Mix for Kristie (need to think of a good name for it)


13 jan. 2006, 10h16m

I offered to make a mixtape for a friend of mine who I know from youth group (It's not an overly religous youth group, I mainly go so I'm not home bored on Friday nights). I wasn't sure what to put on the tape so I asked her what her favourite bands are. She listed some of her faves as being Linkin Park, Green Day , Casting Crowns , Lads and Brooke Fraser.

So here's what I put on a tape for her including reasons why and other rambling about fave songs and such things. I thought it would be better than just listing. My original writing beside the tracks was better but then the journal lost it so I had to retype everything.

Side One
1 Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean (I thought I’d start the tape off to a poppy, fun start so used this track. )
2 Uncle Monkey - From (I thought From was a good follow on from Simple & Clean despite them being completely different styles. I've seen Uncle Monkey 5 times live and they are a great fun live act.)
3 Mike Park - Keeping This Seat Warm (I figured that my friend wouldn't of heard of Mike Park so thought she might like the song.)
4 Jimmy Eat World – The Authority Song (It was a bit of a challenge choosing which Jimmy Eat World song to use but in the end The Authority Song was the one I picked)
5 MxPx – Summer Of 69 (My friend did a dance to the original version of this song at Pulse (youth group event) so thought I’d put this cover on the mix)
6 Green Day – Outsider (She listed Green Day as one of her fave bands and I wasn’t sure if she’d heard this song so figured why not put it on the mix)
7 The Fatal Mistake – Bugged (Not sure why I picked this TFM track. It’s a good song regardless)
8 Antiskeptic – AFS (Was a tie between using this Antiskeptic song or ‘Beautiful In White’. This one is a bit more catchy so would fit better with ‘Bugged’)
9 Holdfast – Half Our Band Works At McDonalds (A song with a rather amusing title (which has nothing to do with the content of the song) by the now split up NZ punk band Holdfast)
10 Duvall – Racine (Personally I prefer the Duvall song ‘Standing At The Door’ but decided to use this one instead)

Side Two
1 Mumsdollar – Let Me Go (I thought this was a good starter for side two.)
2 Motion City Soundtrack – Everything Is Alright (I wanted to put a MCS track on this tape and sort of picked this one at random)
3 Weezer – Keep Fishin (I wasn’t sure whether to use this song or ‘Island In The Sun’. I might use ‘Island In The Sun’ on the next tape)
4 Nikola Sarcevic – Nobody Without You (My fave Nikola Sarcevic song which always gets me singing along)
5 Brotherhood Of Lost Dogs – Don Quixote (live) (I’m not sure if I have the band name right but I find some of the lyrics rather amusing (in a good way))
6 Matt Skiba – The City That Day (My favourite Matt Skiba song is ‘Good Fucking Bye’ but this song is a close second)
7 The Living End – Trapped (I like the horns in this song. May seem like an odd choice to follow Matt Skiba but oh well)
8 Less Than Jake – (Nervous In The Alley Probably my favourite Less Than Jake song)
9 I Voted For Kodos – She Hates Ska (I used to think this band was called I Voted for Kudos. Anyway I checked out this song recently and really liked it so on the mix it goes)
10 Alkaline Trio – I Was A Prayer (They’re not listed as my top band on last.fm for nothing! I first put ‘Smoke’ on the tape but changed it to this song because the following song got cut just before the end)
11 Steriogram – Be Good To Me (I thought this song was a good way to end the mix.)

I told her I’d make her a 90 minute tape next time so if anyone has suggestions for that it’d be appreciated.


  • tobymacfan

    Interesting mixtapes you got there even though I never heard any of those songs before since I only listen to a couple of secular artists. You got Casting Crowns in your connections but don't mention Casting Crowns once which is weird. All the mixtapes I have made are all Christian songs from my Christian CD's. If you do need help with my mixtapes with Christian songs on them then I can help you with that but I'm can't help you with finding secular songs to put on mixtapes because I don't know many secular songs. Anyways that is all I can for suggestions for you.

    13 jan. 2006, 18h58m
  • onasugarhigh

    Casting Crowns was on the connections coz they are one of her fave bands not that they're on the tape. I haven't heard anything by them myself. I'm not a Christian myself but I listen to some Christian bands because they're good bands etc. But hey recommend anything as I'm keen on checking out new stuff. Thanks for commenting by the way. It's nice to see a comment in my journal. :D

    14 jan. 2006, 8h35m
  • SCC

    Wait, tapes? Like actual tapes? Or do you mean burned CDs? Who uses tapes any more? >_> seriously. lol, anyway, Five Iron Frenzy is a good Christian ska band, probably the only Christian band I listen to. Artists tend to suck once they turn religious. Don't even get me started on Yidcore [i]Trapped[/i] is a great Living End song that is often overlooked. I just love it.

    26 fév. 2006, 23h49m
  • onasugarhigh

    yeah I mean real tapes. I just prefer making mix tapes over mix cds. yeah apparantly there's some good Christian ska around. I've downloaded some to check it out. I listen to a bunch of Christian bands, coz I like the music regardless of them being Christian. Some people will automatically write off anything with religion but I try to keep an open mind. And yeah I do like Trapped. That whole album is awesome. Will be really stoked when I see them live next month (provided I can get a ticket).

    27 fév. 2006, 8h42m
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