Songs - Swallow Me, Indigo Boy, I Love You, My Torture, OG Bitch

    4. Animal Collective
    Favorite Album - Feels
    First Song - Grass
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Grass
    Top Five Songs - Flesh Canoe, Grass, Cuckoo Cuckoo, For Reverend Green, Did You See the Words

    5. Coldplay
    Favorite Album - Parachutes
    First Song - Yellow
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Spies
    Top Five Songs - Spies, High Speed, Brothers and Sisters, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, A Whisper

    6. The Beatles
    Favorite Album: Abbey Road
    First Song - Don't Remember
    Song that Got Me Into Them - Don't Remember :x
    Top Five Songs - Octopus' Garden, Here Comes the Sun, For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Michelle, All My Loving

    7. Grizzly Bear
    Favorite Album - Yellow House
    First Song - Knife
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Knife
    Top Five Songs - Knife, Easier, Colorado, Reprise, Plans

    8. Menomena
    Favorite Album - Friend and Foe
    First Song - Muscle'n'Flo
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Muscle'n'Flo
    Top Five Songs - Boyscout'n, Evil Bee, Muscle'n'Flo, Rotten Hell, The Pelican

    9. Telepopmusik
    Favorite Album - Angel Milk
    First Song - Breathe
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Breathe
    Top Five Songs - Brighton Beach, Nothing's Burning, Yesterday Was a Lie, Breathe, Into Everything

    10. Thievery Corporation
    Favorite Album - The Mirror Conspiracy
    First Song - Le Monde
    Song That Got Me Into Them - Tomorrow
    Top Five Songs - Tomorrow, Le Monde, The Richest Man in Babylon, Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes, So Com Voce

    Thievery CorporationBjorkRadioheadEstheroMenomenaGrizzly BearThe BeatlesAnimal CollectiveColdplayTelepopmusik
  • I DO NOT listen to Keyshia Cole

    22 oct. 2007, 7h02m

    I don't listen to Keyshia Cole and I'm embarrassed to have that on my little chart thing. That's my sister listening to all that stupid hip hop shit on my computer. Don't get me wrong, I love hip hop/rap, when it's well done (Ghostface, J Dilla, Binary Star, K-Os). Keyshia Cole sounds like a cat caught in the dryer though.

    Right now I'm def in love with Quantic and Free the Robots. More electronic stuff :) Oh, and Radiohead's new album is addictive, and of course I'm boning up on my classic Bjork (Debut ftw!).
    Free the Robots
    In Rainbows
    The 5th Exotic
    Apricot Morning
    Ghostface Killa
    J Dilla
    Binary Star
    Free the Robots - EP
  • Bjork Concert, new electronica

    27 avr. 2007, 1h37m

    So I'm going to the Bjork concert @ Red Rocks in Colorado on May 15. YAY! Could I be any more excited? I don't think so!'s gonna be a 7 hour drive but it is more than fucking worth it. The tickets were more than worth it too. I got row 6, which is really good because I don't want to be too close, but I don't want to be so far away that I don't even know what the hell is going on. Bjork's new album sounds intensely amazing so...yeah.

    I'm also getting really into electronica lately. I don't know what it is, but I'm in love with all of these underground bands like Zero 7, Bent, I Monster, Telepopmusik, etc. If any of you know any really good electronic music like what I've mentioned SEND IT MY WAY. Hellz yah.

    I Monster
    Zero 7
  • Friending and such

    10 fév. 2007, 1h25m

    So I decided to actually put friend requests out there, because I really neglect this thing. I mean, it records all my music, but I barely come here. If I signed up I should actually USE it, I think. So I sent out a bunch of friend requests to people who have music in common with me (level: SUPER). I figured we could share music and stuff. I'm always looking for some new, fancy, underground stuff. I like every genre. Except maybe Emo. And whatever genre Good Charlotte is (would that be sucky?).

    Also, for some reason, I just can't get into Sufjan Stevens. No offense to anyone, I just think he's completely boring. Which is weird, because based on all my other music, he's #1 on my recommendations list. But I think he's really, really boring - kind of like I just took 3 Tylenol PM. I also don't like The Shins. Or pretty much anything as prosaic as what's on the Garden State soundtrack. Blah. I'm too much of a musical elitist for my own good. :(((

    Sufjan Stevens
  • My Emo rating

    28 juin 2006, 22h04m

    I absolutely DETEST emo and everything it stands for but here goes. I took my top ten artists, counted up how many times they had been tagged 'emo' and divided that by 10 to get my emo rating.

    Radiohead - 77
    Bjork - 20
    Doves - 10
    Coldplay - 112
    Air - 14
    Esthero - 0
    Eisley - 67
    Tori Amos - 13
    Portishead - 26 =

    340 / 10 = 34.0

    Wow, I had no idea that I was that emo. But guess what? NONE OF THESE ARTISTS/BANDS ARE EMO! Emo constitutes "rock" bands whining about how they're gonna cut themselves, like they're in 7th grade. Pfft.