Songs of Beauty - a goosebump inducing playlist


16 nov. 2007, 23h38m

A playlist of songs so beautiful they give me goosebumps:

1. Violet Indiana - Close the World
2. Jahna - Flower Duet from Lakmé
3. Bliss - Kissing
4. Enya - Evening Falls
5. Lamb - Gabriel
6. Kari Rueslåtten - Som av meg
7. Sarah Brightman - Only An Ocean Away
8. Alison Krauss & Union Station - New Favorite
9. All Saints - Pure Shores
10. Amazonia Blue - Love Me Or Leave Me
11. Bent - Always
12. Deep Forest - Will You Be Ready
13. Enigma - Why!
14. Groove Armada - At the River
15. Kari Bremnes - Birds
16. Mandalay - Beautiful (7" Canny Mix)
17. Bel Canto - Oskorei
18. Nitin Sawhney - Nadia
19. This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
20. Georges Delerue - Camille
21. Sarah McLachlan - I Love You

Edit: 3 new tracks added!

What song just makes the hair on your arms stand up?


  • Anrky

    Excellent selections... i'll come up a few of my own soon

    17 nov. 2007, 2h21m
  • oslofish

    [b]Winterknight[/b] - Within Temptation is one of those bands I hear about quite often but never checked out. Listened to your songs of choice, and they really are beautiful..:) [b]Anrky[/b] - Thanks! Looking forward to see your selections. Always find your lists so eclectic and interesting!

    17 nov. 2007, 11h14m
  • hdsander

    Ilse DeLange - I Still Cry

    28 nov. 2007, 13h32m
  • oslofish

    Nice a blend of Brandi Carlile and Tina Dico!

    28 nov. 2007, 13h40m
  • hdsander

    The more I listen to Ilse the more I love her! This is a really nice playlist, I love the tracks (as far as I have them ;) ). Where did you find Oskorei by Bel Canto? Seems to be on none of the albums I know.

    28 nov. 2007, 14h05m
  • oslofish

    Thanks, glad you like it! Oskorei is on the soundtrack for Svarte Pantere (in which Anneli Drecker actually has a part). It's probably extremely hard to find these days (have a hunch it's is out of print by now), but I'd be happy to send you the .mp3 if you've had no luck elsewhere. I also have another rare, never released Bel Canto track, Tierre Obletz, that is unbelievably beautiful (had to pick [i]one[/i] for this list, and Oskorei seemed the best fit.) If you're interested in either or both, you can PM me your e-mail address :)

    28 nov. 2007, 14h19m
  • istanbul

    Nice list, although after 20 years or so I find Enya slightly repetitive and annoying. At the river's nice and so is most of Bel Canto's work. Didn't know about the track you mentioned, though. Question back to you - do you know the origin of the word Oskorei? Maybe then you'd find it slightly less beautiful ;) What gives me goosebumps is Madredeus, a fado group which has also released some electronica stuff I'm sure you'd like given your preferences (Electronico). But check out this acoustic track first: Reflexos de ourp (Madredeus, from Un Amor Infinito (2005)).

    29 nov. 2007, 19h05m
  • oslofish

    Agree, Enya is a bit repetitive and still sounds the same today as she did back then, but Watermark was definitely brought something new when it first came out. New Age probably wouldn't be what it is today without Enya, so figured I'd give her some props! And Evening Falls, being one of my favorite tracks on that album, still gives me chills today! I actually wasn't aware of the origin of Oskorei, so I googled it and found out it's a norse term for wild hunt. How could such a beautiful looking word have such an awful meaning? That being said, the song was originally written for and is on the soundtrack of the movie Svarte Pantere, about a group of people taking action against animal testing. I'll definitely be checking out Madreus, - thanks for the recommendation, [b]Istanbul[/b]!

