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  • My TOP50 bands survey.

    14 juin 2009, 19h44m

    My TOP50 bands survey;
    Author: Berrniee;
    Bands taken according to my charts at 2009.06.14 15:00hr time.

    1) Describe the band number 15 using one sentence with three words. (Moonspell)
    It's quite a hard task. What I like in Moonspell is Fernando's vocal and lyrics. Also their dark gothic style is very good. So I guess the answer would be "Lyrical gothic harmony".

    2) If you someday stop listening number 5, why would that most likely happen? (Lake of Tears)
    Lake of Tears is a unique band, with various styles' influences. So I guess I couldn't be bored by their music. But as I think further, it seems that this is the only reason why that could happen.

    3) What song from 37 could make you cry? (Midnattsol)
    There are many songs which make me sad, but I'm afraid there is no song which makes me cry at all. At least I can't remember one. But It's definitelly not from Midnattsol's repertoire.

    4) If you could change any member in band 25 to somebody else, who would you change and why? (Disturbed)
    I wouldn't change anyone. I prefer the band as it already is, and I'm not familiar with other bands of such style, so I don't know anyone who could make the band better.
    And replacing someone in Disturbed into Shagrath or Silenius wouldn't help a lot, would it? ;]

    5) What makes 1 first? (HammerFall)
    Playcount. :)
    ...Ok, seriously, I discovered HammerFall much earlier than many other bands in my library and I feel bound to their music. So even if they get bored, I come back to them some time later and I keep listening to them kind of regularly in this way.

    6) Is there any song by 46 that you skip every time? (Samael)
    There is no song that I skip everytime, but I'm not rapt in many songs of Samael. There is only one album by Samael which I really like and that is "Reign of Light". Other albums aren't so good for me.

    7) What part of lyrics from band 30 would you write to the end of loveletter? (Dandelium), (In Flames)
    Good question, I like it. Since Dandelium is instrumental band, I'll have to choose from "In Flames". ...which sucks because I'm not familiar with their lyrics. :D (I wish I understood what they sing in English...). Here's the answer:
    "Trampled in fury by hordes of the light
    My firey heart is stronger than ever
    It's stronger than ever before

    My heart in flames"

    8) What song from 47 do you listen when you’re sad? (In Extremo)
    Now that's a paradox. I discovered In Extremo a long time ago, but first listened to them only this week. So there wasn't a situation like that yet. :) But I wouldn't listen to In Extremo if I was sad. I'd listen to Lake of Tears or some doom metal band instead.

    9) And what song do you listen from 49 when you’re happy? (Kalmah)
    "For the Revolution". Simply because I like it a lot. Not that it would be very cheering-up.

    10) And what about when your angry? Does some song from 10 affect you then? (Sonata Arctica)
    When I'm angry I listen to brutal death or norvegian black metal. Sonata is not very much brutal or black. :D I can't devise a song by SA that could work when i'm angry. I'd become even more angry with their music I think. :P

    11) What do you think is the ultimatebest song from 2? (Rammstein)
    That is an impossible task. So I'll lie telling that it's "Du hast". :P Because "Du hast" is my first discovered song by R+, and it's really good (but most others are really good too). Also, when I first heard "Du hast" in my life (it was 4 years ago), I already knew this song. This means that either I heard it when I was a small child and I don't remember that or I've heard it in my previous life, which is impossible, because that song came out at 1997 and then I was 5 years-old. :)

    12) What song from 44 would you sing in a local pubs karaokenight? (Skyforger)
    It would definitelly be "Gatavs biju karavirs", because I love that song and it's lyrics and it's baltic spirit. Actually I already tried to learn those lyrics once. It's very interesting to sing in Latvian when I'm lithuanian, as those languages are 50% same and 50% different. :)

    13) Song with worst lyrics from 32? (Blind Guardian)
    I'm not sure. I could tell that their best lyrics are in "The Bard's Song". But their worst... Their discography is too damn huge to find the worst lyrics! And one must speak only good or nothing about good bands. ^^

    14) Do you hate something in band number 43? (Kamelot)
    I wish they were even more camelot-like. :P

    15) If you go to see 22 live, what song would make you scream like a little girl? (Oomph!)
    "Augen Auf!"! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Uh... I'm not sure if I screamed like little girl there... :/

    16) What song name from 18 would you use to describe your feelings now? (Falconer)
    Song name? Feelings now? Let's see... It could be "Heresy in disguise", but it's a little too exaggerated. Because I'm rather confused and worried now. The reason is related to my exam, but it is not an exam itself. Fortunately, all this shitload will be over 3 days later.

