Week 5 on last.fm. I hate 10,000 Days and hangovers.


3 mai 2006, 20h14m

Welcome back to another weekly installment of my weekly charts. I don't have any fancy introductory bullshit to carry on about this time around, so we'll just cut straight to the chase.

Strapping Young Lad wears the crown of number 1 this week with 69 plays. Most of that came from Alien but i do recall playing City perhaps once through... maybe twice. Strapping is fitting right now. Sometimes life is just frustrating, and one needs some unadulterated brutality to cope with life's daily stresses. That's where Strapping Young Lad comes in. Devin has an amazing voice, plain and simple. His soaring melodics, brutal growls, and nifty wall of sound production all fit quite nicely together. I have to be honest though... wall of sound production does get old after a while. I like it, and it's a head space, but Devin uses it nonstop. I almost wish he'd do a bit more. I'm sure he is a capable producer as he has other bands like Lamb of God under his belt. Though, I will say that this production job in particular was a bit lacking. Anyhow, I'd like to see him branch out a bit.

Kyuss is totally back, and way up the charts too. I love Blues for the Red Sun. Thumb is a great one, and the one most likely to get stuck in my head. It's too bad these guys are no more, though they're all still quite active in other circles. Hermano and Queens of the Stone Age are just a couple of artists I can mention that have some relation to Kyuss. Both artists are rather good as well, if a little different. Hermano bears the most straight up resemblence, but even they aren't as good as the original thing. I really should branch out beyond Welcome to Sky Valley and Blues for the Red Sun, but I just don't know where to go from here and people say these are the best two anyhow.

Devin Townsend is about to overtake the charts. By sheer math, I like Townsend in one form or another better than Clutch. This, of course, is not the case. That's why math is evil. It can't really define your taste, no matter how hard it tries. In any event, Terria and Ocean Machine both got some play this week. Synchestra is truly amazing too. I'm finding more than ever that this work may very well be his best. Pixelate has me presently, with its middle-eastern styled melodies, crunchy guitar, and highly melodic vocals. There are some other excellent tricks in the track too... there's some great double-bass work that sort of fills in some empty spaces later on the track, with Devin screaming over them. I'm not gifted enough to give the specifics of timing or whatever, but it sounds fucking great. With 34 plays, I don't think he's going anywhere anyhow.

Pain of Salvation returns, and with good reason. I gave Remedy Lane another spin, and this time, I was totally sucked in. These are some amazing tracks. There are a few moments of soft rock cheese throughout the album that I don't care for particularly such as in This Heart Of Mine I Pledge. The emotions are there, but I just don't particularly care for that style. The skill exists, the appeal does not. In stark contrast though, we have the edgie Chain Sling and Beyond the Pale which both communicate very dark feelings without making that their focus. Chain Sling sees a vocal falsetto opening it up. Vocals move in exact time with the guitar, matching it note for note. I find this striking and beautiful. Beyond the Pale is just a culmination of the album in one explosive finale. Those two are probably my favorites on the album. Fandango has some of my favorite drum work on the album, and a funny time change or two never hurt anyone. I'm really getting into these guys. The Perfect Element Part I didn't impress me as much though. I did try out One Hour By The Concrete Lake though, and I do like it quite a bit. Pending impressions coming. What's with the closeness of the charts anyhow. PoS had 33 plays.

Primus finally make their deserved venture onto the weekly charts. I love this stuff. That bass is amazing. I jammed out some Tales From The Punchbowl this week, along with some other assorted tracks. I don't think these guys did too shabby on 29 plays. They also cover The Thing That Should Not Be on an EP. Very fun stuff. Can't remember, but I'd heard that they did another Metallica cover at some point.

We had a tie here at number 6. Dozer and Karma to Burn matched up evenly for 28 plays. I listened through Call It Conspiracy and Through the Eyes of Heathens last Saturday. They sort of got me pumped up for the drinking binge that would ensue. That was the first time I'd had a chance to really listen to Dozer, but I enjoyed it heartily, even if it is just more of the same stoner rock formula.

Karma to Burn is just damn good groove/drinking/smoking music. It's instrumental and I haven't sat down properly with it yet, but I love it for the good atmosphere it lends a room.

Opeth is back once more. Damnation got played once I do believe, but I don't really recall exactly when I jammed these guys. I'm pretty sure I played Damnation though, as I was in dire need of something more relaxing at some point last week. But Damnation doesn't account for all 24 plays, so I'm not too sure about the rest.

Clutch remains, as I do believe they will for most weekly analyses. Last week, it was Pure Rock Fury and The Elephant Riders. Pure Rock Fury is so raw and rugged, completely in your face. Elephant Riders is a little more humorous, a little less serious (though what Clutch record is serious really) and a lot more bizarre. I was talking to another user on here who'd not listened to a lot of Clutch. His introduction was in the form of The Elephant Riders. He didn't get into them on the basis of that album. I also found it kind of inaccessible and I wonder why that is. I can't really put my finger on it. I love it now, but it's still one of my last choices for Clutch. It does deserve recognition for having trombone on it. Anyone know who plays that? I can't find it in any credits anywhere.

