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10 fév. 2012, 14h31m

Wed 8 Feb – Shinedown, Halestorm, Liberty Lies

I have to be honest and admit I was only at the gig for Halestorm, more specifically to see and hear Lzzy Hale. This is not to disrespect the other acts, they just weren't Halestorm!

I didn't catch Liberty Lies so can't comment and only stayed for about 45 mins of Shinedown's set, which was pretty good or very good if the excitement of the crowd was anything to go by. Was bemused to hear them say they were starting their tour in the UK, especially given they played Germany the week before. Do they think we don't know their tour schedule?

Halestorm were fantastic, 45minutes seemed to fly by and I struggle to understand why they weren't over headlining themselves. Lzzy was in fine form with a voice that handles the gentleness of Familiar Taste Of Poison to the harder edge required on tracks like Bet U Wish U Had Me Back and I Get Off

I'm only sorry i found out about the tour so late as I'd have made a point of getting to the front of the stage at Manchester's gig on 14 Feb in the vain hope Lzzy popped the question, tho to be honest I'd have been happy if she just sung It's Not You at me ;-]

Photos to follow once I connect camera to computer.



    kind of annoyed that brent said they started the tour in the uk!

    11 fév. 2012, 3h03m
  • omneo

    I have to say that really to the shine off their set for me, no pun intended. It was the first time I'd seen Shinedown perform and was just left thinking, "OK, I guess you must just say the same thing at every gig?!" Sounds silly but was a factor in making leave early, just figured they didn't care to be honest why should I bother hanging till the end? Would have been different if I were more of a fan but that's not to say I might not go to Download and catch them there as they were better than I expected live :)

    11 fév. 2012, 6h57m
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