    17) The first song you heard from 3? (Tiamat)
    The first album I've heard was "Amanethes", so it's natural that the first song was album's first song, which is "The Temple of the crescent moon". When I first heard the album it didn't hook me up, but after 1 month I rediscovered Tiamat's beauty.

    18) The best song you’ve heard from 45? (Van Canto)
    I really like "I stand alone". But I don't know which is the best. That fact is that the band is the best in it's style. :)

    19) The main reason why band number 50 isn’t band number 1? (Dimmu Borgir)
    I like them much less than band number 1. I listen to DB from time to time, but I'm not a very big fan of them. Well... I do like them, but not sooo much.

    20) If you would have a chance to meet only one member of band 48, who would you meet? (Thyrfing)
    No one. :D I like their music, but I'm not familiar with band members and I have nothing to say to them. If I knew something more about them, I might be more interested than I currently am.

    21) Three reasons why band number 4 is NOT good? (Summoning)
    I could tell a few reasons why band number 1 is bad, but not Summoning. They are perfect so far. Their lyrics are from Tolkien's writings and they perfectly adapt music and atmosphere to the lyrics. They are independent and not mainstream, they are black, wise and atmospheric. I love them to much to tell something bad about them.

    22) If one of your friends would ask you to introduce band 33 to him/her, what song would you choose? (Draconian)
    I had a situation like that. Sometimes we (I and my friend) play a game, which is about listening music. We take our mobile phones and listen to each other's music. I introduced Draconian with a song "Bloodflower" in such way. And my friend loved it, despite the fact that Draconian is doom gothic metal band, while my friend is mad about punkrock and nothing else! I was like "Woah! You really liked it?! o.O".

    23) The band 41 is coming to play a gig to town next to your hometown. Only minus is that the tickets costs over 100 €. Are you going anyway? (Iced Earth), (SuidAkrA)
    Hell no. Too expensive. Way too expensive. Maybe I'd try to sneak inside like ninja instead.

    24) Does band number 6 have any song that you just can’t listen? (Howard Shore)
    Since "band number 6" features only tracks from Lord of the Rings, there is no such song. All those tracks are nice and (what's most important in this question) not irritating. I can listen to all of them.

    25) You have any memories considering some song by band 21? (Ensiferum), (Oomph!)
    Ensiferum's "Ahti". I and my friend were riding bikes in the city and singing this song. Well... actually only my friend sang, I maintained him using telepathy. :P But it was memorable anyway.

    26) Does band 7 have any lyrics that you just have to sing-a-long? (Rhapsody)
    I rather listen to Rhapsody than "sing with them". But there are (only) a few songs that I like to sing in my mind: "Triumph and Agony" and "Black Dragon".

    27) What are the best and the worst song from band 14? (Dew-Scented)
    Again, I don't know which is the worst one. All are pretty decent really. The best one is "That's Why I Despise You". I simply like it the most. Deathrash at it's best.

    28) Is there any album from band 8 that you’d love to have, but you don’t? (Stratovarius)
    I'd like to have both parts of "Elements", "Stratovarius" and "Episode". I have none.

    29) What’s the worst album from 35? (Karelia)
    I've tried albums "Raise" and Restless". I prefer "Restless". Raise's songs aren't as good as Restless' and I guess if I had heard only "Raise", I would not like Karelia.

    30) The best thing in band 42? (Iced Earth), (SuidAkrA)
    Iced earth - Their demonic spirit; SuidAkrA - Simply their mastery of creating music, which is really awesome.

    31) You have won in the lottery. The price is that you get band number 34 to do a privateshow in your backyard. You can choose five songs that they will play. What songs will they play? (Firewind)
    Since my favorite album is "The Premonition", all songs would be from it:
    "Into The Fire", "Head Up High", "Mercenary Man", "Angels forgive me", "Life foreclosed". It's first 4 and the last song of the album. To make a show more coherent. :)

    32) Does any song from 17 make you smile like a moron? (GSC Game World)
    These guitar sounds can make you smile in melancholy or nostalgia. So yes, they may make somebody smile like a moron. But I don't smile while listening them. My dad maybe would. Anyway, one should play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to understand what I was talking about.

    33) Does any song from 36 give you shivers? (Folkearth)
    No. At least not from fear. That song might be "What Glory Remains". It's a great song and I may shiver about how great it is. :P

    34) Who is in your opinion most honourable member of band 13? (Empyrium)
    Maybe it’s Markus cause he founded the band. Also he’s my favorite band’s member.

    35) What introduced you to band 16? (Agalloch)
    If I remember well, I found them here, on Been browsing black metal bands and finished my browse in black doom metal.