    30 nov. 2007, 10h49m
  • istanbul

    Actually, it's slightly worse, and has nothing to do with animal hunting (you were redirected to that more general wikipedia-article about related phenomena). In Norwegian popular belief, Oskoreia was a band of dead souls that crossed the sky, particularly around Christmas. If you were unlucky, it could grab your soul and carry it far away. People used tar to paint black crosses to protect themselves from the Oskoreia. I checked out the lyrics to Bel Canto's song, which clearly makes reference to the theme of the living dead: Live my life 'Til I die, Although we may never meet. 'Cause there you are And here am I In my oskorei

    30 nov. 2007, 11h13m
  • oslofish

    Wow, has it really been that long since norse mythology in school? Thanks for reminding me of something I probably should've known being a fellow Norwegian ;) The lyrics are a bit depressing, to say the least. The song is still so beautifully sung by Anneli Drecker though, and the melody is really unique. It was a toss up between this song and Tierre Obletz (one track pr. artist, and Oskorei seemed like a better fit for the list) Are you familiar with that song? [i]3 more songs have been added to the playlist[/i]

    30 nov. 2007, 11h52m
  • Anrky

    I'm having a 5 star song only Friday so here is a great sample of it... Pass In Time - Beth Orton Good Medicine - Levi Weaver Across the Stream - Elsiane Portions For Foxes - Rilo Kiley The Tree That Lived and Died Right Before My Eyes - Au4 They Say - Lou Rhodes Purple Haze - Moya Brennan Karma - Caroline Lavelle Boots - Noe Venable Whatever Gets You Through the Day - The Radio I Don't Think So - Priscilla Ahn Timeless - Kate Havenevik The Piano - PJ Harvey The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice The Songs That We Sing - Charlotte Gainsbourg The Rose - Hopscotch Gentle Storm - Hooverphonic Our Hell - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

    30 nov. 2007, 18h13m
  • Anrky

    Sorry that should be Timeless - Kate Havnevik I always spell her name wrong...

    30 nov. 2007, 18h17m
  • oslofish

    5-star song day...that's a neat idea! I have a [i]The Best Songs[/i] smartlist sorting out my 50 most played 5-star rated songs. It gets played quite a bit, but then I have over 60 other 5-star rated songs being neglected! So do you mind if I adapt your idea? I'd even be willing to do mine on Wednesdays ;) Your always make interesting lists, Anrky. It almost pains me to admit that I've only heard 7 of the 18 songs. But hey, that means more new music to discover! Thanks for sharing!

    1 déc. 2007, 13h53m
  • Anrky

    Absolutely! I have tons of playlists and find they are the key to better music enjoyment, yesterday was actually a partial 5 star playlist, I have a series of playlists for newer found music, so it was only all the 5 star songs added in the last 16 months, 157 songs from the total 592 5 star songs ;-)

    1 déc. 2007, 17h28m
  • hdsander

    Rediscovered another of my goosebump songs: Dilana Smith - The Great Escape

    2 déc. 2007, 18h02m
  • hdsander

    I guess, you do not use iTunes ;) Playlists in iTunes are addictive.

    3 déc. 2007, 19h14m
  • oslofish

    Agree, they're extremely addictive! Specially smartlists... ;)

    3 déc. 2007, 19h31m
  • hdsander

    I couldn't resist to celebrate a 5-star-song-day today: 5 stars playlist

    4 déc. 2007, 11h04m
  • moonshine26

    from your list, i'd definitely pick Lamb's Gabriel :) as for my own goosebump inducing band, i'd dare to recommend The Gathering - especially A Life All Mine, Shrink, Sand And Mercury and well, most of their work is pretty amazing. i think you'd dig their latest releases, if you're not already familiar with them :)

    14 jan. 2008, 22h43m
  • eldadlevy

    Great list! I agree on all the songs I know from the list. Those I don't know I will have to check out..

    13 fév. 2008, 8h27m
  • amylduncan

    Hello! someone told me this song gives them goosebumpsWalk Away I've just listened to Gabriel by Lamb. What a beautiful song.

    25 fév. 2008, 14h10m
  • Indyalanjones1

    Thats a great selection. Try Jolie Holland- Amen she has an awesome voice

    10 avr. 2008, 20h30m
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