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3 jan. 2009, 16h19m

2008 led to many important discoveries for me. The majority and most important of which are as follows, in no particular order.

Bands: -
Public Enemy
Strapping Young Lad
Devin Townsend
The Haunted
At the Gates
Catherine (the 1990's alternative band)
Dr. Dre
One Day as a Lion
Judas Priest

Albums: -
The Downward Spiral
Light Into Dark: A Chicago Music Compilation #1
Tenacious D - The Complete Masterworks 2 DVD

Gigs: -
The Smashing Pumpkins; Hordern Pavilion, March 27.
Angus & Julia Stone; Newcastle City Hall, June 19

Releases from 2008 that I actually liked and listen to...

One Day as a Lion

In my opinion the best release of 2008, and just a damn good record, period. This brief number really brings Zack back into his element with a new twist on a familiar style. His lyrics are as thought-provoking as ever and his flow is BETTER than ever. VERY much looking forward to the upcoming LP!

A summary of my top 15 for the past 12 months.

15. Sepultura
Now, I've had Seps sitting around in my library for a long time, and mainly focused on the wonder that is Roots. I'd listened through the albums maybe once each, and then ignored them. I have some expectations, probably unrealistic ones, when it comes to production standards. So I still barely listen to Schizophrenia. But I thrash the fuck out to Beneath the Remains and Arise much more often now, and love every minute of it. Max's monotone voice is amazingly powerful, and the riffs and drumming are just amazing. Enter Chaos A.D., where the drumming mutates into something even more primal and powerful, and the guitars slowly chug MASSIVE tones with awesome power. That album has taken a place in the pantheon.

14. Death
Death is one of those bands that's just truly remarkable. Consistently astounding, improving and evolving with each album. Chuck Schuldiner is a true genius. It's hard to pick individual tracks or pieces of them as highlights, because each album seems to flow together as a whole. None of them seem pieced together, shuffling them doesn't seem right. I loved every track I've heard from the start of Scream Bloody Gore to the glorious Painkiller at the climax of The Sound of Perseverance. I shall be listening more, and regularly

13. Tool
Ahhh, Tool. One of the very best live acts I've ever seen. Creators of music that can be equally transcendent, furious and just fucking powerful. Few bands have so perfect a discography. Each of the members is amazing and talented, and the band would not work with any of them missing. Oh, and Danny Carey is the best drummer ever. I love you guys heaps ^_^

12. Soundgarden
An act I've consistently enjoyed listening to. Another band with a seriously solid output. I love all of the albums, but Louder Than Love has been growing on me like mad lately. Big Dumb Sex and Full On Kevin's Mom are simply classics. And the One Minute of Silence cover? Genius. Pure genius.

11. Jeff Buckley
Oh my science. What a voice. What a personality. What chemistry. The man was amazing, and he was backed by an under-appreciated band of great musicians that helped him make his live shows so spectacular. I've been listening to Sketches more often than Grace, lately. It just seems to be more like him; it's rockier, more lo-fi, humorous at points. He seems to be relaxed rather than floating in an ethereal haze like he is in Grace. The unfinished edge of the production (which still sounds AMAZING) makes the album even better.

10. - The Haunted
Umm, so... I have listened to Revolver a LOT in the last three months or so. God. fucking. DAMN, what a great album. My review/orgasm about it is in my previous entry; see for the tremendous love I give it. I've loved listening to all of the band's records, loved how the chemistry of both different vocalists manages to mesh so well with the bands onslaught of noise and riffs. Oh how I have loved the riffs. And the lyrics. And the drums. I love it.

9. - Angus & Julia Stone
A band I haven't given anywhere near as much attention as they deserve (and yet they still have a spot this far up the list!). Simple, pure melodies that can lift the heart or break it. A wonderful connection between the two siblings both on and off stage; brilliant production of their entire output; charming music videos... These two have it all (including a great backing ensemble). A Book Like This is simply perfect. If you don't have it, get it. Tell everyone you meet about their amazing music.

8. - Nirvana
Ahhh, nostalgia. Takes me back to the days of year ten music class, discussing the tracks on Nevermind by number because neither Noo nor I actually knew their names. Cranking Bleach as loud as I can stand in the car and screaming my head off to School and Negative Creep. Spinning my In Utero vinyl when my parents are out and letting the emotion of the music just slam into me. They have such a wonderful vibe and energy that constantly enthralls me.