    36) What song from band 31 gets every time stuck in your head when you hear it? (Holy Dragons)
    Many of them stays in my head for some time. But it’s not so bad and I’m not going insane about it. Most of those songs are from album “Железный Рассудок”, or “Iron Mind”, if translated.

    37) Are you bored to some song from 9? (The Tolkien Ensemble)
    Actually, yes. As you know, I am trve kvlt black metalhead, who listens only uber krieg gr1m n’ frostb1tten distorted music, so this acoustic stuff sometimes gets boring. For example… songs like “Song of Beren And Lúthien”, “The Ent And The Ent-Wife”, “Malbeth The Seer's Words” and some others. But when I listen to this ensemble with passion, all songs are awesome and all of them are highly interesting.

    38) What song from 19 has the best melodies? (TrollfesT)
    ALL OF THEM!!! I can’t remember many songs of their, which has masterpieces in melodies and sounds, and since I don’t remember that ultimately melodic music (which is really great and outstanding), I’ll say only one extremely awesome song, which is one of my favorites, and has godly melody and it is called “Der JegerMeister”. Look, even it’s name is melodic!!!

    39) You’re forced to brutally eliminate two albums by 12, what albums will you eliminate? (Manowar)
    Manowar has sooooo many albums that I don’t know which are real and which are made by their fans. Hell with it. I’ll choose “Louder Than Hell” and “Sign of the Hammer”. Because they have least songs which I like from those albums which seems to be real. :P

    40) Do you ever have any scary thoughts while listening band 40? (Sabaton)
    No, I haven’t. Although war is a scary and terrible thing, we, teenagers with no experience, do not understand what war is. And Sabaton doesn’t try to tell what it is. They just sing about it in epic way. Which is awesome. :P

    41) Have some song from 24 made you do something? (Magica)
    Yes. But not one song. Whole discography. It made me to believe in tooth-fairies. (kidding.:) ) Also it developed my love for fantasy, like many other fantasy bands.

    42) Is there any song from 39 that you could listen over and over again without getting bored to it? (DevilDriver)
    Theorically, such song never existed and will not ever exist, unless it was/will be bound with magic. So practically, there isn’t such song too.

    43) Why did you start listening band 11? (Atrocity)
    Because I liked their newest album “Werk 80”. It was so metal and pop at the same time, that I liked it exceptionally hard. I still like that album the most. It rocks. There are many DIFFERENT songs in that album. So when you listen to it, you experience different feelings at the same time. But all songs are, talking in terms, major.

    44) What lyrics would you use from band 38 to express how angry you are? (Stam1na)
    I’ve no idea what they sing. Plus their songs aren’t “angry”, they are “cheerful” so I probably wouldn’t use THEIR lyrics on occasion of spite. On second thought… it doesn’t matter if songs are “cheerful”, their lyrics can still be “angry”. Oh damn, I’ve just screwed myself up…

    45) Have you ever found some deeper meaning to some lyrics from band 27? (Rhapsody of Fire)
    Their lyrics are pretty clear and straight. It’s not hard to find what they are trying to say in the song. Unless it’s in Latin :P (But that’s Rhapsody’s (of fire-NOT) repertoire anyway.). So I haven’t.

    46) How would you describe band 29 with one word? (Dandelium), (In Flames)
    Dandelium – Skill (because Eric is really skillful, despite the fact that he’s the same age as me. His music is much better than my music.); In Flames – Shishkebab (because one word is not enough).

    47) Would you like to change something in band 28s music? Why? (Thundertale)
    Yes, I wish they used atmosphere and lyrics more about Lithuania’s greatness during 12th century, when it was the strongest and biggest country in Europe (I mean Great Duchy of Lithuania). I’m not telling that their current work is not good, but I would like to see what I mentioned too. Also more professional music would be good too. :P They might also try to be a bit heavier in some songs.

    48) Do you like more band 20s earlier or later productions? (Ensiferum)
    I think I’ll go with later production. It sounds better to me for some reason. Maybe their style is a bit more “modern” now. But more of my loved songs of Ensiferum are their newer stuff.

    49) Your first reaction to band 26? (Fairyland)
    “Hmm…. Yes, yes… As expected, it do sound similar to Rhapsody… Oh, this part’s really good… They’re not better than Rhapsody, but good too. …Fuck those who laughs about their awesome name. Gays.” (Actually it didn’t think “Gays.”, but I thought this word will look good in this context. :P ).

    50) Is there something irritating in band 23? (Finntroll)
    I doubt it. But I guess if their lyrics were in English, there would be lots of irritating parts. Now they’re just a very good folk metal band, with hell knows what lyrics, which are still awesome, because the band is awesome. ^^

    End of journal.
    O RLY?