Why Sofi Doesn't Need A Ladder


15 déc. 2010, 7h52m

deadmau5's latest album 4x4=12 was hotly anticipated for several months, but at release of the track list, my excitement dwindled. The problem I find is that it is simply a compilation album, since I have already scrobbled half the album, and some songs even more than a year earlier (The earliest of which was deadmau5 - Everything Before first scrobbled in April of 2009).

My biggest complaint with the album, however, are the vocals. deadmau5 has had several brilliant vocal tracks, but none of these do it for me. Sofi Needs A Ladder which almost completely ruins You need a ladder and dropped all the Zelda tribute clips (albeit this could be because of copyright) is my peak concern, but I also don't know why Joel thought Raise Your Weapon would be a better use of his Dub5tepthingie project. It just doesn't fit.

Joel was quoted saying "To do an album, I'd need to take six months off. But the touring takes up all my time." We, the fans, love the touring, and I'm glad Joel said "I haven't felt like I've release an album yet" but I would like to see something as a complete work eventually...

On the plus side, I'm a huge fan of his more melodic tracks like Brazil (Original Mix) and Jaded so I was thrilled to hear a quality version of Right This Second instead of the youtube quality.

I guess the best to expect is a train of singles with an "album" released every once and a while. That said, when is October coming out??

PS This wagon is getting uncomfortably full...
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  • b-banan

    I think so too

    26 déc. 2010, 16h51m
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