7. - Nine Inch Nails
Almost entirely made of plays of The Downward Spiral, an album that enrances me and then scares the living shit out of me. I've never identified with an album to such an extent before. It's simply incredible emotional music, that digs deep into the blackest parts of the mind and brings it to the surface.

6. Eminem
I think just about everyone went through the phase of loving Eminem in early high school, then realising how fucking terrible rap was and discarding anything you might have owned of his and vowing never to listen to it again. But, finding myself rapping the entirety of The Real Slim Shady one day, years after I'd last heard the song, I decided I'd give The Marshall Mathers LP another go. (My tentative branching into rap and hip-hop can be laid squarely at the feet of Rage Against the Machine, by the way). I rode a huge nostalgia wave to a beach of new appreciation for Em's lyrics. Alternately hilarious, disturbing, and always intricately powerful. High hopes for the new album, I hope I don't see them dashed.

5. Devin Townsend
Holy shit. I'm so very glad I have found this man. He's an insane musical genius. Listening to his music is always like being enveloped in a holy aura of sound, something very, VERY few other musicians have been able to make me feel. Yet he manages to slam brutal riffs into the mix; the devastating percussive accompaniment of the ever-dependable Gene Hoglan; weird, noisy passages of sound that confuse the mind before sliding back into place in perfect harmonic symphony; and alternately dark and brilliant humour. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Infinity. Blows my mind every time.

4. The White Stripes
My love for this band has increased exponentially over the past 12 months. And it was pretty high to begin with. The two of them work so brilliantly together. As much as Meg is derided for her amateurish playing style, the band simply wouldn't work with anyone else (and she was the one who originally carried the surname "White", so it would be a bit rude for the band to carry that name if she left). Her sweet demeanour and voice add something extra to the band when she really stands out. Jack's guitar work is simply fantastic, his lyrics thoughtful and soulful, and his voice unique. The combination is breathtaking. Every record is essential, but the first two especially.

3. - Marilyn Manson
Usually in second place, now relegated to third by my obsession with the brilliance and power of Devin Townsend. His first four records are simply astounding artworks of rage, groove, and humour. Can't find words.

3. - Strapping Young Lad
Thank you SO MUCH Full Metal Racket for showing me the true power of this band. The first track I ever heard was Shitstorm, and to be honest... it scared the shit out of me. I could barely stand to listen to it. But on a whim one day I decided to listen to Alien in its entirety, and while I couldn't immediately identify with it, I was struck by the enormous power of Devin's voice, and the depth of the production. And then I started to listen to Skeksis multiple times on a daily basis. Then I decided I'd better get absolutely everything the band has ever released. Simply put, Strapping is up there with the most powerful music I've ever heard. All of the albums are as astounding on repeat listens as they are the first time I went "Holy SHIT this is good". Sheer, raw rage and power in musical form, with the band's trademark insane humour subtly interwoven amongst the lyrics and music. Devin's lyrics can touch the soul, touch the funny bone, or touch nothing at all, and always flow perfectly.

1. The Smashing Pumpkins
My beloved Pumpkins. Their music has made me so very happy, sad, comforted and lonely. However it affects me, it always makes me feel at home, and right.


  • noo_dog

    Hahaha Maad list o shiz. The Downward Spiral did that to me too. It's had the most profound effect on me out of anything I've listened to. Only Antichrist comes close. Btw, you will find love for other NIN one day, even if just in a small way. Trust me :p. Oh and you got me into Louder than Love in a big way ever since I was at your party. Had only listened to that record once previously. Oh and schizophrenia is about the best early sepultura release, so you better play it more ya production demanding cunt :p. Also Morbid Visions is essential. I fucken tagged it (along with Bestial Devastation) as death metal. And its so early on too - can't believe they're not included in people's old school death metal lists! I don't care what anyone says, their EP and first LP are waaaaay beyond thrash.

    23 jan. 2009, 3h12m
  • dougydarkangel

    "1. The Smashing Pumpkins My beloved Pumpkins. Their music has made me so very happy, sad, comforted and lonely. However it affects me, it always makes me feel at home, and right." [2]

    4 nov. 2009, 6h18m
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