Tool is here... again. Damn my roommate for inflating them. I'm still not into 10,000 days. It's just not doing it for me. I went back to some of their older stuff though, just to make sure I still liked it. Haha. They've got 19 plays... so I guess it was a little Aenima and all of 10,000 Days. Anyhow, I still feel like it's stagnant, and my previous entry addressed this album already.

Another fantastic tie at tenth place between Tool and Throttlerod keeps things pretty uninteresting. The verdict is in. I love Hell And High Water a lot. I could swear there's some Corrosion of Conformity worship here, maybe Wiseblood era stuff. Anyway, they rock. Verdict is in.

The rest of the list is pretty uninteresting from where I sit. I don't' really recall Tiamat all that much. I played them late at night one evening while I did some writing and web surfing, but didn't really pay attention. Everyone already knows that I love Queens of the Stone Age a hell of a lot, so there's no surprise there.

The only two artists here further down on the chart that are worth mentioning in my eyes are Sublime with their self titled for one. It's far superior to their other work, as it ditched the formulaic sound of 40 Oz. to Freedom in favor of a more mixed sound. As opposed to being just reggae and punk, this album features reggae, punk, seventies guitar-oriented rock, downright pop, and some other hip hop influenced tracks. It's truly a legendary album and it's too bad we don't have them with us anymore.

The other half of the interesting bit was Aesop Rock. I only have Bazooka Tooth but I like it. This is the hip hop that got me into underground hip hop, I've decided. I'm sort of coming into my own in this genre as I realize that underground hip hop is far more than, "slap dat ho." There are some deeply intelligent and sincerely moving lyrics in Aesop's work. I need to get Daylight as I've heard that it's some of his best material.

Anyhow, there's another week down the pooper. In short, 10,000 Days still sucks, I love stoner rock too much, and I'm obsessed with a guy with a skullet. Oh, and the party fucking rocked... despite the massive hangover on Sunday the 30th. It rained that day too... bummer.


  • phlezk

    10,000 Days rocks.

    3 mai 2006, 20h25m
  • orenigma

    I should have counted on at least one inane comment like that. I guess I deserved it for making that the title.

    3 mai 2006, 20h28m
  • r1Co

    it sure isnt their greatest work, I agree on that, but I still believe its a pretty decent album :>

    3 mai 2006, 20h34m
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah, way to bait Tool fans with that title! Oh well, a little provocation never hurt anyone. Apart from the ones who get provoked, of course =P Glad you're liking the Throttlerod - I haven't listened to that album in a while so I might have to spin it this week sometime. I agree with you on Kyuss - while I haven't consciously decided that Blues and Sky Valley are better than Circus, I just seem to go straight to the first two every time I feel like some Kyuss. Having said that, Spaceship Landing, the last track off Circus is very good. The rest of the album just doesn't have quite the same addictiveness as Blues and Sky Valley though. Oh, and Brant Bjork and the Bros are another group that can in same way trace their lineage to Kyuss. I love the trombone on TER! Maybe that's because I used to play trombone too and hearing that instrument being used by my favourite band is kinda cool - because after all it's not the most popular instrument in the entire world. But yes, TER is definitely Clutch's craziest album - there is sort of a method to the madness on some of the other records but TER really is all over the place. Once I got into it I really got addicted to it though - as a Clutch record it's definitely up there for me.

    3 mai 2006, 20h57m
  • SilverStarhawk

    Didn't know you played trombone, Morph. I need to actually give the trumpet some attention here again. Put down the drumsticks, Jared, you like to call yourself a multiinstrumentalist. I would comment on Tyler's entry itself, but I'm berating him over voice chat right now about the idiocy of his playing habits, so you're all spared of watching him suffer this week. I jest, of course. Decent as usual. And no Dream Theater ripping this week, for his sake.

    3 mai 2006, 21h06m
  • joikabilly

    lets not make this into another 10,000 days thread? :P seems that <exagguration>every other post</exagguration> is a hailstorm of 10,000 days sucks, NOT IT ROCKS, no it sucks...etc.. Even though i dont always comment i really enjoy reading your weekly reviews oren. i gotta say that i agree with you on so many levels when it comes to devin and his work. I have yet to hear The Devin Townsend Band though, i'll get around to that. Damn..Kyuss man..been a while since i've listened to them..there's dust on the cd covers! U should have a go at the ...And the circus leaves town album. they have a few enjoyable tracks there...Hurricane, One Inch Man, El Rodeo and Catamaran are my personal favs Oh, and Opeth man..glad to see u still have them up there :) I tried out remedy lane a few weeks back..really enjoyed it. u were right about it being a lot easier to get into than BE. Have u heard anything by Green Carnation? I really recommend it...i'm falling for this norwegian band so hard. I've listened a lot to their Acoustic Verses album..it's really a great listen. Can't go wrong with the A Blessing in disguise album either. Im slightly undecided about The quiet offspring a few awesome tracks on this one, but it falls short of those other two for me

    3 mai 2006, 21h11m
  • orenigma

    Berating? It sounds a bit more like adoration. Anyhow, it's all subjective, eh? But right now... Bob Marley is the man of the hour, and we're floating gently above the clouds... yeah... you get the picture. So... though you are disrupting the flow with your haughty remarks, I will remain unaffected. Woo!

