Cobra Starship: Making a Mess--"Hot Mess", That Is


7 août 2009, 9h48m

Okay, people liked the original of this un-legit totally corny review, so I figured I might as well write a decent review of this album, because it definitely deserves it, so here goes.

Three years and three albums later, Cobra Starship are finally making the splash they've deserved the whole time with their new album Hot Mess, which hits stores August 11th. The album features the radio hit Good Girls Go Bad featuring Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, who completely surprised me, and I'm sure about a million others, that she really can sing! Of course, on Hot Mess you get the typical Cobra Starship: party anthems, songs about dirty girls and how Gabe Saporta is a naughty, but they also show a decent bit of depth with Fold Your Hands Child and the genre-defying The World Will Never Do and You're Not In On the Joke (you'll hear what I mean by 'genre-defying' when you hear the little surprise towards the end of the song!)
I've noticed a good few pop culture references in the song titles and lyrics. Does anyone see the Beatles connection in Living In the Sky With Diamonds? Hopefully, because it's completely obvious What about the song Wet Hot American Summer, which I'm 110% positive is a crummy movie from the early 2000's, starring Geneane Garofalo about summer camp, but the song is definitely better than the flick. Who doesn't think Nice Guys Finish Last has a tinge of "Womanizer" by Britney Spears to it? Good song all in all, but the lyrics are so cheesy I'll be constipated for eight years; it could be the only song on the album I could do without. Oh, and don't forget Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous...and the pop culture reference is completely obvious there, too.
What we have here is an album destined for #1 on the charts. Pretty soon, what started out as Gabe Saporta's side project from the now-defunct pop-punk band Midtown, has turned into something that many people look at as stupid, but what others look at as music to make you happy, music that makes you want to dance and forget whatever is trying to bog you down in life. They're out to prove they've got nothing to prove, and they keep proving to me that they won't be forgetting their roots anytime soon.
After being pulled aside by record execs, Gabe posted a blog saying that the people at the record company want them to start a fanclub, and immediately his thoughts were "what about the fans that can't afford to shuffle out cash just to be in an exclusive club?" There are several reasons why I love this band, but when you're in a band that sells out shows and sells tons of albums and you still think about how the fans would feel before making any big decisions, you know you're something much greater than people would dub you for. They seem like they're all fun and games, but it also seems like Cobra Starship truly loves doing what they do, and that's what makes an incredible album. There is love in this music, and if you can't hear it in "Hot Mess", you definitely need to get your ears checked.


  • MattPeche

    I'm with you sister! ;) Tis an amazing album xD

    7 août 2009, 15h10m
  • conneticutx3

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you. Its the most brilliant album by far :)

    8 août 2009, 0h55m
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