Teebs' ARDOUR is better than whatever you're listening to now.


17 sept. 2010, 1h45m

Most likely.

Teebs is on brainfeeder / friend of Flying Lotus / incredible painter / just about to release his first album - Ardour

So anyway I posted about this slice of pure brilliance on Optimistic Underground yesterday and would really like it if you checked out my words and the imagery of this wonderful place on earth I discovered in a somewhat related google search...

maybe leave some feedback? Or just get excited for this album which you should BUY when it comes out Oct 18th.


for fans of

Flying Lotus
Mount Kimbie
Blue Daisy
James Blake
Eleven Tigers
Nosaj Thing
Ras G
Hudson Mohawke
Dorian Concept
Black Milk
J Dilla
Singing Statues
Machine Drum
Star Slinger
The Gaslamp Killer
John Barry
Martin Denny
Teebs & Jackhigh

and also any good music.


  • Comet_Course

    Downloading leaks, while against artists wishes, can be justified if you are going to purchase the release when it comes out. Discuss. Alternatively: Is downloading a leak worse than or comparable to downloading and never paying for an artists work once it has been released? P.S. I haven't caved yet, but I don't think I can wait another month!

    17 sept. 2010, 6h06m
  • optimistic_tour

    Well personally I think it's justifiable because I know that at least myself will be purchasing the album. Hell if I could preorder now I would have - it's that good. I don't think getting a leak (and then buying an album) is comparable to simply stealing an already released album... but both CAN be used as a preview to see if you want to buy it. I know my funds certainly aren't unlimited so it's a boon in this age to be able to know if I'll enjoy something enough to spend upwards of $20 on it. Also I did not include any download links for the leak - I figure if anyone wants it they can find it. I'm just putting the word out that it's freaking incredible...

    17 sept. 2010, 14h07m
  • ieatallmusic

    agreed optimistic - i like your philosophy. i rarely buy albums (i am embarrassed by how infrequently i do so) but i WILL be buying this one. been supporting teebs since his CD-R floated around a while back and i'm really impressed with how far he has come. what an album

    19 sept. 2010, 22h59m
  • Comet_Course

    Yeah nice, I pretty much agree entirely.

    20 sept. 2010, 2h42m
  • Comet_Course

    Still haven't listened to it though. YET.

    20 sept. 2010, 2h42m
  • ieatallmusic

    DO IT! Just give in....

    20 sept. 2010, 17h54m
  • PhredPL

    This>Cosmogramma. And don't get me wrong, I thought FlyLo's album was awesome. Also, I get some Nujabes vibe off Ardour, which is great! Still waiting for Gaslamp's LP, tho...

    20 sept. 2010, 18h54m
  • ieatallmusic

    i dont know why but i'm not that high on gaslamp. saw him DJ which was fantastic but his music doesn't really do it for me... what do you guys see in it?

    21 sept. 2010, 3h56m
  • optimistic_tour

    I really like how he's got a similar fluid flow as Flylo but uses a completely different set of source materal. I happen to really dig old psych music and he employs stuff from the US to middle east and beyond in a fantastic way... so it's gravy for me. Try the I Spit On Your Grave release if you haven't.. I listened to that once on a long bike ride and became a fan straight away.

    21 sept. 2010, 14h15m
  • Comet_Course

    I caved.... Simply amazing. Teebs and FlyLo are a lot more similar than GLK. I too dig old psychedelic, I guess that's why I really dig GLK. ieatallmusic, you didn't dig My Troubled Mind?

    23 sept. 2010, 7h32m
  • Jonchino

    where is this place?

    28 oct. 2010, 1h16m
  • optimistic_tour

    it's in thailand

    8 jan. 2011, 20h14m
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