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TransmutatorSpiritual House (feat. Shirley Dayton) Coups de cœur 18 jui. 13h14m
Sheep On DrugsMoney 18 jui. 13h12m
16Volt vs. Spahn RanchDon't Blow Your Top 18 jui. 13h08m
Rosetta StoneVogue 18 jui. 13h04m
Razed in BlackA Drug Against War 18 jui. 12h59m
Sigue Sigue SputnikVirus 18 jui. 12h54m
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À propos de moi

Love my family. Love my awesome, cute, smart dog Lari (who goes in heaven on 01.12.2013) - thank you for these wonderful 13 years and 7 months, which you gave all your love and happiness to us. Love you forever, my little brother, I know that you are around us, until we breath, we miss you.

Maybe everything is strange to you, who know, but I love to listen to variety of music. I'm open-minded for every music styles (except black metal, just don't like to listen to it, my choice, right), and I enjoy the beauty of music that I like and listen. There are many bands, artists, projects in this world which make art more strong and meaningful, and I give respect to what they do. Just like that. Every song that I love (some of them, which can be viewed here, in my profile) are exactly like that because - they make sense to me; give me mood to feel myself better; they are well written, arranged, composed; catch me consciously and subconsciously; remind me of something; some of them have been with me on my journey through colorful laugh, obstacles, good moments, good people, bad people, fine places, strange places, love, serenity, clouds, urban noises, rains, sunsets. Other have their time too, to stuck in my mind in the future, and to become part of my trip.... oh, I mean Life. Yes, I know, it is subjective. But this is who I am. Whenever I was younger, there have only bands, names, etc.. Now this grow in me and transformed into strong lyrics, messages, significances and into big MUSIC. I have fine perception to recognize good, catchy songs, melodies.

Visionary mind all the time, looking for most bright future. Teetotaler. Vegetarian. Pure Life, Clear Mind. Truth speaking. Yes, sometimes (mostly) to speaking the truth it hurts. At this time of living to speak the truth is not a crime. Don't you think? Living in a Dream full of ghosts. Fiction melting in non-fiction.

Sometimes I write stuff, stories, reviews of music albums, my expressions from the world I live in and so, or just thinking out of frame, like to read books, to watch movies and so.

If you are interested you can find my writings, reviews, thoughts and articles, that can be read in my place - Be There (blogspot) . Feel free to click on the address below my name or search on internet. Keep your mind free and don't stop movin' forward.

Facebook page of Be There (blogspot)

I really esteem what these cool people and character say.

''If I could start again a million miles away. I would keep myself, I would find a way.'' - Trent Reznor

"Dust of my thoughts form sphere in this eternal loneliness." - Jack Kerouac

"View invisible and write about it." - John Travolta as Bobby Long in "A Love Song For Bobby Long" (movie)

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open." - Frank Zappa

"If the actor stops acting, does the film become real?" - John Balance

"There’s so much noise in this world. People don’t want to think about politics, they’re all just trying to survive. But we have to think about it. I don’t want to be Mandela or Gandhi in my music, just to discover a little bit of their spirit there. I don’t just want to be a musician who walks on stage and says, "Look what I studied, look at me, look what I can do." I’m looking for the higher spirit. - Omar Sosa

''LIFE is searching for happiness.'' - Tom Wilkinson as Rudy Holt in "Dedication" (movie)

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