• Ronnie Fauss: Record Release Show at Club Dada

    27 oct. 2012, 7h05m

    Fri 26 Oct – Ronnie Fauss, The O's
    Finally got to see Ronnie Fauss play with a full band. The group has just started touring and this was their hometown gig and record release show. They played a strong set including most of the songs off the new album, I Am The Man You Know I'm Not, and a handful from the Mulligan EP.

    Ronnie had some great stories from the road like playing "Answers You Already Know" in Denver (a song that unfavorably compares Colorado to Texas). Highlights of the night were the opener "The Last," a blistering version of "The Night Before the War" and the rowdy closer "To Ease My Mind."
  • Rock 'n' Roll Bliss with Austin's Leatherbag

    4 fév. 2012, 7h33m

    Fri 3 Feb – Leatherbag, El Cento, Tony Ferraro
    The Grotto is a tiny venue near the University/Camp Bowie/West 7th/Bailey intersection in Fort Worth, not far from I-30, downtown, and TCU. It holds around 50 people. There were around 30 at this show. El Cento (Dallas/Austin) opened the show and played for a little under an hour. They are a lean trio that excels at angular new wave influenced 80s pop ala The Cars and Talking Heads (See: "I will be your citizen. Your Thomas and your Edison" - from "Citizen" off their self-titled debut.
    Leatherbag is a magnificent trio from Austin. They started as a one man band (Randy Reynolds) in Houston and moved to Austin after Katrina hit. They took the stage and immediately ripped into "Imitation Generation" one of the many stand-outs off their latest release (Yellow Television). They played a fast & furious set with hook after hook and nothing but high points throughout their time on stage. They sound a bit like The Feelies, the New York Dolls, and Television crossed with a pinch of The Replacements, Elvis Costello, and Lou Reed. What an incredibly good band - both live and on record. See:
  • Frank Turner/Andrew Jackson Jihad/Into It Over It @ The Loft in Dallas

    5 oct. 2011, 6h12m

    Tue 4 Oct – Frank Turner, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Into It Over It
    This was an incredible show. Into It Over It (one guy with an acoustic guitar) got things started with some high speed folk-punk. He had great songs with great stories inbetween. Andrew Jackson Jihad (a duo with stand-up double bass & acoustic guitar) brought the funny and the poignant with a heap of social commentary. Both openers have new albums that were released last month (Sept. 2011). I picked up copies of each. Frank Turner and his 5 piece touring band from England started strong and never let up. FT is one of the only punk musicians I know of that can cover Queen ("Somebody to Love") and Tom Petty ("American Girl") and get away with it with his credibility intact. The room was silent as he performed a chilling rendition of his acapella song "English Curse," but the crowd roared when the song was over. They loved him and sang along with songs both new and old. He backed up his self-reported love of Texas by showing us the tattoo on his left bicep (an outline in the shape of Texas). He finished his encore with my favorite tune "Photosynthesis." He managed to get the whole room to sing the chorus over and over ("I won't sit down and I won't shut up and most of all I won't grow up"). The perfect ending to an amazing night.
  • Wagoneers Reunion Show at The Kessler

    12 juin 2011, 15h08m

    Sat 11 Jun – The Wagoneers, Colin Boyd, Pat McKanna
    The Wagoneers played in Dallas last night for the first time since 1989. All four original members were in top form. Monte and Brent's vocal harmonies were as strong as ever and the band's enthusiam was infectious. The band members, all in their 40s/50s now, showed the youngin's how it's done. The band played songs from both of their releases from the late 1980s (Stout & High/Good Fortune), as well as a few newly penned tunes. Their albums are out of print, but a new CD, The Essential Wagoneers, is now available in a limited pressing of 1000 CDs (due to A&M still owning the rights). Incredible show. Let's hope they'll come back again and maybe even release some new material in the not too distant future. Wagoneers