My favourite songs back in 2004


7 mars 2006, 5h15m

Yes, i was a whole another person... Even my music taste was different, not very much but a little. So i found out in a very old journal of mine and i wanted to share. :)

My favourite songs in 2004 and others that are not from 2004 but that were discovered by me in 2004.

25. Let U Go
24. Y.M.C.A.
23. Mouth's Cradle
22. Tu Es Foutu
21. Ancestors
20. Sentia
19. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
18. I Love You Always Forever
17. No Tengo Ropa
16. Trip To Uranus
15. Tu Quieres Volver
14. Who Makes You Feel
13. Amorelettronico
12. Who Will Love Me Now?
11. Milkshake
10. Algo Esta Cambiando
09. Eight Easy Steps
08. My Happy Ending
07. Butterfly
06. Group Four
05. Perros
04. Long Hard Road Out of Hell
03. Pollyanna Flower
02. Sly
01. Triumph Of A Heart

ATBVillage PeopleBjorkIngridMecanoAerosmithDonna LewisGloria Trevijohny viciousSarah BrightmanDidoGigi d'AgostinoPJ HarveyKelisJulieta VenegasAlanis MorissetteAvril LavigneTori AmosMassive AttackPaulina RubioMarilyn Manson


  • misco

    Nothing wrong with that? He listed YMCA. :p

    7 mars 2006, 14h00m
  • origamicreature

    Well... now i at least try to listen to some male musicians. Back then, in 2004 and before, i just hated male vocals, but really really hated them. And still to this time, about 70% of my favourite performers are girls. Back in 2004, like in november i met PJ Harvey's music and fell in love of it:D

    8 mars 2006, 17h27m
  • nena_12502

    YMCA fue la cancion que Jorge y vos cantaban todos los sabados en ese karaoke, que triste! YMCA was the song that you and Jorge sang every saturday night in the karaoke!! GOSH IT WAS IRRITATING.

    13 mars 2006, 4h34m
  • bjfrapp

    hahahaha Well I'm at work right now so i have nothing to do so I decided to check your profile and I remember that we were really drunk and they say it was embarrasing lol lol and I can't say nothing else because I was with Jorge in a gas station because he was really drunk and he wanted mints lol, ahhh those days, I missed them

    15 mars 2006, 20h51m
  • bjfrapp

    hahahahaha YMCA!!! crowd: ayyy YMCA lol

    15 mars 2006, 20h52m
  • origamicreature

    I KNOWWWWWWWWWWW soooo queeries... so sad.... i miss Jorge though

    16 mars 2006, 3h23m
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