    3 mai 2006, 21h11m
  • m0rph3us

    Aww... that DT debate you guys had was kinda entertaining! I suppose it is a bit sadistic to enjoy watching two of my friends tearing each other's musical taste to bits... but meh, it was kinda amusing lol =P Yeah I played trombone for 6 years... stage band/big band stuff mainly. I can honestly say it was not me that played the trombone on TER though, unfortunately. It's not the easiest instrument to learn as you have the chops-building factor of most brass instruments as well as learning where all the slide positions for the notes are - and you have to be pretty precise with those. I'm not so much of a multi-instrumentalist as a serial mono-instrumentalist... first piano, then trombone, now drums.

    3 mai 2006, 21h16m
  • SilverStarhawk

    I can totally relate on the sadistic pleasure. So you and Oren can feel free to pick a band, touch gloves, and go at it. I'll be back here chillin' with Sufjan Stevens. I can't imagine trombone being all that easy at all. I only have to worry about the brass chops, and that's enough for me. I have played trumpet and drums simultaneously though. That was pretty challenging.

    3 mai 2006, 21h20m
  • orenigma

    Yeah, I know Green Carnation. I have several of their albums. I have: The Acoustic Verses Journey to the End of the Night The Quiet Offspring Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness This one is a one-track tune... somewhere around an hour I recall. So I know them. Sadly, I haven't gotten around to much beyond The Acoustic Verses. I tried Light of Day, but it takes an attention span I don't have these days... so I put it aside. I'm also not a huge fan of the one-track album... I like it split up. The tracks can all be connected in some way, I just don't like there to be physically one track on the album. Glad you like reading my stuff. It's good to know that someone comes away from this with something. As a writer, I appreciate that.

    3 mai 2006, 21h29m
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah, it's rather annoying when artists cluster tracks together. My CD of Welcome to Sky Valley has the songs grouped into three tracks, all around the 17 minute mark. For someone who loves Asteroid and Supa Scoopa vs. Mighty Scoop, this kinda pisses me off.

    3 mai 2006, 21h42m
  • bootzy

    I just recently discovered Kyuss when I downloaded Blues For The Red Sun a couple weeks ago...I've been really enjoying it. What else is good by them? I find it interesting that you think Sublime's self-titled is far superior to 40oz. I'm sort of the complete opposite. I love the self-titled too but I feel like it's a lot more bland and generic sounding. I guess I'm really into inconsistency though.

    4 mai 2006, 0h14m
  • orenigma

    I dunno. I always felt like 40 Oz. to Freedom was a little more bland as compared to self-titled. But it's like you said, we have pretty much opposite views on the two albums.

    4 mai 2006, 0h24m
  • m0rph3us

    bootzy: Welcome to Sky Valley is my personal fave Kyuss album. Circus Leaves Town is not bad either, but I prefer Blues and Sky Valley.

    4 mai 2006, 2h12m
  • nucleardent

    10,000 Days has grown on me a bit. You have to admit, The Pot is a pretty good song.

    4 mai 2006, 19h25m
  • orenigma

    Aside from the overly simplistic guitar? Yeah, I like it. I just don't care for that damn guitar. The reason I like The Pot is because it's a standout track on that album. It actually seems a little bit different.

    4 mai 2006, 19h33m
  • nucleardent

    It reminds me of Opiate a lot. The vocals are awesome, and, even though it's not to technical, I really like the guitar. Jambi has also grown on me, as well as Intension, and Right In Two, but Lost Keys and Rosetta Stoned really aren't doing it for me.

    4 mai 2006, 20h16m
  • orenigma

    Yeah... Rosetta was the one that made me stick out my tongue and go blech. I'm not saying it's a bad album overall. I hate it because I know Tool as a unit is capable of much more... or maybe they're fizzling out, just like all the good ones seem to. I'm not ruling out the concept of the album growing on me either. It might do that. Lateralus worked opposite though. I loved it upon obtaining it, but as time went on, my tastes changed, and I lost interest. Ah fuck it. Who wants to figure this shit out anyway.

    4 mai 2006, 20h26m
  • SilverStarhawk

    I'm still predicting that the Tool fan base, as a general rule, will come to love 10,000 Days. It may, for most, be inferior to Aenima...or Lateralus...or both. But most will end up liking it more than they did on first or second listen.

    5 mai 2006, 0h19m
  • johnnytwotone

    Okay, so it was a minor point, as they weren't even in your top 10. But there is no way their self-titled is their best record, and my reason is not that 40oz is. Ever heard [i]Robbin' the Hood[/i]? That album is eclectic as all get-out. Real hiphop, samples of The Doors, punk rock, reggae, some dub, and acoustic Brad. That album owns anything they've done. I highly recommend it, as it is sorely overlooked by many.

    9 mai 2006, 1h16m
  • orenigma

    I am in fact aware of its existence... but I have not listened to it. I'll look into that though.

    9 mai 2006, 1h34m
  • Heggs

    Sounds like a week for good music.

    8 jui. 2006, 0h42m
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